Hello Tomorrow Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ takes a leap of six weeks in its ninth episode. At the end of the previous episode, everything fell into place against all odds when Jack’s customers and investors were convinced of the promises he’d made to them. Now, things have turned around for Brightside, with people eager to go to the Moon. As the cash flows in, trouble starts to show its face too, and once again, we find Jack on the precipice of losing everything he’s worked for. Several elements work against him, and they all want him to fail. Here’s what the ending means for him. SPOILERS AHEAD

Hello Tomorrow Episode 9 Recap

When Jack Billings brought the Space Sheriff back to Earth on a Brightside rocket, his customers’ doubts were washed away. Elle, too, decided to give his business a chance, and six weeks later, we find Jack back at the top of his game. He is selling not only the condos but also the experience the customers will get during their journey to the Moon. He is excited because his dreams are coming true but is brought back to square one when Elle moves the launch date forward.

Herb and Betty are in charge of the office, handling the list of customers and deciding who should go to the Moon first. Myrtle is ecstatic to find her name on the list. However, when she tells Lester about it, he reveals that there are still a lot of violations that he can charge Brightside with, halting the launch. At the hospital, Barbara visits Joey’s comatose mother and talks with him about forgiving Jack. However, her words only inflame him, and he decides to expose Jack to the law.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Eddie run their own con playing cards. They cannot keep it up for too long, and Eddie loses his hands. When Shirley tells him the truth about Brightside, he sees it as an opportunity to blackmail Jack and get the money they need to clear themselves of the mess and then some. Betty and Herb also plan to put their demands in front of Jack in exchange for all the work they have been doing since every other employee left.

Hello Tomorrow Episode 9 Ending: Will Joey Send Jack to Prison?

Joey resented his father for leaving him and his mother all those years ago and never looking back. Jack knew this. So, when he got the opportunity to reconnect with his son, he decided to build his reputation on lies. Instead of revealing himself as his father, he became a father figure for Joey, and for a while, things were good. When Joey discovered that Jack was conning everyone, it started to go downhill. And then, Shirley revealed that Jack was also his father. Now, Joey had another reason to detest Jack.

With his mother in the hospital, a jobless Joey is forced to put his house on sale. He blames all of his misfortune on Jack, and any attempt to fix things between them receives hostility from Joey. When Barbara talks to him, he says how sick he is of staying quiet while Jack does whatever he wants, making mistakes that could ruin people’s lives. Barbara suspects that Joey will do something drastic, and she is proven right when we find Joey going to Lester and telling him everything about Brightside.

By this point, Lester is obsessed with bringing down the company and is ready to get whatever dirt he can on them. He’d started this journey with Myrtle and for her. To get justice for her as a customer, Lester looked into Brightside and its shady practices in depth. However, with the arrival of the Brightside rocket, everything changed. Suddenly, she forgot every doubt and concern about the company and its lies. Now, all she wanted was a spot on the launch, and when she gets it, Lester knows he has to do something.

Joey knew Lester from the intense interrogation that almost unraveled Jack’s con. So, he approaches Lester, knowing that the latter will take his job seriously. Joey tells him about the fake deals and no condos on the Moon. This is very concerning to Lester because this means that Brightside is risking its customers’ lives, including Myrtle, for nothing. However, simple hearsay cannot build a case. They need concrete evidence to prove that Brightside is conning its customers, which is where Joey comes in. He accepts Jack’s olive branch and meets him at the baseball game, where Jack offers his opening pitch to Joey.

Unbeknownst to Joey, Jack had already been warned by Barbara, who correctly suspected that her grandson was going to make a move. On top of this, Joey is still new to the game, while Jack has been conning people for a while now. It only takes a minute or so for Jack to discover that Joey was trying to get him to confess on tape. This breaks his heart because it means that his son hates him so much that he is ready to send Jack to prison. He admits that there is nothing on the Moon yet, but he also assures Joey that they will build condos there.

Jack gives Joey permission to use the taped confession and show it to the cops, stopping the launch and bringing Brightside to its knees. However, he also appeals to Joey to give him a chance to prove that he is doing everything to make it right. They have a heart-to-heart where Jack reveals that he left his wife and Joey all those years ago because he was afraid he wouldn’t turn out to be a good father.

When Jack asks Joey to come with him to throw the pitch, he refuses to go with him. This proves that Joey still holds on to his resentment and doesn’t believe his father’s words. Jack tried to convince him that he would deliver on his promise to the customers that, with the money from investors, he would build those condos. However, Joey is all too familiar with Jack’s manipulation tactics now. With the evidence in his hands, it doesn’t look like Joey will back out. He will take it to Lester, which means trouble is on the horizon for Jack and Brightside.

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