Glorietta and Alex: Are Love After Lockup Stars Still Dating?

The journey portrayed in ‘Love After Lockup,’ sheds light on the complexity of trust in relationships. Trust is a fragile element, and the show portrays how the criminal history of one partner can cast a long shadow over the relationship. Viewers witnessed one such love story of Glorietta and Alex, going through a delicate balance between extending trust with a criminal past and the fear of being deceived or betrayed. As the couples grappled with issues of transparency and honesty, the show invited audiences to reflect on the nature of trust in their relationship.

Moreover, Glorietta and Alex brought a unique flavor to season 2 with their distinctive personalities and their challenges in pursuing love. Glorietta, a romantic at heart, fell for Alex, a man with a past that raised eyebrows. Now, as we peer into the present, curiosity piques – are Glorietta and Alex still together? Delve into their unfolding journey, where love meets the complexities of life after incarceration, and discover the twists that define the whereabouts of this intriguing couple.

Glorietta Besos and Alex Bentley Had a Not-so-Fairy Tale Proposal

Glorietta Besos and Alexander Bentley embarked on a tumultuous journey that left viewers on the edge of their seats. From the onset, their relationship was marked by discord, with two major issues looming large: religious differences and Alex’s lingering connection with his ex-partner. Despite the challenges, Alex took a surprising turn during one of Glorietta’s prison visits, dropping to one knee and proposing, a moment filled with both anticipation and uncertainty as witnessed by the fans of the screen show.

Their relationship, rooted in an eight-month courtship while Alex was still incarcerated, faced strains once he gained his freedom. Glorietta’s discomfort with Alex’s continued closeness to his ex and their clashes over religious beliefs became recurring themes. Alex, who converted to Islam for his ex-partner, resisted reverting to Catholicism as Glorietta wished, leading to heated arguments. Glorietta, in her assessment, believed Alex was putting on a facade to protect his image. The season’s conclusion left fans wondering about the fate of Glorietta and Alex’s love story.

Glorietta Besos and Alex Bentley Have Parted Ways

In the aftermath of the show, Glorietta initially revealed that they were still together, only for the relationship to crumble once more. In a deleted Facebook post, Alex confirmed their breakup, marking the second time he has chosen this path, echoing a similar decision with his ex-girlfriend. Alex’s life also took an unexpected turn when he found himself behind bars once again in 2019, facing a slew of charges, including alleged possession of a firearm and ammunition, as well as heroin and meth. The charges were initially triggered by a routine traffic stop for expired registration, escalating into a cascade of legal troubles.

Alex’s subsequent arrests for shoplifting and petty theft added to the list of offenses, raising questions about the challenges he is facing in steering his life in a positive direction. The shadow of his criminal past looms over his journey. The journey includes a peculiar incident where he was caught stealing a girl’s bike, a glimpse into a life still riddled with legal entanglements. After his release, Alex relocated to Elk Grove, California, and he married Jessica Lynn in April 2023. The couple is now expecting a baby. Professionally Alex now promotes his Cash App and sells tools on social media using it for commerce purposes.

On the other side of the story, Glorietta has ventured into a new chapter post-breakup. She also found herself entangled in a dramatic Instagram battle with Bachelorette star Josh Seiter, with whom she had a short-lived relationship. But Glorietta, determined to move forward, has focused on self-improvement, embracing a detox journey, shedding weight, and dedicating herself to fitness. Her professional endeavors have expanded with a new job as a security guard, as revealed in the ‘Where Are They Now’ episode.

Glorietta has showcased resilience in her entrepreneurial pursuits, launching an online boutique website where she sells makeup accessories. Additionally, she has ventured into the world of acting, securing small roles that add a new dimension to her evolving story. Her determination to carve a successful path for herself shines through as she continues to redefine her life. In the aftermath of the breakup, it has become evident that Glorietta and Alex are no longer in contact, a revelation shared by Glorietta herself during the ‘Where Are They Now’ episode.

The once inseparable couple has now become distant, each navigating their separate trajectories. As the intertwined tales of Glorietta Besos and Alexander Bentley unfold beyond the confines of reality television, viewers are offered a poignant reflection on the complexities of love, redemption, and personal growth. The unpredictable nature of post-prison relationships is laid bare, showcasing the resilience and transformative potential inherent in the human experience.

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