Where are Geoffrey Fieger and James Feeney Today?

‘Trial by Media’ is a true-crime documentary series that looks at landmark cases that have had a media impact. The first episode, ‘Talk Show Murder,’ deals with the death of Scott Amedure after he admitted that he had a crush on Jonathan Schmitz on ‘The Jenny Jones Show’. Three days later, Schmitz ended by taking the life of Scott Amedure over a letter written by him, which was reported to be sexually explicit.

What followed the murder, took the media by storm. There were sympathizers of Schmitz as he was believed to be harassed on national television, and there were also those who believed that it still did not warrant for murder. The case also ended up being more than a trial to see if Schmitz was guilty or not. Not long after, it was a raging court battle between the Amedure family’s appointed attorney and the defense counsel of Warner Bros.

Who are Geoffrey Fieger and James Feeney?

Geoffrey Fieger was appointed by the Amedure family to sue ‘The Jenny Jones Show’ by Warner Bros and to make them take responsibility for the death of Scott Amedure. In opposition to this, James Feeney was the lead defense counsel attorney to represent Warner Bros. The court trial brought forth various kinds of stories to the mix. Fieger was criticized for extending the opening statement for over two hours, while Feeney kept it to the point and short.

The jurors and judge, however, swayed to Fieger’s statements, which accused the talk show in question to not only have misled Schmitz into thinking wrong but also of not checking up on his background and mental state before he was allowed to come on the show. In Schmitz’s trial, he was convicted of second-degree murder because he was bipolar and suffering from Graves’ disease. Though the effect of it wasn’t substantially proved, it still played a part.

Feeney, played certain deposition videotapes that had Amedure’s mother and another talk show participant say that Scott had told them about having slept with Schmitz. Thus, Feeney stated that Jonathan wasn’t caught off guard or publicly humiliated as he willingly went along with Scott. Though this did not come in handy as it was second party testimonials. Thus, Fieger won the case, which then mandated that Warner Bros. pay a sum of $ 25 million to the Amedure family for their suffering.

Post the trial, Feeney said, “This is Round 1 in a 15-round match. We are a long way away from a decision in this case.” It did turn out to be accurate as in a later appeal; the Warner Bros. was found not responsible for having misled anyone into committing the murder. Thus, the Amedure family did not get the money.

Fieger later fought a similar case from the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ where one participant named Nancy was found murdered by the co-participants in the show.

Where Is Geoffrey Fieger Now?

Geoffrey Fieger continues to be a Civil rights lawyer in his own law firm, Fieger Law, which was founded by his father, Bernard Fieger. He still continues to go by his grand title, which says, “Geoffrey Fieger is a lawyer who wins.” He still deals with major civil cases. In 2019, he won a $ 23.5 million lawsuit for Amirah Whiten from St. Joseph hospital due to medical negligence. Whiten allegedly suffered brain damage as a result of a prolonged C-section before her birth. Watch his recent interview below:

It doesn’t end here; Fieger, who once ran for the Governor, is highly critical of President Donald Trump. In an interview with The Blade said: “How can anyone continue to relate to him? The only answer I can come up with is racism. Overt racism and xenophobia.”

Photo Credit: Hourdetroit.com

Fieger has a top-rated hotel he owns in Anguilla, known as ‘The Quintessence Hotel.’ The famous lawyer lives with his wife, Kathleen, and children in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In 2017, he had stated his interest in running for the 2020 Presidential campaign. Recently, his Law firm expressed gratitude to McLaren Macomb Hospital by giving them free lunches.


Where is James Feeney Now?

James Feeney continues his law practice as a nationally famous trial lawyer in Michigan. He works with the Dykema Law firm. He still works with large litigation cases of the firm’s clients. His most recent successful representation was in a class-action lawsuit in which an automobile company was sued for $ 2 billion.

He keeps a low social media profile; however, what comes through is his professional career that has a top record. He has also been deemed as a Superlawyer.

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