Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5: Where Are The Potters Now?

The mesmerizing realm of ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down,’ a British television sensation that transforms the art of pottery into a thrilling competition, has taken the world of reality TV by storm after its successful five seasons. Picture this: a group of ardent potters engaging in creative showdowns, armed with challenges that push the boundaries of clay craftsmanship. Their ceramic masterpieces undergo scrutiny by discerning judges, and in the end, one emerges as the triumphant creator.

Since the enchanting season 5, hosted by Ellie Taylor with judges Keith Brymer Jones and Richard Miller, graced Channel 4 screens in 2022, contestants have embarked on exhilarating journeys within the ceramic universe. Beyond the challenges, these potters have evolved into artists, refining their skills post-show. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the captivating trajectories these artisans have forged since their time on the show, all under the discerning gaze of the judges.

AJ Simpson is the Co-Founder of Aberdeen Ceramics Studio

AJ Simpson, a graduate in 3D Design, captured the spotlight by winning the show in 2022. Now a full-time artist, AJ’s vibrant studio is nestled in the Deemouth Artist Studios community in Aberdeen. After the show, AJ got the necessary exposure he needed to grow his business. Now, He works on creating blobs for home decor. Diving into entrepreneurship, he also runs the AJ Simpson Ceramics Studio and website, serving as a platform to showcase and sell their unique artwork.

Collaborating with various studios, he conducts workshops and shares his expertise. BBC Radio Scotland invited AJ to feature on their afternoon show, highlighting the artist’s growing influence. Not just an individual endeavor, AJ co-founded the Aberdeen Ceramics Studio with five fellow ceramists, fostering a collaborative creative space. In both art and life, AJ is joined by their wonderful partner, Celda Mae Tyndall, who shares the studio journey daily alongside their charming dog, Leo.

Anna McGurn Now Runs Her Studio Muddy Fingers McGurn

Anna McGurn, a standout finalist in the show, continued to captivate the audience with her art after the show. Based in Co Fermanagh, Anna operates from her home studio. In the realm of art events, her participation in Celebrating Ceramics at Waterperry Garden in July 2022 marked a noteworthy moment. She also showcased her talents at the Sculpture In Context exhibition in the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, and conducted a workshop at Hever Castle.

Further highlighting her commitment to the community, Anna served as a Community Art Project facilitator for Wellness Through Nature. Embracing the digital realm, Anna shares her artistic journey on the online platform Muddy Fingers McGurn. This platform provides a glimpse into her creative process and allows art enthusiasts to connect with her work.

Christine Cherry has Established a Thriving Online Gallery

Christine Cherry, once who battled with breast cancer at the age of 32, is now a distinguished show finalist. She gracefully transitioned from a career as a primary school teacher to a renowned ceramic artist. Post-show, she has established a dynamic online gallery and shop, showcasing her unique creations. Passionate about sharing her expertise, Christine conducts workshops, offers classes, and sells her work on Etsy.  Undeterred, she channels her resilience into her artwork, with pieces now being auctioned, adding a profound layer to her creative narrative. Her story is not only a testament to her artistic prowess but also to her unwavering spirit and commitment to making a positive impact.

Jenny Cobb is Now the Owner of Jennifer Cobb Ceramics

Jenny Cobb, an accomplished artist behind Jennifer Cobb Ceramics, is known for her diverse range of decorative stoneware and porcelain. Jenny gained recognition as a contestant in the show, drawing inspiration from her grandmother’s artistic legacy. Beyond the show, Jenny shares her expertise through workshops and offers her unique creations for sale online. Intriguingly, she delves into the alchemy of wood firing, adding a distinctive touch to her work. Jenny’s art has also graced the Ceramic Makers Market at Gladstone Pottery Museum, showcasing her pieces to a broader audience. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Jenny Cobb continues to make a mark in the ceramics world.

Josh Duarte is Currently Affiliated with The Cardiff School of Art and Design

Josh Duarte, once a brief participant in the spotlight of the show, swiftly transitioned from a professional career as a design and technology teacher to a celebrated ceramicist affiliated with the Cardiff School of Art and Design. Despite maintaining a private and less social persona, Josh’s dedication to self-improvement and career focus has propelled him into the forefront of the ceramics world. His journey from the quiet corridors of a classroom to the vibrant realm of artistic expression at Cardiff School of Art and Design reflects a captivating transformation, showcasing the power of personal dedication and artistic passion.

Lucinda Lovesey’s Artwork Now Extends The Celebrating Ceramicists Forum

Lucinda Lovesey, a retired NHS therapist turned vibrant ceramic artist became the show’s semi-finalist in 2022 after which Lucinda’s journey took an artistic turn. She now crafts colorful and decorative ceramics in her studio that captivate the eye. Beyond her studio, Lucinda has become a workshop maestro, imparting her skills at distinguished venues like the Ceramics Makers Market at Gladstone Museum and the Acorn Gallery.

Her festive spirit shines through as she participates in Christmas fairs, adding a touch of creativity to the holiday season. Lucinda’s collaborative spirit extends to the Celebrating Ceramicists Forum, where she joins forces with fellow artists, creating a dynamic community of creativity and inspiration.

Miles Johnson is Proficient in Sculpting Faces Today

Miles Johnson, once immersed in the world of textile design, has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of ceramics, where he now specializes in sculpting expressive faces. His artistic journey takes center stage at distinguished galleries, with Paragon Gallery being a notable showcase for his work. Miles invites art enthusiasts into his creative realm through the virtual space of Miles Johnson Pottery, a website dedicated to sharing his unique and compelling art with a broader audience. With a background in textiles influencing his ceramic expressions, Miles brings a distinctive touch to the sculpting world, creating faces that tell stories and captivate the imagination.

Nick Robatto, Once a Prop Maker, is Now a Distinguished Ceramicist

Nick Robatto, known for Rubbertoe props, an official BBC licensed Doctor Who retailer, has a fascinating background as a specialist prop maker in the TV and film industry. His craftsmanship left an indelible mark on iconic series like Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. But his creativity led him to a different path over the years. After the show, he has grown his business tremendously, not just in prop making but also in ceramics.

He now showcases his ceramic creations on various online platforms, distinguishing between spaces for props and ceramics. The transition from crafting fantastical props for beloved TV series to molding intricate ceramic pieces reveals Nick’s versatility and passion for bringing imagination to life, both on and off the screen. Beyond the screen, Nick shares his life with his wife Katherine, four children, and two dogs.

Tom Demeranville’s Works Are a Blend of Functionality and Artistry

Tom Demeranville, having embarked on a vivacious journey on the show, continues to ardently pursue his passion for ceramics. Specializing in crafting a diverse range of functional pieces, including mugs, bowls, moon jars, jugs, and tumblers, Tom’s creations reflect both skill and creativity. His artistic endeavors extend beyond the studio, with notable exhibitions at the Batheaston Art Trail in 2022 and the Celebrating Ceramics event in Oxford. Also, He has a dedicated website in his name on which he displays his artwork regularly.

Adding a personal touch to his narrative, Tom’s life is intertwined with that of his wife, Fleur Dash. Together, they navigate the artistic landscape, creating a dynamic partnership that contributes to Tom’s creative journey. As he showcases his work at prominent events, Tom invites audiences to experience the unique blend of functionality and artistry that defines his ceramic creations.

Zahra Jabir Now Provides Support to Social Causes with her Artwork

Zahra Jabir, the former NHS doctor, wears many hats in her vibrant life. Beyond the clinic, Zahra took a leap into the world of ceramics, dedicating her creations to a meaningful cause. Following her brief but impactful stint on a ceramics show, she transitioned into a full-time potter with a philanthropic mission, as Zahra generously donates all proceeds to support St Luke’s Hospice in their exceptional work. Her art becomes a vessel for compassion and support.

In addition to her charitable efforts, Zahra engages in collaborative projects and exhibits her work at renowned venues, creating a powerful intersection of art and purpose. Zahra Jabir’s journey is not just about creating beautiful pots but also about making a meaningful impact through her art, honoring her mother’s memory, and contributing to the well-being of others.

Bill Thomas Now Expertises in Creating Jugs

Though Bill Thomas’s appearance on the show was brief, its impact was significant. Post-show, Bill established a Scarborough studio where he not only creates but also imparts knowledge through classes and collaborative workshops with his specialization in creating jugs. He was one of the distinguished potters invited by the Hever Castle for a pot workshop. Additionally, he lends his expertise to customized projects for clients through his website, where he also displays his artwork. Preferring a private life, Bill now focuses on his work, allowing his art to speak volumes about his dedication and craftsmanship.

Cellan Cox has its Own Studio, The Clay Studio

Cellan Cox, currently serving as a technician at his own studio, The Clay Studio, has seamlessly transitioned his life to a passionate artist after the show. Cellan has devoted the studio to nurturing and expressing his artistic vision. Beyond creating solo pieces, Cellan actively collaborates with fellow artists, sharing and imparting knowledge within the vibrant artistic community.

Through his Instagram platform, Cellan generously offers followers a virtual window into his creative world. Not only does he showcase his evolving body of work, but he also provides glimpses of upcoming exhibitions, inviting the audience to join him on his artistic journey. This commitment to sharing and collaborating not only enhances Cellan’s artistic growth but contributes to the broader tapestry of artistic expression.

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