Hello Tomorrow Episode 5 Recap: From the Desk of Stanley Jenkins

Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow’ follows the story of Jack Billings, a man who sells condos on the Moon, offering a fresh start to people. No one knows that Jack is a conman, but his lies are starting to come apart at the seams. In the previous episode, the arrival of Lester Costopolous led Brightside to come under official scrutiny. This fuelled doubt in Shirley, who became convinced that Jack was hiding something, but the revelation of a different secret led her down another road. In this episode, titled ‘From the Desk of Stanley Jenkins,’ however, she finds her footing again and figures out exactly what’s happening. What does this mean for Jack? Let’s find out.

Hello Tomorrow Episode 5 Recap

Having made the sale when the company wasn’t supposed to, Joey is brought in for questioning by Lester. Myrtle thinks that this is finally her chance to make Brightside pay for their negligence, and perhaps now, she will get their attention and speak for herself. However, Jack arrives just in time to save the day and gives Lester the required paperwork.

At first, Joey is thankful to Jack for helping him get out of the situation he doesn’t quite understand why he got caught up in. Later, however, Herbie and his wife tell him about the rule that they were not supposed to make a sale and Jack deliberately kept this information from Joey. This leads him to start doubting Jack’s intentions and destroys Jack’s plan to tell him the truth about the real nature of their relationship.

Meanwhile, a family drives across town to get in time for their launch. They were sold a condo on the Moon by Jack Billings and now they have finally arrived at the point when their life will change. But when they reach the said destination, they don’t find anything that tells them that they are to be sent to the Moon. This is the moment they realize they have been duped.

Hello Tomorrow Episode 5 Ending: How Did Shirley Find Out About the Scam?

Jack’s con had always been a delicate thing. He played things out on the timing. He promised to put people on the next launch and send them to the Moon, but by the time the next launch arrived, Jack would be long gone. He moved around from city to city, making just the right number of deals, and silently skipped town before anyone could realize what was happening. This time, however, he decided to stick around for his son, and this misstep in his con has come back to bite him.

Trouble knocked on Brightside’s door when Lester Costopolous showed up asking for the right forms that needed to be filed. This led Shirley on the mission to get the necessary paperwork from HQ, and when she didn’t receive a proper reply, she started to worry that something was amiss. She doubted Jack, especially when she saw that he was not taking this whole thing seriously. She knew he was hiding something, but then when she found out about him and Joey, she thought that she had misjudged him.

In this episode, frustrated by the fact that there was no proper response from the headquarters on the Moon, Shirley decides to take matters into her own hands. She also becomes wary of the whole situation when she starts to notice anomalies in Jack’s story. Previously, he’d told everyone that his family lived on the Moon. Now, it turned out he had been lying about it to make sales. In fact, Shirley discovers that Jack has never even been on the Moon and has never even seen the headquarters of the company they are working off.

All the alarms start blaring for Shirley and she is particularly interested in seeing it through because her own future is on the line for this. Eddie had recently purchased a condo for them on the Moon, and she needed to make sure that they were going to get what they expected. When Jack shows disinterest in getting to the root of the situation, Shirley demands to talk to Stanley Jenkins herself. Her tenacity forces Jack to give her the number, but he knows what’s going to happen. The number is fake, and now, Shirley knows it too.

What she doesn’t know is that Stanley Jenkins is fake as well. She believes that Jenkins is the scammer who got an innocent Jack to sell condos for him. What she doesn’t realize is that Jack made up Jenkins and conned not only the customers but also his employees who have been making promises on his behalf. Shirley is too close to Jack to see the whole truth, but she refuses to leave this thing alone. Jack asks her to leave if she wants to jump ship and save herself. But she is determined to find out what’s really going on. Moreover, she wants to set things right, not just for herself and her colleagues but also for all the people, like Myrtle, who have been unintentionally duped by them.

For now, Shirley thinks that Jenkins is somewhere on Earth and that he had been using a number that he rerouted to make it look like he was calling from the Moon. But the fact that she got to the truth, even if partially, means that it won’t be long before she sees the con in its entirety. She might have a soft spot for Jack now, but it won’t be long before she finds out about Jenkins. And she won’t be the only one to make that discovery.

Lester Costopolous is still on the path to getting justice for Myrtle. He has the paperwork Jack gave him and for someone as precise as Lester, it won’t take long for him to figure out the falsity of the documents handed to him. Then there’s the case of the family who discovered that there was never going to be a launch and they will never be on the Moon. There must be several other families out there who discovered they had been conned. It is only a matter of time before one of them comes forward and demands justice.

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