Grand Cayman Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Star?

Image Credit: Jeff Daly/Disney

Available on Freeform and Hulu, ‘Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise’ has given many a glimpse into the lives of some of the wealthiest people living in Grand Cayman, which is part of the Cayman Islands in British Overseas Territory. The lifestyle of the cast members is nothing short of impressive and extravagant, with their lavishness often enticing the audience as much as the interpersonal drama between them. Given the crucial role their wealth plays in the show, viewers have rightfully been inquisitive about just how rich the stars are.

12. Victoria Coleman – $500,000

Victoria Coleman is certainly someone who easily grabs the attention of the world with her charms and skills. She has been married to Trevor Coleman since April 25, 2023, and they have also joined hands to enter the business industry together. In fact, they will be launching their own company called Vive Collection in Spring 2024, which will focus on sustainable and ethically made activewear that is both luxurious and bold.

11. Courtney McTaggart – $600,000

A local resident of the Cayman Islands, Courtney McTaggart is one of the more prominent presences in the Hulu series. When not spending time with her friends, she works as a Sales Agent in the area’s real estate industry. As of writing, she is affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Cayman Islands, a company that takes pride in catering to its clients every need with much diligence. Courtney is also a part of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association.

10. Dillon Claassens – $750,000

Dillon Claassens is a talented real estate agent who has been part of the industry for a very long time. As of writing, he is affiliated with RE/MAX as an agent and takes pride in each and every property that he has been able to sell to the specifications of his clients. Affiliated with the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, Dillon is a dedicated man who is quite familiar with the area he is working in.

9. Teri Bilewitch – $750,000

Bewitching many with her words, Teri Lynn Bilewitch is well-known across the Cayman Islands. This is likely due to her position as the On-Air Talent for Compass Media. Since November 2017, she has often appeared on radio and discussed a multitude of topics that interest her fans. She also has a small business of her own, which has allowed her to pursue her entrepreneurship skills as well.

8. Aaron Bernardo – $1 Million

A creative soul at heart, Aaron Bernardo aims to make his vision come to life on people’s skin. He has even opened his own tattoo and piercing shop called Xclusive INK, which takes pride in inking its clients with unique and beautiful designs. He is also quite invested in the fashion industry and takes pride in his stylistic choices. Presently, he works alongside three more artists in his company.

7. Cass Lacelle – $1.2 Million

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Cassandra “Cass” Lacelle is a former graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, having studied at the institute from 2013 to 2015. Since January 2020, she has served as the Founder of Electric Media Group, a company focused on the idea of social media marketing. Her work showcases just how well-versed she is when it comes to navigating the online world of social media and its various pitfalls.

6. Trevor Coleman – $1.5 Million

Trevor Coleman, who married Victoria Coleman, is a happy resident of Cayman Island. Hsi’s recent marriage was one of the highlights of season 1 of the Hulu series. A former student of the University of California, Santa Barbara, he is primarily an expert in the Information Technology industry. Having been a part of Storied since June 2013, he became a Program Manager within the company in January 2023. Additionally, he is one of the Founders of Vive Collection, a luxury and bold activewear brand that is soon to make its debut in Spring 2024.

5. Craig Jervis – $2.1 Million

For Craig-Anthony Jervis, the Cayman Islands is not just his home but is also the place where he has been able to expand his career and realize his dreams. Since July 2020, he has served as the Director of his own company called M3 Services. The organization’s action mostly focuses on maintenance, monitoring, and management work within the marketing and advertising industry. As someone with experience as an Account Executive, his proficiency has been praised by many.

4. Julian Foster – $3 Million

With an undeniable skill for business, Julian Foster is someone who has made good use of both his entrepreneurial skills as well as creative vision to be where he is today. he has been the Founder and Creative Head of I Am J Foster since January 2019. In June 2022, he also became the Co-Founder/Head of Heights The Agency. The latter company is dedicated to marketing and helped various brands enhance their image and entice more clients.

3. Chelsea Flynn – $3 Million

Chelsea Flynn has certainly made a name for herself in the Cayman Islands with her stellar work ethic. Since November 2018, she has been serving as the Co-Founder and Recruitment Manager of The Agency Cayman, an accomplishment she is quite proud of. Additionally, she became the director of Inclusion Cayman in January 2023. Her work allows her to work alongside people across the globe and helps them find work in the Cayman Islands.

2. Elizabeth Chambers – $12 Million

When it comes to television, Elizabeth Chambers is no stranger to cameras and all that comes with it. In the past, she has worked on projects like ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Cupcake Wars,’ and ‘ Sugar Showdown.’ Her expertise in the culinary industry is certainly obvious when one considers her position as the Founder and CEO of Bird Bakery, which is primarily based in Texas. She is quite well-known for her role as a Food Network judge.

1. Selita Ebanks – $14 Million

A woman of many talents, Selita Ebanks has certainly gained a name for herself thanks to her work in the modeling industry. Active in the fashion sphere, she is also known for her skills as an actress and writer. Since January 2021, she has also served as the proud Founder and CEO of Prink Inc., a company based in the Cayman Islands. The former supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel is also quite popular on social media, with over 120K followers on Instagram.

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