Hello Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap: Another Day, Another Apocalypse

Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ started with Jack Billings orchestrating an elaborate con. He’d been getting away with it for a while until he was reunited with his son after twenty-odd years. Slowly, the layers of his already shaky plan were peeled away, and in this episode, everything comes crashing down on him. With almost everyone figuring out his con, Jack faces a tough time just when he’d devised another plan to make the con a reality. By the end of the episode, everything is in chaos, and Jack risks losing the only friend he has left. Here’s what the ending means for him and Brightside. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hello Tomorrow! Episode 7 Recap

Following the argument with Joey, Jack meets with Elle, hoping to convince her to invest in his plan. As usual, he keeps a few details from her but succeeds in charming her into parting with a chunk of money, which could quickly solve Jack’s problems. Meanwhile, at the nursing home, Buck Mansell, who believes he is the space sheriff from the TV show he did when he was well, breaks out of the facility and goes on a robot killing spree.

The same night, Myrtle breaks into Shirley’s office and gets the record of all the people who bought a condo on the Moon from Brightside. She intends to let all of them in on the truth, stirring up more trouble for Jack’s business. Lester isn’t sure about going down this path, but he sticks with Myrtle and helps her make the calls. As a result, almost every customer is outside the office the next day, but Jack is nowhere to be seen.

Herb is left to deal with the customers all by himself, while Ed, broken up over Shirley giving away the condo he bought for her on the Moon, drowns himself in alcohol. The news about Buck Mansell comes out, jeopardizing Jack’s plans and keeping him away from the office when he is needed there the most.

Hello Tomorrow! Episode 7 Ending

After lying to people all these years, Jack Billings finally has the opportunity to turn it all into a reality. The previous episode revealed that Jack’s father had been working on a rocket launch. In this episode, a conversation between Jack and his mother reveals that his father actually did buy land on the Moon. This means Jack already has the resources to turn his lies into truth. All he needs is someone to invest in his vision, and then he can send all his customers to the Moon.

On Myrtle’s advice, Jack tries to rope in Elle and almost succeeds until Buck Mansell runs away and starts killing robots. Mansell was famous because of his role in the TV show ‘Space Sheriff’. Everyone knew who he was, but no one knew what happened to him after he retired. Jack knew Mansell was in the room next door to his mother in the nursing home. He decided to ensure that Mansell would stay there, safe and sound, while he could use him as the celebrity customer living in the Brightside facility.

The narrative Jack constructed around Mansell was one of the reasons why people were drawn to buy condos from him. The actor became the face of his company, making his escape a colossal problem for Jack. Joey realizes everything about Jack’s con when he sees Mansell at the nursing home. The same happens when Mansell makes the news and Elle watches it. She had been persuaded to give Jack her money, but when she finds out about Mansell, she smells something off about the whole thing and calls off the deal.

While Mansell himself is not shown in the news, the boy who saw him killing a robot reveals that he saw the Space Sheriff. To Jack’s good fortune, no one actually believes that Mansell is going around smashing robots. They think that it’s someone who looks a lot like him, and the boy got confused. All the cops have is a sketch, so Jack still has time to turn things around. He and Myrtle drive around, trying to catch Mansell before anyone else, especially anyone from the media, sees him.

The customers gather at the office, wanting a word with Jack. While some are outraged at the possibility of being duped, others still believe that this is just a misunderstanding and that Jack can clear it all up. However, as the hours pass by and Jack doesn’t show up, they become more furious by the minute. Herb, who has no idea about the con, doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Despite trying to calm down the crowd, he worsens the situation.

When things seem to be getting out of hand, Betty steps in to save her husband. She tries to wake up Ed, worrying that the angry customers will kill her husband. He doesn’t wake up, but she sees the bag full of money next to his bed. Desperate to control the situation, she takes the money to give to the customers demanding a full refund. However, she doesn’t anticipate how eager people are to regain their life savings. As soon as they see the bag, they start fighting over it, leaving no room for proper procedure.

Unaware of everything going on in his absence, Jack focuses on finding Mansell. While waiting for the actor to show up, he and Myrtle have a heart-to-heart where Jack insinuates that he is not as gullible as Myrtle thinks. She thought Stan Jenkins duped him into selling condos on the Moon. But it is only after he indicates otherwise that she realizes there’s more to the story. Her trust in Jack was the only thing keeping her around to help him. However, the truth about him and how he kept in the dark all this while might push her away, leaving Jack to pick up the pieces of his sham of a business.

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