Great Pottery Throw Down Season 3: Where Are The Potters Now?

‘The Great Pottery Throw Down,’ a captivating British television series, unveils the mesmerizing world of pottery creation. The host Sara Cox invites talented contestants to engage in a riveting competition, showcasing their skills in pottery making through a myriad of challenges.  The essence of the show lies in its exploration of diverse pottery styles, spanning the spectrum from traditional to contemporary. Contestants are pushed to their creative limits, encouraged to transcend artistic boundaries, and evolve their skills throughout the competition.

Beyond the pottery process, the show delves into the diverse personalities of the participating potters. As viewers connect with these artists, they become invested not only in the competition but also in the journeys and stories of the individuals involved. For fans curious about the whereabouts of their favorite potters post-competition, read on to discover the latest updates and ventures these talented artisans have embarked upon.

Matt Cronshaw is The Owner of Little Torch Ceramics Today

Matt Cronshaw, a former cyclist and the finalist of the show, witnessed a transformative shift in his life post-victory. Renowned for his expertise with porcelain, Matt has seamlessly translated his passion for ceramics into a flourishing career. Venturing beyond the potter’s wheel, he has expanded into the realm of interior design, with a keen focus on elevating spaces in kitchens, bathrooms, and lighting.

Taking the helm as the owner of Little Torch Ceramics, Matt has become a prominent figure in the art world. In collaboration with leading museums, his exhibitions showcase the intricate beauty of his creations. Embracing the digital age, Matt has made his artwork accessible to a global audience through online platforms, ensuring that his masterpieces find homes far beyond the confines of traditional galleries.

Claire Murdock Now Owns Claire Murdock Ceramics

Winner of Europe’s Strongest Woman, Claire Murdock, entered with the charismatic personality of a bodybuilder and ended up becoming the semi-finalist of the show. After the show, she became a contemporary wheel-based ceramic artist and designer in Northern Ireland. In addition to this, Claire has taken up tutoring at Rosegift Cottage Crafts and works in crafting a range of tableware, exquisite pendants, and jewelry pieces. Also, She has evolved into a ceramic virtuoso and entrepreneur.

As the proud owner of Claire Murdock Ceramics, she’s opened up a vibrant online platform, inviting fans to immerse themselves in her artistic journey. From sharing captivating snapshots of her latest masterpieces to offering interactive classes, Claire’s virtual space is a hub of creativity and learning. In addition to her creative pursuits, Claire embraced marital bliss in 2021, tying the knot with Paul Stewart. But her talents don’t end with pottery – she’s a force to be reckoned with in strength sports, securing the title of Europe’s Strongest Woman in 2016. From the potter’s wheel to the winner’s podium, Claire Stewart’s journey is a captivating blend of artistry, skill, and strength.

Flea Brudenell-Bruce is a Jewellery Designer Today.

Flea Brudenell-Bruce, now known as Flea St George, was already a captivating English model and actress before gracing the show. In the world of ceramics and craftsmanship, Flea demonstrated not only her artistic flair but also her competitive edge. Her prowess in the show was akin to molding clay into a masterpiece, leaving audiences and judges alike in awe of her skills. However, life after the show has seen Flea embark on a different kind of creative journey. She has gracefully transitioned into the world of design and is currently making waves at Monica Vinader, a jewelry design company. In addition to her glamorous exploits, she is also an author, having penned the book titled “The Potter’s Way.”

Adding the latest chapter to her artistic journey, Flea St George has unveiled a mesmerizing ceramic collection on her website, named ‘Fleur de la Mer.’ This new venture showcases not only her evolution as a designer but also her ability to infuse the beauty of the ocean into tangible works of art. Apart from her professional life, she stayed in a lot of limelight due to her personal life as well. Her romantic relationships with Prince Harry and Jenson Button were once the talk of the town, but now she happily resides with her husband, Henry St. George, and two kids in the Bahamas, balancing her professional and personal life.

Jacob Chan is Now a Celebrated Ceramicist

Jacob Chan, a talented artist and ceramist, graced the screen with his talent and skills and reached the final step of the show as a finalist. Although he couldn’t win, but the show served as a launchpad, allowing Jacob to showcase his talent, and since then, he has continued to evolve as an artist. Jacob’s creations are a fusion of tradition and innovation, where according to him, traditional Chinese shapes and forms provide the canvas for his artistic expression. One notable milestone in Jacob’s artistic journey was his exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre during the ‘July Meet the Maker’ event in 2020.

In 2021, Jacob’s artistic prowess continued to flourish with an exhibition at the Walker National Art Gallery, a testament to the expanding scope of his work. His creations transcended the boundaries by collaborating with Matt Cronshaw. Beyond the gallery walls, Jacob’s creativity extends into collaborative efforts with Rosie Williams, his partner.  Together, they have delved into the world of clay, experimenting with materials supplied by Gabriel Lau’s Golden Earth Project. Their presence in seminars at Grand Designs Live further underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of clay artistry.

Kit Andrews is Now Known as The Cornish Potter

Kit Andrews, known by the moniker Cornish Potter, left an indelible mark on audiences during her captivating stint on the show. Her ceramic creations, particularly her vases and ergonomic mugs adorned with minimalistic designs and graceful curves, were a visual symphony that resonated with fans and judges alike. Post the pottery showdown, Kit embarked on a transformative journey, bidding farewell to her Cornwall-based studio to embrace the dynamic energy of Bristol.

However, the story doesn’t stop there. Kit’s artistic pursuits have led her to move from the bustling city to the tranquil countryside around Bristol, also showcasing her creativity in various workshops. He has recently joined creative hands with the prestigious Tate Collective, an artistic union synonymous with excellence in the world of contemporary art.

Leonard Young is Now a Freelance Potter

Retired from a career as a company director, Leonard Young’s journey did not end with retirement; instead, it took an artistic detour on national television. Leonard’s brief yet impactful presence on the show left an enduring mark. Despite being low-key on social media, he has redirected his focus toward his post-career endeavors, particularly freelancing pottery, emphasizing a commitment to personal growth and new opportunities.

Rainna Erbas Has a Clay Date Community Today

Rainna Erbas, having made waves with her impressive journey on the show, has seamlessly transitioned into a dynamic phase of creativity. Collaborating with local organizations like Future Foundry and Ceramics Art Dover, Rainna has become a beacon of artistic inspiration in her community. Her passion for ceramics extends beyond the studio, as she organizes engaging Clay Date events, fostering a sense of community through the joy of clay.

Currently, Rainna is the proud proprietor of her own website, where she generously shares insights into her workshops, showcases her art, and runs an online shop and gallery. She has also set up a home studio by the River, Kent, creating a tranquil space where her art and family life harmoniously coexist. In the midst of these creative pursuits, Rainna has embraced a new role as a mom, navigating the challenges of motherhood with resilience.

Ronaldo Wiltshire is Now Tutoring At Morley North Kensington College

Ronaldo Wiltshire, the acclaimed Ceramic Artist and Tutor, continues to carve his mark in the world of ceramics post his stellar performance on the show. Under the banner of Clay Vibes, he imparts his expertise through tutoring classes, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring artists. Beyond the classroom, Ronaldo is a dedicated educator at Morley North Kensington College, where he shares his passion for ceramics with students. In another creative endeavor, Ronaldo oversees Hamilton’s Pottery Barbados, where he conducts workshops.

Ronaldo’s artistic journey also finds expression in notable exhibitions such as “Fire & Ice” at The Ice House Holland Park in August 2022 and “The Diaspora Exhibition” at Salisbury Arts Centre. Despite maintaining a private personal life, Ronaldo generously shares his art on social media, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of his creations. His story unfolds as a captivating narrative of artistic education, global influence, and a visual symphony told through the medium of clay.

Rosa Wiland Holmes Now Takes Classes at Her Studio, The Broomhill House

Rosa Wiland Holmes, winner of season 3, seamlessly blends her skills as a trained fashion designer into the realm of ceramics. The creative energy extends beyond her victory on the show, as Rosa opens the doors of her studio at Broomhill House, offering Residential Pottery Weekends and Day Classes. This unique space becomes a haven for artistic exploration, where clay transforms into a medium of expression under her guidance.

In addition to her hands-on classes, Rosa embraces the digital age with an online platform where she showcases her art and provides fans with glimpses into her life. This virtual window into her world not only fosters a connection with her audience but also serves as a canvas for her evolving artistic journey. Rosa Wiland Holmes’s story unfolds as a harmonious blend of motherhood, craftsmanship, and a triumph that resonates far beyond the pottery studio.

Rosalind Worland is a Home Potter Today

Rosalind Worland, as a skilled home potter from Essex, continues to sculpt her creative journey post the show. She has continued to win laurels in local competitions such as the Essex Handicraft Association. Beyond the confines of her studio, it could be seen from her social media handle that undertaken a remarkable project – the creation of a Victorian conservatory inside her house, showcasing not only her pottery skills but also her impressive DIY capabilities.

Adding to the intrigue, Rosalind actively shares her artistic exploits on her Instagram and Facebook, providing a virtual gallery for enthusiasts to witness her creations come to life. Her online presence not only connects her with a wider audience but also serves as a testament to the modern intersection of craftsmanship and technology. Furthermore, Rosalind extends her reach by holding exhibitions, allowing her art to transcend the digital realm and find a tangible space in the world.

Sampada Gurung is The Proud Founder and Curator of The Slightly Curious Studio Today

Sampada Gurung, hailing from Nepal, had a remarkable journey in the show. Today based in London, Sampada is the proud founder and curator of The Slightly Curious Studio, a haven for artistic exploration and learning. Within the walls of her studio, creativity knows no bounds as she imparts her knowledge through classes and workshops. The turning point in Sampada’s artistic evolution came after a captivating show, including her exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair in 2021. In the same year, Sampada made her debut in Mollie magazine, adding another feather to her illustrious cap.

Tom James is Now Associated with The Art House, Sheffield

Tom James, a maestro who effortlessly orchestrates both music and clay, creates his art by making playable ceramics. In addition to his groundbreaking work with playable ceramics, he is a seasoned exhibitor, showcasing his artistic prowess at prestigious art exhibitions. Additionally, he has found a home at the esteemed Art House Sheffield, an association that further solidifies his place in the artistic landscape. Though there is not much known about his personal life, viewers are intrigued by his social media profiles depicting artistic wonders.

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