Fly With Wine on Shark Tank: Introducing Elegance in Wine Transportation

One of the most significant challenges faced by wine enthusiasts is the cumbersome task of traveling with their beloved bottles of wine or liquor. The delicate nature of these spirits and the risk of breakage, spillage, or temperature fluctuations during transit make it a considerable concern for connoisseurs on the move. Traditional methods often fall short of providing a secure and stylish solution to this dilemma. Enter Fly With Wine, an innovative venture that caught the attention of investors on the 9th episode of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank.’ Offering a luxurious remedy to the problems associated with transporting wine, Fly With Wine introduces a revolutionary approach to make the travel experience for wine enthusiasts not only secure but also elegant.

Fly With Wine: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The story of Fly With Wine began in 2016, as two seasoned individuals, Ron Scharman and Ryan Neergaard, joined forces, bringing a wealth of experience from various facets of the wine industry. Their paths converged in Napa, setting the stage for the birth of a groundbreaking business concept. A Cornell University graduate, Ron Scharman boasts a robust 14-year background working with multiple retail chains and a four-year tenure as the CEO of Morrell Wine Group. His involvement extended beyond business, as he diversified into teaching at Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute, offering expertise in Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and e-commerce.

A genuine wine enthusiast with a penchant for travel, art, and culture, Ron saw Fly With Wine not just as a job but as a profound passion to pursue. Before joining forces with Fly With Me, Ryan Neergard’s illustrious career made a significant impact on the company. Armed with a Sommelier Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers, he delved into the refined and opulent realms of dining and the culinary world in Napa. Merging his expertise with a keen interest in marketing and hospitality, Ryan seamlessly transitioned into strategic business development with Fly With Me. His contributions extended to expanding the customer base, facilitating the company’s reach to a broader audience, and fostering strategic growth.

The journey of Fly With Wine, leading to its current standing, unfolded over several pivotal years of strategic expansion and innovative product launches. In 2017, the company commenced its venture with a wholesale winery business, enabling clients to personalize and optimize their wine products for corporate gifting. The following year, in 2018, Fly With Wine extended its reach to national and specialty retailer programs. A significant milestone occurred in 2022 with the introduction of the VinXplorer Wine and Beverage backpacks.

This backpack featured a removable 2-bottle hard shell case insert and two disposable 1.5-liter pouches with a nozzle, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who desired a safe and stylish way to transport beverages. The pouch and nozzle could be detached, transforming the backpack into a conventional one. In the same year, the company launched Duty-Free and airport retail programs to enhance its product visibility. Building on this momentum, Fly With Wine introduced the FlywithWine Personal Wine & Spirits Carrier in 2023. This innovative product comprises small suitcase-like boxes with handles designed to securely store one or two bottles of standard 750 ml wine or other liquor bottles and offers the same option for glassware.

Where is Fly with Wine Now?

In 2023, Fly With Wine successfully expanded its operations and established warehouses in key international locations, including Canada, Europe, the U.K., Australia, and Brazil. This global expansion serves as a testament to the widespread popularity and demand for their innovative products. The diverse product range includes wine suitcases, wine glass cases, wine boxes, and backpacks, catering to the unique needs of wine enthusiasts on the move. Fly With Wine also offers a selection of accessories, such as chiller sheets, bottle opener sets, luggage scales, and the Napa Monopoly.

Despite the premium quality of their products, Fly With Wine maintains competitive and accessible pricing, with various size options available for their suitcases. For instance, a 5-bottle suitcase is priced at $289.95, while a 12-bottle suitcase is offered at $379.95. These suitcases are not only designed for wine enthusiasts but can also be utilized for regular packing and travel purposes. Additionally, the 2-bottle personal wine carrying case is available for $129.95, providing customers with a versatile solution for transporting their favorite beverages.

Fly With Wine had already garnered enthusiastic reviews for its products, establishing itself as a popular brand even before its appearance on ‘Shark Tank.’ The brand’s commitment to continuous innovation and reinvention ensures that its products maintain a fresh and appealing aesthetic, making them highly coveted items. Striking a smart balance between efficiency and luxury, Fly With Wine exemplifies a company poised for sustained success and continued growth in the future. With a reputation for delivering quality solutions for wine enthusiasts and travelers alike, Fly With Wine stands out as a brand that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its discerning clientele.

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