Review: Gentefied Episode 4

We know what the problem is. In three episodes, ‘Gentefied’ cooked up trouble for the protagonists, not just legally and professionally, but also personally. We are aware of the conflicts, especially the ones that they have between themselves but don’t want to acknowledge. Now, it is time for solutions. How will they get out of it?

But before that happens, the show gives us, and the characters, a break. ‘Unemployed AF’ allows them to take a step back and analyse their situation, while also having some fun in the process.

Gentefied Episode 4 Recap

After hitting his boss and quitting from the restaurant, Chris tries to find a new job but discovers that he has been blacklisted. No matter how hard he tries, he is not getting work anywhere else. So, he stops trying at all, which does not look like a great thing. He falls into a downward spiral and Pop becomes concerned about him. After getting him some herbs, he gets him to work at the shop, for a change. Chris adapts well, but the struggle is not over yet.

Erik tries to find another way to keep the shop going. He asks for help from Yessika who turns him towards a legal path, and he gets into reading. A text from Lidia lights up his mood. Ana, too, finds a new opportunity after getting tired of working at children’s parties and getting half of what was owed. Chris accompanies her to work and gets out of his sulking while his cousin makes some money.

Gentefied Episode 4 Review

In the fourth episode of ‘Gentefied’, we find all the characters taking small steps towards great things. In trying to get Chris out of his depressed-because-unemployed phase, Pop visits an old friend and witnesses the result of adapting to change. In the beginning, he found all of Chris’ ideas about adding new flavours to the menu as well as the décor of the shop ridiculous.

He was too attached to his culture to let something new in. But change is coming, and whether or not he likes it doesn’t matter. In the previous episode, he had opened up a little bit to shake up the menu, but now, he has fully accepted the idea that they will need to work smartly with the changes that are thrown at them if they are to thrive and not just survive.

Along with directing the mindset of Pop towards something new, the episode also steers Chris, Erik and Ana towards a future that will eventually bring them together to fight for the taco place. Before this, Chris and Erik had a wall between them which, as Ana correctly pointed out, was due to their toxic masculinity. The wall might not have completely fallen yet, but progress is made on that front.

After taking the audience on a ride that shows us exactly where the characters are struggling, the fourth episode is more laid back. By making things better for the characters, it also delivers a feel-good time to the audience.

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