HBO’s Perry Mason Filming Locations

If you like detective shows but also like courtroom dramas, then HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’ is the treat you shouldn’t deny yourself. Based on the iconic character created by Erle Stanley Gardner, the story receives a prequel treatment from HBO. It serves as the origin story of Mason, focusing on the days when he is yet to gain notoriety in the courtroom. We see him making the right connections while solving a gruesome case.

The series adds a noir-ish feel to the story by giving it a 1930s treatment. It is visually stunning and makes one wonder how and where the show makers made it. Here are the filming locations of ‘Perry Mason’.

Where is Perry Mason Filmed?

While telling a story like ‘Perry Mason’, the surroundings play an equally important role. A detective has to have a close connection with the city and its ways if they are to be good at their job. For Mason, that city is Los Angeles. The City of Angels gives an edge to Mason’s character and also serves as home to him. To film his story, no other place could serve as a replacement. Los Angeles is the primary filming location of the HBO series.

Los Angeles, California

‘Perry Mason’ is set in the early 1930s, following the time of immense upheaval in America. The one place that fares rather well in such trying circumstances is Los Angeles. The city profits from the booming film industry, the oil business, and the summer’s Olympic Games, among other things. The LA of that time emerges as its own character in the series, and the spirit of the place could not have been recreated anywhere else.

The entire season of ‘Perry Mason’ is filmed in several places all over Los Angeles. While the show makers used a lot of sets to film the interiors, the primary challenge was to give a 30s makeover to the exterior locations. To bring it as close as possible to the LA of the bygone era, the crew redesigned some real-life locations that have been torn down now. They also used a lot of green screens to blend the 30s into the contemporary time.

While several locations in LA appear in ‘Perry Mason’, the most important neighborhood to feature in it is San Pedro. The sixth and seventh street received an intense do-over of the 1930s, where the streets were lined with the 30s styled cars and the local shops received a transformation, too.

The crew was also spotted filming on 498 6th Street. The Original Ptomaine Tommy’s place that appears in the TV show is actually a coffee house named Sacred Grounds around the Warner Grand Theatre. The production also took to the courthouse in the City Hall, while some scenes were also filmed around the West Seventh Street.

The production also shot some scenes near Vasquez Canyon Road. Additionally, the crew was also spotted filming on 638 S Beacon St, 401 S. Main St., 330 S Irving Blvd, 356 S Olive St, 121 E 5th St, 650 S. Spring St., 510 S Spring St, and 851 S Grand Ave.

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