Gloria Sanchez: What Happened to Her? Where is Cesar Colin Now?

The case of Gloria Sanchez and Cesar Colin involved some clever work on behalf of the dispatching personnel as well as the law enforcement. Given the severity of the case, the authorities have worked extra hard to serve justice, but their prime suspect was still at large when the story was covered in season 27, episode 4 of Fox’s ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ As such, people are not only curious about what happened to Gloria but also about Colin’s possible whereabouts.

Gloria Sanchez was Targeted by Her Partner

On November 20, 2016, Gloria Sanchez and Cesar Colin were out enjoying their time at a nightclub. The two were in a relationship and returned home around 3 am. Tired, Gloria was not up for being physically intimate with her partner, something that Colin was apparently far from happy about. This led to an argument between the two, which allegedly escalated to Colin threatening Gloria at knife-point and trying to assault her sexually.

Cesar Colin

When Gloria tried to call 911 in order to get some help from the local police officers, Colin apparently told her that he would stab her should she do so. Nevertheless, Gloria went ahead and reached the emergency line, connecting with a dispatcher. However, this apparently angered Colin, who ended up stabbing Gloria multiple times while her phone was still connected to the emergency line. Wounded, Gloria was able to escape from her home, with Colin having taken her phone.

After Gloria had escaped, Colin also seemingly rushed out of the property. He dropped the phone and the knife nearby and then fled the crime scene. All this time, Gloria’s phone was still connected with the dispatcher, who had not been able to locate exactly where the call had come from. As such, the dispatcher directed the police officers of White Settlement, Texas, where this was all happening, to drive around in the 1-mile radius area of the approximate location of the cell phone in question.

Thanks to the ingenuity used by the dispatcher and the police officers, law enforcement was able to locate Gloria’s phone. They soon realized that the location was quite close to an address where the police had been called two times before for domestic violence-related issues. Walking into Gloria’s home, the police found it empty and tried to locate Gloria, who had tried to rush to a neighbor’s home but had collapsed midway through.

Luckily for Gloria, the officers were able to find her on time. Thanks to the work of emergency responders, her blood loss was stemmed, allowing her to survive the brutal attack. Though the journey to recovery could not have been easy, Gloria made it through and now prefers to lead a private life. She has confessed to still being wary about Colin possibly coming back to kill her again or making alternate achievements to achieve the same goal.

Cesar Colin is Yet to be Arrested

Following his actions in the early hours of November 20, 2016, Cesar Colin fled his home in White Settlement, Texas. Given Gloria Sanchez’s testimony about what had transpired that night, he became a prime suspect in the case. As of writing, there is a warrant out for Colin’s arrest pertaining to the charge of committing aggravated assault against a family member with a deadly knife. The crime is a first-degree felony in the state of Texas, with both the US Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) trying their best to locate Colin.

About to turn 39 on March 19, 2024, Colin continues to evade law enforcement, though the authorities firmly believe that he may have fled to Mexico, where he has family members. However, his family in the US has claimed that they have no idea about Colin’s current whereabouts. Investigators also think that Colin may have been under the assumption that Gloria had indeed died from the wounds that he allegedly inflicted on her.

This belief seems to be rooted in an incident shared by Gloria that took place about six months after she was stabbed. Apparently, two men had shown up in the house she was staying in in North Texas at the time. The two had allegedly asked for Gloria’s whereabouts, but one of her family members seemingly told them that they had no idea where Gloria was. The latter believes that the two men may have been sent by Colin after her to kill her.

Quite recently, the police department of White Settlement stated that Colin seems to have returned to North Texas. As such, law enforcement has asked people to keep an eye out and has urged anyone with any possible information to step forward and share what they know. The police remain eager to close the case in the right manner by catching the man who is suspected of attacking his own partner with ill intent and has since been on the run.

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