‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 : Expected, Unexpected and the Unknown

First of all, if you haven’t yet got over the trauma of Season 5 of Game of thrones , want to tell you that you’re not the only one to get screwed. But again, the triumph of Game of thrones lies in its unpredictability and thus when it comes to expected and unexpected events , it’s always gives you a head spin. Nevertheless, here we’re trying to plot our views on the things that went on our way, the things didn’t and things we couldn’t figure.

Alert: Now we’re moving into the SPOILER zone. Readers who haven’t watched Game of Thrones-Season 5 yet are advised NOT to proceed further.

The expected :


The battle between Snow & White Walkers: We all expected that someday there would be a battle between Jon Snow and The White Walkers since season 3. Well, it was not as big of the war as we’re hoping but this 18 minutes warfare in episode 8 (Hardhome) certainly gave us an insight and an intimation of the real danger coming to Westeros in coming days.


Deanerys riding a dragon : Finally, we witnessed Daenerys Targaryen , the mother of dragons riding a dragon in episode 9 (The Dance of Dragons) when the fights at Daznak’s pit began in Meereen and interrupted by a fierce attack by the Sons of the Harpy. Ironically, the whole theatrics turned out to be rather amusing when she got lost in somewhere while riding the dragon and eventually both of her lovers, Daario and Jorah are now out to look for her.


Arya Kills Meryn: Eventually, Arya came in contact with someone from her “Killing List”. In fact, the number one name on that list: Meryn Trant. Trant was the man who killed her sword trainer, Syrio Forel, back in season one. It was a gory, cold-blooded murder with puncturing eyes and multiple stabbing that came out as a shocker in the end.

The Unexpected :


Queen Cersei’s vulnerability : For the first time in GOT history, we saw the vulnerability of queen Cersei when she was captured and imprisoned by the high sparrow for her sin of having adulterous relationship Lancel Lannister in episode 7 (The Gift). Later, she had to confess her sin and forced to walk naked to the Red Keep (‘Walk of Shame’) in episode 10 (The Mother’s Mercy). Now, all we can expect from Cersei is to avenge her shame and kill the high Sparrow to restore her ‘badass’ glory.


Princess Shireen’s Shocking death : It was shocking for the fact that in episode 4 (‘Sons of the Harpy’), the father-daughter relationship was plotted so beautifully that no one in the world could have imagined that King Stannis Baratheon to sacrifice his daughter and let her burn alive in episode 9 (‘the Dance of Dragons’) on an advice from Melisandre. Well, it was the moment when Stannis joined Joffrey, Ramsay to become one of the most hated characters in the series.


Stannis’s death : To be honest, I thought of a bigger war and better death for King Stannis. Anyways, the makers smartly skipped the war between Stannis and the Boltons in the finale episode.  It seems he already lost the mental battle when he lost his daughter, wife at the cost of some misbelieve. After being torn down in battle, Brienne of Tarth took his head as a redemption of the killing of her former lord Renly Baratheon.


Jon Snow’s demise : The season finale shocker was the death of Jon Snow. The moment when his character was getting so much stronger and popular, out of nowhere his own brothers of  the night watch stabbed him and left him to die. Well, there are a lot of arguments flooding all over the internet whether it’s possible that either Melisandre will use her powers to bring Jon back to life as Azor Ahai, the warrior who leads the war against the White Walkers, or he’ll become a White Walker. But, given the track record of GOTs, it’s highly unlikely that he will be back again. Only George Martin Knows better.

The Unknown :


Theon gets his senses back ! : While Sansa escaping from her room, she was caught by Myranda with Reek . She pointed her bow towards Sansa, finally Theon came out of Reek and kills Myranda by throwing her from the balcony. He and Sansa escape from Winterfell by jumping off the castle walls. I’ve no idea whether they were actually escaping or committing suicide as it’s unlikely to fall safe when you jump from that sort of height. Hopefully escaping !


Arya gets blind ! : As Arya broke the protocol when she stole a face from Many-face God and killed Trant, Jaqen appears to take his own life to repay the Many-faced God for the life stolen by Arya, and eventually Arya gets blind, how, that’s beyond my understanding. Hope her blindness is temporary or else I might have to find one more way to curse Martin.

Well, after a perfectly ended Season 4, I was a bit curious about how the story would progress in season 5. But time and again, the imaginations of a great writer reflects in every bit of this high-octane adventure , thriller of World Television. As I’ve mentioned , the best thing about GOT is that you never know what’d happen next. The moment you’d think that this is the man or woman who would be the protagonist in coming episode/season, the next moment you watch them dying like a few street dogs. I guess this capriciousness of GOT characters is one of the reasons of it’s exalted appeal and grand success.


Let us also know about your best moments of this Season of HBO’s magnum opus.