‘Grace and Frankie’ Filming Details: Everything We Know

‘Grace and Frankie’ is an American comedy series revolving around two elderly ladies attempting to stay amicably at a gorgeous beachfront house. The house, is one of the many, but certainly not only charms of the show.

Comedy shows and sitcoms in particularly are quite youth-oriented. In fact, they can be even be called ageist. ‘Grace and Frankie’ is a remarkable display of how that doesn’t have to define a comedy show’s appeal or quality.

It follows a retired businesswoman, Grace and an art teacher, Frankie. Both the women receive the shock of their lives when their husbands reveal that they are in love with each other and decide to get married. The titular women who haven’t really gotten along are forced to live with each other in a San Diego beach house in order to cope with their rather troubling situation.

The first season of the show was not received well and got mixed reviews from critics. However, the series found its feet after its second season and has not looked back since. It is praised for its humorous depiction of a heart-touching story about two women battling age and heartbreak and forming a bond despite their differences.

Where Was Grace and Frankie Filmed?

For a comedy show, ‘Grace and Frankie’ does a wonderful job at incorporating its setting into the show. Its viewers are instantly made to gawk at the locations in the background and marvel at the sheer beauty depicted. The show’s principal location: Grace and Frankie’s beach house in San Diego, for instance is especially popular among the series’ fans simply because its so beautiful.

So, where is the show actually filmed? Is it San Diego? Or some other place passed off as San Diego? Does the La Jolla community depicted on the show actually exist?

Los Angeles, California

The Californian government should sue the makers of ‘Grace and Frankie’ for portraying the picturesque locations shot in the state as places in San Diego. While La Jolla in San Diego actually exists, ‘Grace and Frankie’ is not filmed there. Instead, it is entirely shot in Los Angeles, California.

La Jolla is an affluent, seaside community in San Diego known for its pristine beaches and appeasing hills. The show definitely gives a rather impressive impression of the place despite not being filmed there.

To begin with, lets concentrate on Grace and Frankie’s beach house. It is not just pretty to look at, but plays a major part on the show. It is a reflection of the titular characters’ differences in personality. But somehow, it manages to look like an elegant mixture and a jumbled-together hodgepodge of varying styles at the same time, just like the leading ladies’ pair.

In reality, the house is located on Broad Beach Road in Malibu. That is where the exterior scenes of Grace and Frankie’s house were filmed. The dream house sold for a whooping $15.725 million in 2006.

The interiors of the house are filmed in soundstages in Paramount Pictures Studio in Los Angeles, California. The set has been designed attentively with each piece of furniture and décor selected with deep thought.

For instance, the fridge has photos of the characters’ grandchildren. Moreover, Frankie’s studio is a personification of her character with her artwork. In reality, the artworks seen on the show have been created by the Chicago-based artist, Nancy Rosen.

Apart from the beach house, several other locations appear on the show as well. The liquor store on 5600 Vineland Avenue, Circus Liquor is one of them. The iconic store appeared on the show in the eleventh episode of its second season, ‘The Bender.’ It is the liquor store where Grace’s car gets stolen.