Gwendolyn Taylor Murder: Where is Thomas Rosa Jr. Now?

Image credit: New England Innocence Project

In December 1985, Gwendolyn Taylor was heading home after completing her nurse’s aide shift when she was assaulted by a man who demanded money and subsequently abducted her. The following morning, her lifeless body was discovered in a nearby area, and witnesses who had seen Taylor’s abductor were able to provide identification. Shortly thereafter, Thomas Rosa was arrested and charged with Taylor’s murder, although he maintained his innocence. The Dark Downeast Podcast, titled ‘The Murder of Gwendolyn Taylor (Massachusetts),’ delves into the intricacies of the case and explores whether justice was ultimately served.

How Did Gwendolyn Taylor Die?

At the age of 18, Gwendolyn Taylor was in the early stages of building her life, dedicated to hard work and striving to create a promising future for herself. Residing in Boston, Massachusetts, she was romantically involved with a young man named Charles Ferguson. Gwendolyn lived independently in an apartment on Talbot Avenue, sharing the space with her step-sister Charita Offley on the Dorchester side of the city. She held a commendable position as a nurse’s aide at a nursing home in Cambridge, putting in long hours to advance her career.

On December 6, 1985, following the completion of her extended shift at work, Taylor attended a party where she connected with her boyfriend, Charles. Still clad in her work uniform, she decided to depart and get some rest to prepare for the upcoming day by midnight on December 7. Although her residence was near the party venue, Charles insisted on accompanying her back to the apartment. He dropped her off approximately 150 yards away from their residence and, five minutes later, called Charita to inquire if Taylor had safely reached home. Charita responded negatively, and after a considerable period had passed, Charles grew concerned since Taylor should have reached her apartment by that time.

Charita went to the balcony to observe the street and noticed Taylor sitting on the front steps of their building with an unfamiliar man. Intrigued, Charita descended to inquire about the situation, only to discover that the stranger had Taylor by the wrists behind her back and was holding a sharp object, resembling a weapon, to Taylor’s head. Panicking, Taylor pleaded with Charita to gather $100 to give to the man. Frantically, Charita rushed upstairs and informed her other roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend about the situation, but they couldn’t locate the money in the house.

Helpless, the three of them observed from the window as Taylor cried out for the money while the man led her toward Joseph Lee School and then into a dark alley. The roommate’s boyfriend attempted to follow them in his car, but there was no indication of Taylor or the man. Despite calling the police, they were unable to locate any trace of either of them. The following morning, employees at Mike’s Auto Repair on Norfolk Street discovered the body of a woman at their automobile shop. The woman had a sweater sleeve wrapped around her neck and was unclothed. They called the police, and the body was identified as that of Taylor’s.

Who Killed Gwendolyn Taylor?

The police initiated their investigation and swiftly ruled out the men from Mike’s Auto Repair who had discovered Gwendolyn Taylor’s body. With limited evidence beyond eyewitness accounts, they began bringing in witnesses for questioning. Taylor’s step-sister, Charita Offley, informed the police that the man seen with Taylor had a missing tooth or uneven lips. When presented with a stack of mugshots, she identified a man from the pictures. Another witness, Sharon Areh, stated that the man with Taylor resided in a nearby apartment. When asked to identify him from a set of pictures, she chose the same individual as Charita.

The man identified by the two women closely matched the general description provided by various witnesses. While there were a few discrepancies, such as his weight and the absence of a missing tooth or lopsided lips, the police were confident that the suspect in question was Thomas Rosa Jr. Rosa cooperated with the police during the investigation and questioning, ultimately leading to his arrest and charges for Taylor’s murder.

Thomas Rosa Jr. is Out of Prison Today

In 1986, Thomas Rosa Jr., aged 25, was initially found guilty of the murder of Gwendolyn Taylor. However, his conviction was overturned, leading to a mistrial in his second trial. The third trial, held in 1993, resulted in a guilty verdict, and Rosa was sentenced to life in prison. Rosa’s defense team argued that he had been misidentified, pointing out the presence of another man in the same area as Taylor during her murder. This man bore a strong resemblance to Rosa, had a criminal history, and also had a missing tooth.

Image Credit: New England Innocence Project

The New England Innocence Project and Charlotte Whitmore from the Boston College Innocence Program tirelessly advocated for Rosa’s innocence over the years. New DNA evidence and other scientific findings from the crime scene emerged, undermining the strength of the prosecutor’s case against him. In October 2020, considering these revelations and the threat posed by the coronavirus to the 60-year-old, he was released from prison. His lawyer’s appeal for a new trial was subsequently taken into consideration.

In September 2023, a Massachusetts judge declared that Thomas Rosa would be granted a new trial. Rosa’s legal team is currently advocating for the complete dismissal of charges against him. Since his release, Rosa has reunited with his family, including his wife, son, and grandchildren. Actively engaging in the Exoneree Network community, he is prioritizing his health and aims to leave behind the challenging chapter of his life, focusing on enjoying his remaining years in peace with his loved ones.

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