Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Recap: The Numbers Behind the Numbers

Entering the second half of its season, Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow’ sheds light on the story behind the elaborate con concocted by Jack Billings. We get a glimpse of the past, of the man he used to be before he turned into the con man who has duped people into believing they can start a new life on the Moon and have willingly given away their life’s savings to it. Jack tries to set things right, but too many people discover the truth behind his lies, which puts a huge question mark on his and Brightside’s future. Here’s a look at everything that happens in this episode and what it means for Jack and his team of salesmen. SPOILERS AHEAD

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Recap

A year before the events of the show, Jack Billings used to work at a legitimate company selling all kinds of stuff. He believes he was changing people’s lives, even saving them. Despite his excellent performance, the company decides to pull him out of the field and resign him to a desk job. This means the end of his career for Jack. He is angry that the decision has been made over a computer extrapolating what his performance will look like in the next year.

Jack gave his everything to the job. He even left his family for it, and now that it is being taken away, he decides to end his life for good. He is saved, and with a new lease on life, he also comes up with a new plan. The man who saved his life becomes the first person to buy a condo on the Moon. This man, Hank Mason, appeared at the beginning and end of Episode 5 with his family.

In the present day, revisiting the site that used to be his father’s workplace, Jack comes up with the idea of making the launches a reality. He needs funding for that, and Shirley points out the rich woman he met at the party. Meanwhile, Joey meets Jack’s mother and discovers a terrible secret. Herb, too, finds out some heartbreaking things about his marriage, while Eddie struggles to understand why Shirley doesn’t want to go to the Moon with him.

Hello Tomorrow Episode 6 Ending: How did Joey Figure out Jack’s Con?

For a year, Jack fooled not only the customers into buying condos on the Moon but also his employees, who sold those condos with zeal. Becoming a salesman for Jack changes Joey’s life too. It gives him a direction, something he had been missing since his mother’s accident. He gets so caught up in the job that the visits to his mother are reduced over time. He confesses this to Jack’s mother.

Barbara wanted Jack reunited with his family, especially when she discovered his wife had met with an accident. Because of her, Jack meets Joey and takes him under his wing. When she finds that Jack has been lying to Joey, she urges him to come clean about it. She wants to bond with Joey as her grandson but can’t because Joey knows nothing about her and Jack. In this episode, she reaches out to Joey, expressing her wish to spend quality time with him.

In conversation with Barbara, Joey realizes that some things can be real as long as people don’t find out about them. This is how Barbara wins at bingo. She also asks him to get other people in the home to buy condos on the Moon. He finds it immoral because he knows that most of those people wouldn’t be able to survive the ride to the Moon, but Barbara tells him that this isn’t something that he should be worried about.

Her words come into perspective when Joey sees Buck Manzell. The star of the TV show ‘Space Sheriff’ was supposed to be on the Moon. In the first episode, Joey attends a conference where Jack gives a rousing speech about living on the Moon and mentions Buck as the face of Brightside. The idea of a celebrity living on the Moon reels people in, including Joey. He buys a condo for himself, but Jack convinces him to stay on Earth and become a salesman instead. 

Seeing Buck Manzell on Earth and in a care home shocks Joey.

As he follows the man to his room, he sees his turtle, who is revealed to be Mr. Jenkins. This is when everything falls into place for Joey. He realizes that Jack has been running a scam. Everything, including Stan Jenkins, is a con, and he has made all of them a part of it. Unlike Shirley, who still thinks that Jenkins is real, Joey knows the complete truth. He would have discovered another truth (when Babara almost tells him that he is Jack’s son), but he is spared of that revelation as of now.

While it is likely that Joey won’t rat Jack out to the cops, even though he expresses his anger and disappointment vehemently, another problem is waiting for Jack. Myrtle and Lester continue with their investigation. From the papers that Lester was supposed to have shredded, they discover the location of the place where the launch was supposed to take place. Lester finds that the site, including the Brightside Corporation, is registered under John Billings, Jack’s father.

When Myrtle sees the place, she immediately realizes what has been happening all this while. Until now, she wanted Brightside to put her on the rocket and send her to the Moon. She tried different ways to get their attention. Even when Lester advised her to get a refund, she was furious because she wanted to get what she’d paid for. Seeing what was supposed to be the launch site, she knew the whole thing had been a lie.

They kept delaying the launch because there never was any launch. They would have kept delaying it, and she would have never gotten her money back. She can’t go to the Moon anymore, but now, she can hold Jack and Brightside responsible for their actions. She can take her case to the law and get justice, maybe even her money back. Finally, Myrtle has something that no one can ignore. Brightside will have to pay attention now.

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