Did Sofía Vergara Use Prosthetics to Play Griselda Blanco?

In Netflix’s crime drama series ‘Griselda,’ ‘Modern Family’ fame Sofía Vergara is almost unrecognizable as the drug trafficker Griselda Blanco. The actress portrays the character with an unignorable transformation. The actress reportedly spent hours on the makeup chair as part of her preparation to play the “Godmother” of the Miami drug scene. Sofía did use prosthetic implants to ensure that her original appearance didn’t feature in the series at all. She even wanted to make sure that her appearance as Griselda doesn’t carry any reflections of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, her beloved character in ‘Modern Family.’

Sofía Vergara’s Transformation

Sofía Vergara mainly used prosthetic implants to change the way her nose and forehead looked. “The hardest thing was that I had to wear a wig, fake teeth, fake nose, and have a plastic forehead. I also had to wear uncomfortable bras that pushed me down to make me look less Latin,” the actress said while appearing in ‘The Graham Norton Show.’ Sofia had to wear a prosthetic piece from her eyelid to the hair to hide her real eyebrows.

“I had plastic from [the eyelids to the hair] because we needed to cover my eyebrows, [which] are very thick. And I wanted me to disappear and I think that was one of my features that is very strong,” she said while appearing in ‘CBS Mornings.’ The experience of transforming into Griselda wasn’t a pleasant one. “I had never acted in Spanish, nor performed anything dramatic. I went home from the set of Modern Family happy in life. But in ‘Griselda,’ I had to kill, do cocaine, learn to smoke, wear a plastic nose, teeth, a wig… I mean, everything was a nightmare,” Vergara told Hola.

Sofía had to challenge the existing notions about her beauty to portray Griselda. “Accustomed to looking pretty, one of the things that has been most difficult for me is transforming my physique,” she said in a press conference that followed a presentation of the series. Still, she was committed to ensuring that she did justice to her character. The actress even sustained an injury while trying to walk differently as part of her performance.

However, the real Griselda Blanco’s son Michael Corleone Blanco doesn’t approve of Sofía’s transformation into his mother. “My mother [Griselda] was a beautiful woman and it’s crazy that a lot of people say ‘No, you’ve got to look more like a drug addict.’ The fact that they call her ‘ugly’ that really offends me. People see the mug shots and just go from that, but when you read my book, you’ll see that my mother was called the porcelain doll in her youth,” Michael told the Daily Mail. “Mayors, governors, and politicians in different countries would try to court my mother… even here in the United States. She was the crème de la crème,” he added.

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