Where is Halloween Wars Filmed?

Food Network’s annual fright fest, ‘Halloween Wars’ is always a treat for our senses. We follow a crew of talented culinary experts as they curate horror-themed treats and spooky delights. Host Jonathan Bennett challenges a batch of teams to make extravagant, frightening edible displays. Finally, the creations are judged by a panel of expert, renowned judges. One team is eliminated in each episode, and the last trio standing walks home with the grand cash prize of $50,000.

‘Halloween Wars’ is set against the backdrop of an elaborate set. The well-equipped kitchen is stocked with almost everything that chefs may need — to churn out the weirdest delicacies. And this might make you wonder about the filming locations for the show. Well, we are here to answer just that. Let’s get started!

Halloween Wars Filming Location

The set for ‘Halloween Wars’ is located in Los Angeles, California. This is expected since the show is produced by Super Delicious Productions, which is situated in LA. The production team is also behind other Food Network shows like ‘Cake Wars’ and ‘Cupcake Wars’. The whole studio is elaborately designed to fit the Halloween theme. Since the edible masterpieces need to be as frighteningly weird as possible, contestants also need a lot of additional ingredients, leaving the regular ones. But the production team on-set makes it sure that the kitchen is well-stocked with everything.

Since the series is launched as a Halloween special, the creators also require to ensure that they have a lot of pumpkins! Therefore, it is no surprise that the set has a pumpkin patch as well. In fact, host Jonathan Bennett had confirmed in an interview that Food Network shoots the seasons nearly a year in advance. According to him, the team has to work around the pumpkin season, and this particular vegetable gets really ripe in the fall. Now, when you feature massive pumpkins, you do need to give them time to grow!

Jonathan additionally stated in the same interview to Yahoo Entertainment that the set often smells spooky. He said: “You want it to smell like your pumpkin spice basic girl latte. It does not smell like that. It smells like burnt sugar and — you know when you have like, a pumpkin once you carve it and it’s kind of not refrigerated anymore and it starts to smell a little funky? Well, picture hundreds of pumpkins smelling a little funky.”

Staying true to his words, Jonathan offers viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek inside the ‘haunted’ ‘Halloween Wars’ set. You can watch this clip here.

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