Greg and Dana Newkirk: Where Are Paranormal Investigators Now?

Image Credit: Karl Pfeiffer/Planet Weird

Directed by Karl Pfeiffer, Planet Weird’s documentary film ‘The Unbinding’ revolves around paranormal investigators Greg and Dana Newkirk’s exploration of the alleged supernatural connections of the Catskills Croner, an effigy discovered by two hikers who were hiking through the Catskill Mountains, New York. The documentary sheds light on the alleged paranormal experiences of Greg and Dana while depicting the investigators’ approaches and methods, as far as alleged paranormal objects are concerned. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering about the lives and current whereabouts or activities of the Newkirks. If that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about the same!

Who Are Greg and Dana Newkirk?

Greg and Dana Newkirk are professional paranormal investigators with two decades of experience in the fields of paranormal investigation, parapsychology, cryptozoology, and allegedly haunted artifacts. In addition to investigating paranormal activities and artifacts, Greg and Dana conduct lectures about the same, which include “evidence of the unexplained,” often presented through multimedia presentations. The couple, based in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, form a highly complementing partnership. While Greg focuses on “experiments on everything from hypnotically-induced alien abductions to interactive magic rituals,” Dana promises to blend her “knowledge of witchcraft and tarot with her career as a paranormal investigator in order to help both the living and the dead.”

Greg and Dana feature, together or separately, in several renowned productions such as Animal Planet’s ‘Finding Bigfoot,’ Travel Channel’s ‘Mysteries at the Museum’ and ‘Kindred Spirits,’ and Destination America’s ‘Paranormal Lockdown.’ Greg and Dana teamed up with director Karl Pfeiffer to make ‘Hellier,’ a TV series that explores allegedly chilling paranormal activities in Kentucky. After receiving a report on hobgoblins in the town of Hellier, Greg and Dana joined a crew to investigate the same, only to confront several alleged paranormal or inexplicable occurrences. The Newkirks investigated The Crone while filming ‘Hellier.’

Greg and Dana experienced several inexplicable happenings associated with The Crone. “When there were things that looked like wet footprints showing up on the back of the couch, or we were hearing strange noises, or Dana has this horrifying encounter with something that looks like it’s slinking out the closet at night—that’s hard to ignore,” Greg revealed to Bloody Disgusting about their experience with the effigy. Their investigation led them to conduct an Estes Method session with The Crone. Through this method, an investigator tries to listen to a paranormal space or entity using noise-canceling headphones with a blindfold. “[…] the way that Dana was rattling off immediate answers to people was shocking,” Greg added about the session led by his partner.

Where Are Greg and Dana Newkirk Today?

Greg and Dana continue to explore and investigate allegedly paranormal activities or artifacts while sharing their journey through several mediums and platforms. The couple runs The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, based in Fort Mitchell, where several apparently haunted materials and artifacts, including The Crone, are safely kept. The Newkirks are also currently sharing their experiences of investigating The Crone by conducting lectures and taking part in Q&A sessions. While not investigating anything paranormal, they also host ‘The Haunted Objects Podcast,’ through which they “dig into the history, folklore, and anomalous activity behind the world’s most haunted objects.”

Furthermore, Greg and Dana are currently engaged in the production of the third season of ‘Hellier.’ “We’re filming it [‘Hellier’ season 3]. We’re in it. […] And it’s so frustrating because we keep joking that we’re like, people are literally not going to believe it. It’s just every time, this season has been insane. It’s insane. I just cannot wrap my head around the experience. We were like, ‘We’re just getting started.’ I’m already excited for people to see. I can’t even deal with it. It’s nuts,” Dana told ComicBook. “We’ve dipped our toes into the water. I think we’re ankle-deep now. It’s a matter of when, not if. And, who knows, we let these stories tell themselves, we just show up,” Greg added in the same interview.

Greg and Dana are committed to sharing “stories” of the paranormal and the unexplained through their production banner, Planet Weird. “There is an overarching goal with everything that we do that I think will make more sense once we’ve put a bow on our body of work. When we’re done telling all the stories that we want to tell in all of the different avenues we want to tell them, all the different outlets, it’ll make a lot of sense to people, it’ll be very cohesive,” Greg added to ComicBook. The third season of ‘Hellier’ is expected to be an integral part of the same. “The implications are scary, is what it is. […] We’re collectively just sort of hanging on for dear life,” the couple added.

As far as Dana is concerned, there’s no slowing down for her or her partner Greg. “I think, as weird as it sounds, it’s almost like, as long as we’re still curious about things, I think we’ll always want to be telling those stories. We’ll always want to be investigating them. […] At this point, we still have so many things that we’re curious about. There’s so many things that we want to experience and explore that I think we’ll probably be very old people still doing a lot of this stuff, because I just can’t see the bottom of my bucket of interesting things that I want to investigate. So we have lots,” Dana told ComicBook about what lies ahead for the Newkirks in the future.

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