Heavenly Delusion Episode 2 Recap: Two Confessions

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ episode 2 titled ‘Two Confessions,’ Kiruko and Maru end up finding the men-eater and kill it. They continue to look for the tomato heaven and Maru even reveals the reason for his current mission. Although they end up finding welcoming people at a farm, some secrets about Kiruko inadvertently and advertently reveal details about her complicated past that were previously unknown to Maru.

Kiruko and Maru Fight the Man-Eater

As Kiruko suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, she realizes that the man-eater she and Maru have been looking for is sitting outside the window. Without wasting any time, the duo immediately leave the house with their special gun to hunt the beast. That’s when they run into the manager of the hotel they are staying at. She also has a gun with her and warns the two that it is not safe outside. However, Maru and Kiruko continue to look for the man-eater and soon enough manage to find it.

The battle between them is quite intense and the duo manages to survive several close attacks. Eventually, Maru tries to catch the attention of the man-eater while Kiruko is hiding to shoot the beast when it’s not looking at her. This turns out to be a perfect plan and she is seconds away from shooting the men-eater when the manager jumps on Kiruko and asks the beast to run away. Eventually, she reveals that her son was absorbed by the man-eater and it no longer attacks anyone. She just wants to keep it safe.

Since the gun that Kiruko carries no longer has any battery, the eccentric duo finally relaxes. However, trusting the manager’s words turns out to be a grave mistake as she is cut into two halves by the man-eater right in front of Maru and Kiruko. But instead of letting fear have too much control over them, the duo decides to continue fighting. Just moments later, Maru manages to close the distance between him and the man-eater and kill it. The following day, he finally reveals that he wants to find heaven because there is a lookalike of him somewhere out there.

Maru then shows Kiruko a drug that he carries, which he has been told to inject into his lookalike. Although he does not appear to understand everything, he claims that it will help everyone. That day, the two of them end up at a farm and are welcomed with open arms by its inhabitants. Later that night when the two friends are having dinner, an eccentric man claims that Kiruko is a go-cart racer who went missing after her brother’s death. Despite the obvious similarities in facial features, Kiruko claims that it is untrue.

Does Maru Like Kiruko? What is Kiruko’s Gender?

As they are sitting on the ship heading to Tokyo, Maru tells Kiruko that he just wants to live with her on the farm and wants to give up on the idea of ever finding the elusive heaven. Kiruko does not fully realize what he probably means and just rejects the idea since farming all day and getting high at night is not the kind of lifestyle she aspires for. However, Maru then mentions that he can help her with her job as he likes her. Kiruko is barely able to talk properly and just argues that they are not in the right place for such a confession. But Maru refuses to listen to her and leans in for a kiss.

Kiruko does not appear interested at all and does not allow the kiss following which Maru apologizes for getting carried away in emotion. Then Kiruko becomes quite serious as she has something to confess to. She tells Miruko she hopes that he will understand even though she knows that what she is going to say might sound crazy to him. Kiruko then looks at her hand and reveals that even though she has a body of a woman, her mind is a man’s, which is why she is a man. Although the episode ends there, viewers may get curious about Kiruko’s sexuality after watching the final scene.

Without giving too many spoilers for now, we can tell you that Kiruko herself is a girl. But following an incident in the past, she literally got a man’s brain transplanted into her which is what she alludes to in the final moments of the episode. Therefore, her confession that she is a man is actually not Kiruko’s own thoughts but of the man whose brain got transplanted in her body.

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