Full Circle: What Happens to Louis and Natalia?

Image Credit: Sarah Shatz / Max

Max’s ‘Full Circle’ is a crime drama series created by Ed Solomon, which centers around a crime gone wrong. Savi Mahabir wanted to break a curse placed on her family years ago. For this, she needed to bring everything full circle and kidnap and kill a teenager named Jared Browne. At first, it looks like Jared is a random boy and is Mahabir’s ticket to get her family out of the bad times they have been through. Later, however, we discover a deeper connection between Mahabir’s gang and the Browne family. Between all this, we also meet Louis and Natalia, who came from Guyana and want a fresh start in New York. But they get tangled in the mob’s crime, which completely upends their lives. Here’s what happens to them at the end of the show. SPOILER AHEAD

Kidnap Plot Twist: Natalia and Louis’s Scheme

Image Credits: Sarah Shatz / Max

Natalia came to New York before her brother, Louis, and started working for Savi Mahabir. She got engaged to Mahabir’s nephew, Aked, and it looked like she was ready to settle down with him. She gets Aked’s help in getting Louis and his friend, Xavier, to New York from Guyana. However, she doesn’t tell them that Aked belongs to the Guyanese mob and that the boys would have to do some illegal things to stay in the gang’s good graces.

Natalia had been thinking about returning home, and Louis decides to join her after he and Xavier are sent to beat and kill a man. He is shocked by the violence he will have to inflict upon people if he continues to work for Mahabir and Garmen. When Natalia discovers that Mahabir is planning not just to kidnap but also kill Jared Browne, she conspires with Louis to help the kid. They switch him with a mannequin before he is shot.

Louis ensures that no one figures out they have shot and buried a mannequin, not a real kid. Later, Louis hopes to use Jared to get the ransom, but he discovers that the kid is not Jared but Nicky. Still, Louis figures that if Derek Browne was ready to give money to free Nicky, he might do it again. At first, Natalia decides to get Nicky back to his mother, but then, she realizes they need the money to get out of New York and back to Guyana.

Image Credits: Sarah Shatz / Max

Louis and Natalia find Derek and follow him to his suite in a hotel, where he stays after Sam tells him to leave. They try to negotiate a deal with him, but then Aked shows up, and it turns into a disaster. In the scuffle, Louis shoots Aked. Derek tells Louis and Natalia to run away. He makes up a story about how Aked tried to kidnap/kill Nicky, who is also a little injured. Louis and Natalia are in shock, which is a huge setback for them because, by now, they have told Xavier they are getting the money.

With the option of getting Nicky’s ransom out of the picture, Louis and Natalia decide to steal the painting in the Browne house. They make an elaborate plan to get in and out of the place quickly, but they don’t count on Sam being at home. She puts up a fight, and Louis discovers he cannot steal the painting because it has been screwed into the wall. Finally, Louis tells Sam about his situation and gets her attention when he talks about Guyana.

Sam lets Louis take the painting, and he and Natalia believe they can get everything sorted out. Xavier calls them to a place where they are to give over the painting to Garmen, hoping to clear their record with the gang. However, Garmen had other plans. Luckily, Xavier saves them by killing Garmen and puts them on the plane with Garmen’s family. While Xavier stays behind, Louis and Natalia go back to Guyana. They end up back in the Essequibo colony, which started all the conflict that Louis, Natalia, and everyone else had to endure.

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