Geometrie Variable From World of Dance: Everything We Know

As their name suggests, this dance group derives its name from the geometric patterns around which they build their routine. With others dazzling the audience with their moves, this group is soft on the eye. Performing with this level of élan in front of Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and Stephen Boss is no mean feat. Further, their confident and prominent patterns only point out their belief in their craft. Let us find out more about them.

Geometrie Variable: Who are the Dancers?

The group comprises three members—Kanon Ghetto-Style, Sadeck Waff Berrabah, and Ammar Benbouzid. They have been consistent performers at the highest level and finished fifth in ‘France’s Got Talent’.  Previously, the group used to function with only two members. However, with their first-ever video going viral on social media, they have increased the count to three.

Where is Geometrie Variable From?

Geometrie Variable is from Montpellier/Lille, France. However, their routines, while representing their country, are also cosmopolitan. For instance, they have made an impressive routine around Pink Floyd’s ‘Is Anybody Out There’ which proves their versatility. They have garnered many praises and a standing ovation from the judges in ‘France’s Got Talent’. It is on this premise that they have come to ‘World of Dance’. While facing tough competition from Oxygen, they have entered the semi-finals.

Geometrie Variable’s Performances

The seamless combination of tutting, animation, and popping that they bring to their routine makes them a treat to watch. They have impressed the judges in their semi-final act (Tessellate by Ellie Goulding), and you can take a look at it while you wait for the next round of semi-finals.

One could hear the admiration in Jennifer Lopez’s voice while the group has been dancing. She could not help but wonder how the group made their routine look so sexy.

Geometrie Variable has danced to ‘Habits’ by Tove Lo in the qualifiers. Their routine has been so catchy that the judges requested the group to choreograph them. Finally, the judges have been happy to dance to the style of the group. That is the kind of impact that the group is capable of making on the audience.

During their duel, the group has danced to ‘Never Be Like You’ by Flume, frequently demanding exaltations from the judges. Jennifer Lopez, in particular, has called their act crazy, impressed by their movements. Ne-Yo has noticed that the group has made geometry, which is present in dance as an element, their principal move. Further, the expression of the dancers has drawn attention as well. The judges have been utterly impressed by the group’s facial movement and termed it ‘chin-o-graphy’. It can be easily guessed from these expressions that the group has made a great impact on all sorts of viewers from the very beginning. Truly, they are a group that is difficult to ignore.


Geometrie Variable has been unpredictable in everything else apart from their success. Surely, the sheer confidence that they have in their somewhat unconventional style is their x-factor. While a certain level of risk cannot be ruled out, this style makes them look distinct and unique. They are a team you should follow to the end, simply because they deserve it.

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