Where Are Gilad Peled, Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey Now?

’20/20: Sealed with a Kiss’ delves deep into the tragic double homicide of Holly Williams and William “Bill” Lanway in March 2020. It all started when a renowned auto executive named Erik Maund came in between the couple and received threats from William. This resulted in a deadly murder-for-hire, something that the episode covers along with the investigation that followed. By including the exclusive surveillance video and interviews from the family of victims as well as the perpetrators, Erik Maund, Gilad Peled, Bryon Brockway, And Adam Carey, it provides the viewers with an in-depth look into the entire case.

Who Are Gilad Peled, Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey?

Due to the threats he had received from Holly Williams’ partner, William “Bill” Lanway, Erik Maund decided to do something final about it instead of caving in. So, he ended up getting in touch with a capable individual who he thought could help him — Gilad Peled. The Austin resident was the one who orchestrated the entire plan of the couple’s execution. Gilad was a former member of the IDF and Mossad — an Israeli intelligence agency — and the owner of SpearTip Security Group. Formerly known as Speartip Enterprises, the company worked on responding to extortion demands, something that Erik was looking for at the time.

Gilad further delegated the task of executing the plan to murder Holly and William to Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey, both of whom had backgrounds in military and security. While the former was a Force Recon Marine veteran from Texas, Adam was a special operations forces Marine veteran hailing from North Carolina. The two Marine veterans received instructions to resort to any means necessary to get rid of the targeted couple. So, after touching down in Nashville, strapped with guns, they both confronted the Nashville couple in Holly’s apartment complex in the city with a gun aimed at them. First, they allegedly pulled the trigger at William several times and ensured he was dead then and there.

Bryon and Adam’s next course of action was to abduct Holly and the lifeless body of her lover and drive them to a construction site on Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville. Next, the two Marine veterans allegedly aimed their guns at Holly and shot her dead, with at least one of them aimed at her head. They deliberately left the two bodies of the couple inside the car and crashed into a tree at the construction site. Upon completion of their objective, they returned the car that they rented to transport Holly and William and also deleted the app they used to discuss the plans in detail before going their separate ways.

As the police uncovered more details about the entire case, they found out all about the plan and how the murder transpired. When they connected the dots and identified the names and identities of the suspects, the investigators began arresting everyone involved. For instance, Girad was captured at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas, and charged with murder for hire, conspiracy to kidnap resulting in death, and kidnapping resulting in death. At the same time, Bryne got charged in San Diego while Adam was caught by surprise at his home in North Carolina, where he was arrested.

Gilad Peled Pleaded Guilty, While Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey Were Convicted

On December 1, 2022, Gilad Peled, the mastermind behind the crime, pleaded guilty to all the charges against him and agreed to testify in court against his other accomplices. On the other hand, almost a year after his guilty plea, the jury deemed Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey guilty of murder-for-hire that resulted in death. Moreover, the two former veterans were also convicted of kidnapping and killing two people in a murder-for-hire scheme in 2020. At present, all three criminals are seemingly being held in custody, each of them awaiting his sentencing.

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