Hatch Baby on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ rarely fails to capture our attention. The dynamic set of panelists are quite the rage even now. Although the reality show started in 2009, it hasn’t changed much in terms of the flair,  suspense, and excitement it brings to its audience. While it is definitely fun to watch, it may not always be the case when one is participating in the show. It is considered a real success if you have not only managed to secure a deal but has also earned the interest and respect of the business tycoons in the show. 

Hatch Baby: Who Are They?

Hatch Baby, founded by Dave and Ann Crady Weiss, came on to ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch their product Hatch Baby, which is an advanced smart changing pad for toddlers. The product is connected to an app on your phone that helps you keep track of the baby’s weight, feeding schedule, and other such habits and patterns. The product that featured on ‘Shark Tank’ saw no takers initially. However, determined to get a Shark aboard, they lowered their negotiation price, and Chris Sacca took the bait. The deal was cut at $ 25,000 for 25%. In February 2019, Amazon invested in Hatch Baby to let it strategically grow along with developments with Amazon’s Alexa.

Hatch Updates

The company has seen significant growth with its partnership with Chris Sacca and other investors. Now, the company goes by the name Hatch and has incorporated various other products under its wings. One of their new product is called Rest. It is an app-controlled night light and sound device that can be adjusted to change the intensity of light, change its color, has white noise, and offer different covers that match the theme of the nursery. The light/sound device offers an ambiance for children and adults to acclimate to restful sleep. It is also soothing for toddlers when they are being fed. The company took the advice given to them to improve the longevity of their brand even if the children grow up. And another version of the product is designed exclusively for adults. 


Thus, the company is seeing steady growth. Hatch now offers various separate products for both adults and children. It offers to manage sleep patterns to improve restfulness and eliminate any stress or anxiety. It also works with Amazon’s Alexa. They also sell a range of other products like Hatch Wake up tea, Dusk supplements, Classic Core Sheet set, etc. They have a set of good reviews they showcase on their website. The company has rebranded itself and has made changes to its website and social media as well. Now, their key products seem to center around sleep comfort.

On their social media page, they seemed excited to share their latest business updates with ‘Shark Tank.’ The company that featured in Season 7 seems to have grown substantially to lead with different business priorities now. Check out their product review below: 

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