Full Circle: What Happens to Xavier?

Image Credit: Sarah Shatz / Max

Max’s ‘Full Circle’ is a complicated story that involves several characters and their complex connections to each other, which lead to a series of crimes that unravels everything. It begins with the botched kidnapping of Jared Browne, but as everyone works to serve their own agenda, things get more complicated. Some people, like Savi Mahabir and Garmen Harry, want the kidnapping to benefit them and are ready to do whatever it takes to secure their interests.

And there are people like Xavier, Louis, and Natalia who realize that they have waded into the wrong waters and just want to go back home. Out of them, Xavier is the one who gets entangled in it all so much that there’s no going back for him. If you are wondering what happens to him, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

New Beginnings: Xavier’s Journey to Freedom

Image Credits: Sarah Shatz / Max

Xavier came from Guyana to New York, hoping to start a new life. Soon, however, he discovers that he has given his freedom to the Guyanese mob and will have to do whatever they say. While his friend Louis is scared and rattled about what it means for them, Xavier is more level-headed. When he finds out about the potential kidnapping and murder of Jared Browne, he alerts Inspector Harmony, who had approached him to become his informant.

Xavier’s wit and sharpness earn him the trust of Garmen Harry, who tells him that he has also been planning to leave New York and go back to Guyana with his family. Xavier sees this as his ticket out of crime and returning home, but then Harmony arrests him, confines him to a hotel room, and puts an anklet on him. When Garmen’s men find him, they take off the anklet and bring him to Garmen. Xavier tells them that Harmony is a rogue police officer who cannot do anything because he didn’t tell her anything worthwhile.

Garmen gives Xavier another chance to prove his loyalty when Louis and Natalia call. Xavier tells them to get the ransom money in exchange for Nicky (who they still think is Jared) and bring it to him. He assures his friends that he will get back their freedom and they will not be hunted by the mob anymore. However, things go south when Aked shows up and is killed by Louis. They don’t have Nicky anymore but know about the painting in the Browne’s apartment.

Image Credits: Sarah Shatz / Max

As instructed by Garmen, Xavier tells Louis and Natalia to bring the painting to a particular place. Then the raid happens, and Mahabir and the entire gang is arrested. However, Garmen and Xavier escape. Garmen had already made arrangements to flee with his family, who were waiting for him on a private plane. Before meeting them, Garmen decides to get the painting, which would sell for a lot of money. Xavier thinks that Garmen will let Louis and Natalia come with them in exchange for the painting. However, his boss has a different plan in mind.

Garmen tells Xavier to get the painting and kill Louis and Natalia. They are loose ends that must be taken care of. For Xavier, however, they are friends and family, more important than anything else. So, instead of them, he kills Garmen and puts Louis and Natalia on the plane with Garmen’s family. He gives them the money that Garmen had and watches them leave New York.

Why Garmen didn’t get on the plane himself is not explained, but it could be due to several reasons. Everyone getting on the plane except Garmen could lead Garmen’s family to suspect something had happened to him. Xavier assures his family that Garmen and he will follow them later. He might also have stayed behind to bury Garmen’s body. If nobody found it, Xavier would never risk going to prison. Moreover, he knows about the raid and must have figured out that the days of Savi Mahabir and her gang are gone. With a bit of money stashed away, Xavier can finally have the new beginning he’d been looking for.

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