George Moss Murder: Where are Henre Davis, Deion Young, Jarvis Kimble, and Robert Grayson Now?

George Moss, a cherished member of the community at the age of 30, was known for his care for family and his dedication to giving back to the community. In November 2015, he was discovered shot to death on his porch, with the front door forcibly kicked open. Despite this, there were no apparent signs of a robbery. ID’s ‘Murder Under The Friday Night Lights’ Season 3 episode titled ‘Last Whistle’ delves into unraveling the mystery of who might have killed Moss and explores potential motivations behind the crime.

George Moss was Found Dead on His Porch

George Moss left a lasting impression on his friends, family, and co-workers as a responsible individual and natural leader who constantly sought improvement for himself and those in his community. Born on June 13, 1985, Moss displayed an early interest in athletics. He attended Lakeview Centennial High School, where his passion for football blossomed, and he excelled in the sport. His younger sister recalled that during his college years, Moss continued to pursue football, even playing semi-professionally and achieving success in that arena as well.

During his college years, Moss met Mimi, and their relationship became serious, leading to marriage. Moss continued his semi-professional football pursuits into his 20s until an accident left him unable to undertake physically strenuous tasks. Following this, he and his wife, Mimi, decided to move to Forney, Texas, in proximity to both of their families. They purchased a house and were enjoying a well-suited life together.

Upon his return, Moss was inspired to give back to his community, embodying the values he had learned. He took on part-time roles as a youth football coach and a referee for some games. By 2015, he had assumed the role of a supervisor at Dallas County Housing, demonstrating dedication to providing shelter for all and exhibiting diligence in his work.

On the morning of November 28, 2015, a neighbor of Moss contacted the police, reporting that he was found lying on his porch. During a welfare check, the police observed a laceration above his eye and a bullet wound at the back of his head. They also saw that the front door had been kicked open. Emergency services were summoned, but sadly, Moss had already succumbed to the gunshot wound by the time they arrived.

CCTV Footage Led to The Identification of George Moss’ Killers

With no signs of theft, the police surmised that the motives behind George Moss’ death were personal. In such cases, the spouse is often a primary suspect, and Mimi Moss, George’s wife, became the focus of the investigation. Mimi provided an account of the morning’s events, stating that she had gone to Walmart with a friend to purchase breakfast items, making a stop at Chick-fil-A. During their Walmart shopping, she received a call from a neighbor urging her to return, only to discover her husband’s lifeless body upon her arrival.

A week into the investigation, the police received a crucial tip from one of Moss’ neighbors. They reported seeing a suspicious black car outside Moss’ house on the morning of the murder, noting a distinctive black plastic covering on one of the windows. Utilizing surveillance footage, the police identified the vehicle and proceeded to check nearby CCTV cameras for its presence. A camera mounted on a building under construction revealed the vehicle, allowing them to capture its license plate number.

Following the lead from the license plate, the police discovered that the car had been implicated in a hit-and-run incident a few days after Moss’ death. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle was stolen, leading them to the registered address. Interviews conducted at that location yielded a crucial tip from a man who suspected his 16-year-old cousin, Robert Grayson, might have been involved in the murder. Consequently, the police took Robert Grayson into custody.

Grayson provided crucial information, identifying Henre Davis, Deion Young, and Jarvis Kimble as individuals in the vehicle on the morning of Moss’ death. The police determined that Grayson had been the driver, and upon reaching Moss’ neighborhood, Jarvis, noticing the absence of cars in front of the house, selected it as a target for robbery. Jarvis kicked open the door, discovering Moss inside, which led to a physical altercation. Amid the struggle, Jarvis shot Moss and fled the scene.

Henre Davis, Deion Young, Jarvis Kimble, and Robert Grayson are in Prison Today

After nearly two years of incarceration, the trial for Henre Davis, Deion Young, Jarvis Kimble, and Robert Grayson commenced in August 2017. All four pleaded guilty to the murder of George Moss. Jarvis, identified as the shooter, received a 33-year sentence, Young was sentenced to 25 years, Davis to 20 years, and Grayson, a juvenile at the time of the murder, received a 15-year sentence.

Davis and Grayson engaged in a scuffle while awaiting trial, assaulting a deputy officer, resulting in an additional 5 years added to their sentences for assaulting a public servant. Jarvis, now 32, is serving his sentence at the Wynne Unit in Texas and will become eligible for parole in 2032. Davis, currently 26, is incarcerated at the Skyview Unit in Texas and will be eligible for parole in 2025. Young, also 26, is at the TDCJ Polunsky Unit, with eligibility for parole in 2028. Grayson, at the same institution, has been eligible for parole since 2023 but remains incarcerated, with his earliest projected release date in 2031.

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