Where Are Forrest Allgood and Dr. Richard Souviron Today?

In re-opening Levon Brooks’ and Kennedy Brewer’s case files, a few figures have gained notorious fame in the process. Netflix’s documentary series, ‘The Innocence Files,’ not only takes into account the victims of the cases but also the process and people involved in these mistrials. Forrest Allgood and Dr. Richard Souviron are two who are part of this narrative to build the story further.

Who is Forrest Allgood?

Forrest Allgood was the District Attorney during both Brooks’ and Brewer’s trials. He used Steven Hayne’s postpartum reports extensively in getting these two arrested and shipped off to prison. The peculiar thing about the trail is that though Brooks was arrested, prosecutors like Allgood went on to believe that they still had the right person in prison even when another murder with exactly the same details occurred again. The lawyer went to a great extent to also defend Dr. Michael West and his claims based on forensic odontology to further drive these statements to the victims’ disadvantage. Allgood was the one to get both Hayne and West involved with these murders. The trio has done the same for many other cases that were similar to these two. 

Where is Forrest Allgood Now?

Forrest Allgood came under a lot of hate for his vindictive advocacy manners. Many of his convictions were overturned in the aftermath of Brooks’ and Brewer’s exoneration. He was also admonished by the Mississippi Supreme Court for the comments he made to the jurors, according to The Washington Post. Even in the face of much criticism and scrutiny, he maintained his stance regarding the murder cases in Noxubee. To add to this, he had an alternative theory to keep Brewer in prison, even though the evidence suggested that he was innocent.

Forrest Allgood lost his position of DA to Scott Colom in 2015. This might be because people began to see the fundamental ideologies that defined him and colored his opinions. Many believe that he, along with  Dr. Michael West, shares a white supremacist notion of how things ought to be. In any case, Allgood seems to have lost all that was good for him once upon a time. Not much about his current whereabouts is known except that he continues to live in Mississippi. He seems to be involved in community activities and also serves as one of the directors on the board of YMCA Association in Lowndes County, Mississippi

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Who is Dr. Richard Souviron?

Dr. Richard Souviron rose to fame during the Ted Bundy case, where his testimony was instrumental in convicting Ted Bundy, who has killed over 30 women in gruesome ways. It is perhaps then that odontology also gained much fame as an authentic forensic method to find the real killers and abusers in many crimes. Bundy’s teeth impression with the aid of mold was compared against the bite marks found on the victims’ bodies. Though this was the subject of much fascination then, Dr. Souviron’s expert testimonials and his bite mark analysis have been proved to be scientifically invalid. Even in the documentary series, though he discredits the claims made by Dr. West and his analysis, Souviron attempts to still validate the science behind forensic dentistry. 

Where is Dr. Richard Souviron Now?

The most recent news we have of Dr. Souviron is from the documentary series, ‘The Innocence Files.’ He seems committed to his odontology practices even now. The doctor continues to use his iconic Ted Bundy teeth impressions even now to make his forensic argument concerning bite marks. His profile on Dental Leaders reveals that he currently lives in Coral Gables in Florida and is a practicing dentist with interest in: “Dental Problem-Solving; Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry;  Implant Solutions; Facial Pain/TMJ;  All Aspects of Forensic Dentistry”

Dr. Souviron continues to be the professional remnants of a very cherished forensic practice from the past. He, however, did not seem as heavily biased about the field as Dr. West, whose emotional notions drove him on more than science. All this said, it is important to remember that bite mark analysis has not been completely eradicated from forensics yet.  

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