Hannah Shapiro: Where is Survivor 33 Runner-Up Now?

Season 33 of CBS’ reality series ‘Survivor’ had several promising contestants, among which, Hannah Shapiro managed to strike a chord with the viewers. A part of the Millennials tribe on ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,’ the young barista showed great skill and determination throughout the season while staying true to her goofy and nerdy self. Harboring dreams of being a part of the ‘Survivor’ franchise since childhood, she had a fun yet challenging time on the show. Despite minor obstacles, Hannah managed to form good bonds and a healthy fanbase due to her personality and gameplay. While it’s been quite some time since the season wrapped up, fans of the runner-up hope to know of her current whereabouts.

Hannah’s Teenage Dream Came True By Participating in Survivor

As a nerdy 14-year-old, Hannah had held onto the dream of being a contestant on her favorite show ‘Survivor.’ It was the Boston native’s love for challenges that propelled her on the show ten years later, ready to take on the adventure. The then-24-year-old played the game while being true to herself but faced quite a few obstacles throughout her journey. While she started off feeling a little lost and unsure of her decisions, she eventually showed growth and became one of the biggest threats in the season. She was also quite vocal about experiencing panic and anxiety on the show, making her a loved contestant for choosing to remain authentic.

As the show progressed and eliminations began, Hannah, along with Adam, decided to join David’s alliance. They eventually won out as they were able to eliminate everyone else. However, when Adam attempted to betray David since he was the most significant strategic threat, Ken and Hannah refused to split their loyalties. When only four of them remained, she and Ken decided to eliminate David. Their decision resulted in them getting immense criticism from the jury for having been loyalists of David, unlike Adam who was willing to eliminate threats while also being loyal. This led the jury to unanimously vote 10-0-0 in favor of Adam, leading him to become the Sole Survivor while Ken and Hannah settled for co-runners-up.

Hannah Shapiro is a Well-Known Comedy Writer Today

After her 39-day stint on ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ ended, the former barista started working on her career and personal growth. The LA resident worked on self-recovery by focusing on her life with friends and family outside the show. She also worked on her sketchwriting, improv, and creative projects while healing emotionally. Hannah worked as a writer at Upright Citizens Brigade on their sketch team, for three years. The Northwestern University graduate followed this up by working as an entertainment journalist for several online publications while teaching grammar school programs.

Hannah also tutored primary school students while simultaneously working on achieving her dream of working as a television writer. She also continues to actively work on podcasts that covered her time on ‘Survivor’ and has also hosted her own podcast called ‘Pawnee Public Radio,’ which was about a ‘Parks and Recreation’ rewatch. She also uses podcasts as a means to connect with her fans and a larger audience who get to interact with and know the real her. Hannah also showcased her directing skills in the 2019 short film, ‘Women Don’t Poop,’ wherein she served as the director and writer.

While it’s been several years since the wrap-up of season 33, Hannah still keeps in touch with several of her fellow contestants. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hannah opened up about her struggle in trying to settle into everyday life post the show. She said, “After being absorbed in that mindset on the island, coming back and adjusting to a world that existed for a month and a half without me was extremely jarring.” She also shared how it took her a few nights of sleeping on the floor to slowly adjust to her life again.

Though Hannah holds some regrets about her time on the show, she is glad to have participated and gained experiences. Hannah continues to keep a tab on the series and it still holds a very special place in her heart. On being asked whether she’d want to feature on the show again, she cheekily said, “I want to play again when I’m 80 and really ruffle feathers as the grandma archetype.”

On the personal front, the 31-year-old has rescued a furry friend named Lil Cacao, who she claims is the goofiest. The former reality show contestant was dealt a heavy blow in December 2023 when she lost her grandma, who was also her “biggest supporter.” On the other hand, her fans would be delighted to know that Hannah has had a special someone in her life for a few years now. Her profile is packed with pics of the adorable pair and Lil Cacao as they celebrate holidays, attend weddings and mark personal milestones. As Hannah continues to be her fun-loving self, as fans, we hope she continues to thrive and prosper in all that she does.


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