Heidi and Mike: Is the MAFS Australia Pair Still Together?

Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner appeared on the sixth season of Nine Network’s Australian reality television series ‘Married at First Sight.’ After being matched by the experts, the pair tied the knot and tested their compatibility by navigating their bond on the show. They had a tumultuous time, with differences cropping up now and then, which they strived to manage. While the pair did have their share of constant hiccups, avid fans of the show held onto the hope that maybe they’d be able to work things out in the real world. While it’s been some time since the season aired in 2019, have Heidi and Mike managed to tide over their differences and made things work, or have the pair decided to go their separate ways?

Heidi and Mike’s Journey on MAFS Was Riddled With Problems

When radio announcer Heidi, then 38-years-old was introduced to then 44-year-old electrician Mike, the outgoing pair seemed to have clicked right from the outset. As their journey alternated between good and bad, the couple decided to try and give their relationship a shot. However, just as their efforts were slowly looking to bear fruit, the pair ended up having a disastrous honeymoon in Whitsundays. When Heidi was beginning to open up to him and share some deep and meaningful conversations about her past, an irate Mike told her, “I’m not your therapist. This isn’t therapy,” leaving her utterly shocked and hurt.

What left her further heartbroken was the fact that he kept brushing off her attempts to talk about serious and intimate issues. While the duo continued to clash over all sorts of small and big issues, they tried to work on their issues due to the connection they shared. Despite their love for traveling and holding conversations, the pair kept getting on each other’s nerves and stumbled from fun conversations to uncomfortable arguments. Mike’s controversial remarks during the group settings, where the brides and grooms sat to discuss their relationships left Heidi further embarrassed.

Even though she was bothered about his tone and attitude towards her, being in love meant she wanted to keep everything aside and look at the positives of their union. While it was quite obvious that Mike had issues with relationships, Heidi’s desire to make their make things work meant that the duo would choose to walk out together on the final ceremony. A hopeful Heidi had further shared, “I would love to live in a world of harmony with you but to coexist, we must put our swords down, our righteousness away, and be open to all possibilities.” Meanwhile, an equally willing Mike had added, “What existed between us was special. What we had was a heart connection so strong that who was able to sustain all we subjected it to.”

Heidi Maintains a Low Profile, While Mike Is Now a Filmmaker

Just two days after agreeing to walk out together in the series finale, Heidi and Mike, who moved in together in the Gold Coast, decided to call it quits. Fans learned of their separation when the two walked in at the final reunion dinner separately. While Mike admitted that he was still in love with her, a visibly emotional Heidi stated that she wasn’t because her heart had been broken. The two hugged it out in the finale, and when asked about a possible reconciliation, had said, “Who knows, maybe one day.” In the grand Reunion Special that happened two years after the former pair split, Mike spoke about his attempt of trying to reconnect with his former reality show wife. He said, “I’ve tried, but she doesn’t message back.”

The electrician from Brisbane, however, also admitted, “I made a lot of mistakes. They were hurtful to her and damaging to our relationship.” After their split, Mike found a romance with Sonja Marcelline from Brisbane. The pair who met through the dating app Bumble, started dating in 2021. He shared loved-up images with her on his social media. However, the pair split sometime in 2022 but have continued to remain friends. It isn’t known if he’s currently dating someone. Mike is also the proud owner of two adorable pups. As of now, he spends most of his time filming weddings and other video projects, updates of which he keeps sharing on his social media.

Meanwhile, Heidi still seems to not have met her special someone and has instead chosen to focus on her life. While there were whispers of her dating Dr. Chris Brown, the ‘I’m A Celebrity Host’ neither of them confirmed nor denied the rumors. However, she did reveal stories about a secret admirer of hers on her show, ‘SeaFM’s BarRat and Heidi’ mentioning, about a gift that was mysteriously delivered to her at work. After three years in November 2021, the petite radio presenter decided to leave ‘91.9 Sea FM’ having announced the news on her social media and talking about moving on to her ‘next adventure.’ Though Heidi has a social media presence she prefers to keep a low profile.

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