Heart of Stone: What Is the Locker? Where Is It Located?

Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’ follows Gal Gadot’s Rachel Stone, who works for a super-secret organization called The Charter. While every government has its spy organizations, the Charter comprises an international team that has agents all over the world to make sure that the good guys win. When other spy agencies fail, the Charter agents step in to save the day. What makes the Charter different and more powerful than any other spy organization in the world is its access to the Heart. It is a powerful AI that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction if it falls into the hands of bad guys. It is put away in a place called the Locker. Here’s everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Locker in Heart of Stone, Explained

In ‘Heart of Stone,’ the Heart is an artificial intelligence with access to every single digital thing in the world. From CCTV cameras to people’s phones to elevators in a random building to nuclear weapons of the most powerful countries in the world, the Heart’s reach is unprecedented. Apart from controlling everything, the AI also has the ability to predict the future through pattern recognition, among other things. This makes the Heart the most dangerous thing in the world, but only if it is being used by bad people.

The Charter, luckily, is a bunch of good people who want to save the world. They try to keep their and the Heart’s existence a secret, but somehow, information about both of them has trickled out. The Charter knows they can’t have the Heart lying around just anywhere. They have to keep it somewhere where it will be difficult, if not impossible, for someone to reach. This is why they create the Locker.

The Heart is kept inside the Locker, an airship stationed 85,000 ft above the Earth’s surface. Like a satellite, it keeps revolving around the Earth, and its movements can only be tracked by someone with access to the Heart. The only way to get into the Heart is through the Charter’s headquarters. No one knows where that is except the Charter agents.

Image Credit: Robert Viglasky/Netflix

This is why Parker seeks Rachel Stone, and instead of killing her, he poisons her. He knows that the Charter will come for her, and they will take her to the headquarters, so he injects her with something Keya can use to access the Charter’s HQ and connect to the Heart. She uses this opportunity to hack the system and plants a bug, which lies dormant until she reaccesses it.

Through the bug, Keya has limited access to the Heart and uses it to determine the Locker’s location. It turns out that the Locker is flying over West Africa, so she and Parker fly to Senegal. At this point, the Charter believes that the only way to access the Locker is for someone to go to space. The only other way is to get the Locker to descend. They don’t know that Keya has tapped into it. She uses the bug to get the Locker to descend from space. They cannot physically access it at 85,000 ft, but they can do so at 40,000 ft.

Keya gets the Locker to descend to the required height and flies to meet it halfway. Once the Locker has dropped to the required height, she and Parker break into the Locker. She gets her hands on the Heart while Parker stops Stone. Once they have the Heart, they destroy the Locker by blasting it midair. Later, the Charter gets the Heart back, but the Locker is destroyed.

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