Hell’s Kitchen Season 5: Where Are The Chefs Now?

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 5, hosted by the fiery Gordon Ramsay, brought together a diverse group of contestants, each vying for the coveted head chef position at a prestigious restaurant. The challenges were as daunting as ever, with contestants facing grueling dinner services, creative cook-offs, and Ramsay’s notorious wrath. The drama and tension in the kitchen reached new heights, making it a captivating season for fans. The season ended with a nail-biting finale where the top two contestants faced off in a high-stakes dinner service. The pressure was palpable as Ramsay scrutinized every detail, ultimately choosing the chef with the skills, leadership, and composure necessary to run a successful kitchen.

The show undoubtedly left an indelible mark on their careers, offering a platform for exposure and growth. In retrospect, season 5 remains a compelling chapter in the series’ history, blending culinary excellence with the drama that has become synonymous with Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. The journey of its contestants serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the show, proving that the heat of the show can forge successful chefs ready to conquer the demanding world of haute cuisine. Let us know more about them.

Daniel “Danny” Veltri Has Ventured Into Entrepreneurship

After emerging victorious in season 5, Daniel “Danny” Veltri had ambitious plans for his culinary career. In a 2009 interview with the Miami New Times, he expressed his desire to create his website, pursue a television show, and bask in the world of show business. Despite being promised the position of head chef at a newly opened restaurant, Fornelletto, upon arrival, he found himself relegated to the role of sous chef. This disappointment led to Danny’s brief stint at Fornelletto before he returned to his home.

Back in Florida, Danny ventured into entrepreneurship, founding his own business named Back From Hell Catering. However, the venture was short-lived, and he eventually found himself serving as the executive chef at Flip Flops Grill & Chill in Fort Lauderdale. His journey continued as he played a pivotal role in the opening of Gnarly Surf Bar & Grill, an upscale beachfront restaurant, where he assumed the role of general manager. Subsequently, Danny seized the opportunity to become the executive chef at Vince Carter’s Restaurant in Daytona Beach.

Unfortunately, in 2012, his personal life faced a setback when he was arrested for driving under the influence, as reported by TMZ. Despite the challenges, he became a father to a daughter. Additionally, he reclaimed his position as executive chef at Sinatra’s, marking another chapter in his culinary journey. Currently residing in Fernandina Beach, Florida, Danny’s culinary career saw a positive turn as he accepted the role of head chef at Salt Life Food Shack. Notably, he made a return to the show, appearing as a guest on the show’s 100th episode in 2017. Through the ups and downs, Danny continues to make his mark in the culinary world, showcasing his skills and passion for the art of cooking.

Paula DaSilva is Now a Celebrity Chef

Following her impressive run as the runner-up, Paula DaSilva quickly garnered recognition, being named Best Celebrity Chef in the Broward Palm Beach New Times’ 2009 Best Of issue. Her culinary journey continued to ascend, and by 2022, she assumed the role of director of Culinary and Beverage at the Burlock Coast Seafare & Spirits within the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale, where she had previously held the position of executive chef since the fall of 2017. Before her time at the Ritz-Carlton, Paula had made significant contributions to the culinary scene.

Notably, she worked at 1500 Degrees South Beach, located at the esteemed Eden Roc Hotel, which earned the title of Esquire Magazine’s Best New Restaurant in town during her tenure. Her responsibilities included overseeing the kitchen for the three-meal-a-day outlet, in-room dining, bar, and lounge. Collaborating with Sous Chef Andi at Ocean Reef showcased her collaborative spirit. Currently, Paula is the Chef at Paula DaSilva Culinary, where she shares her culinary expertise and passion.

She had a brief stint as the executive chef at Artisan Beach House and worked at 3030 Ocean for two years. Her culinary prowess extended beyond her restaurants, participating in events such as the Lauderdale Food and Wine Festival and collaborations with renowned chefs through Paula’s Food Diaries. Paula DaSilva’s influence in the culinary world goes beyond her cooking skills. She has been featured in Chef Works, graced the cover of Fort Lauderdale Illustrated, and collaborated with various eateries, including Ocean 234. Her media presence includes appearances on Fox News and Taste of Tennis.

According to Chefs Roll, she partnered up with a food recovery company and is in the process of finalizing details to have leftover foods picked up regularly and sent to a local food bank in need, such as the Salvation Army or another facility. In her personal life, Paula found love with her wife, Carissa DaSilva, and is a proud parent. Notably, she has been actively involved in philanthropy, partnering with a food recovery company to donate leftover foods to local food banks. Her commitment to giving back extends to her role on the chef council for the annual Taste of the Nation fundraiser for Feeding South Florida, as well as being the Culinary Chair for Junior Achievement’s Uncorked event.

Recognition for her culinary excellence came in the form of winning the top prize at Cochon 555 in 2017, leading her to represent South Florida at the national Grand Cochon competition. Additionally, she received a semifinalist nomination in 2012 for Best Chef: South from the prestigious James Beard Foundation. Her dedication to service was further acknowledged with a nomination for the J. Willard Marriott Award of Excellence in 2019, the highest honor within the Marriott International company.

Andrea Heinly Graduated in 2021 with a Master of Professional Studies

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Andrea Heinly has since embarked on a diverse and accomplished culinary journey. Since 2017, she has been serving as a Private Chef at a private residence, showcasing her culinary skills in a more personalized setting. In 2012, Andrea achieved a significant milestone by stepping into the role of executive chef at The Peanut Bar Restaurant, a place with sentimental value as her grandmother, Jean Dengler, worked there. This marked her first executive chef position, and it laid the foundation for her subsequent ventures in the culinary world.

Her career path led her to the prestigious Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in 2015, where she assumed the role of Sous Chef. Before that, Andrea gained valuable experience at renowned establishments such as Daniel Boulud Brasserie in Las Vegas. Notably, she also held the position of Chef de Cuisine at Stokesay Castle, showcasing her versatility and expertise in various culinary settings. In pursuit of continuous learning, Andrea Heinly graduated in 2021 with a Master of Professional Studies in Food Business from the Culinary Institute of America. This educational achievement reflects her commitment to staying at the forefront of the culinary industry, combining both culinary and business expertise.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Andrea has a rich array of interests, as indicated on her website. She takes a keen interest in outdoor gardening, fermenting, and preserving, highlighting her connection to the roots of culinary arts. Her love for international travel, swimming, photography, museums, writing, and coding further showcases her multifaceted personality.

One notable aspect of Andrea’s life is her decision to keep her personal life away from the eyes of social media, emphasizing a focus on her professional journey and culinary passions. As a private chef, she continues to bring her culinary expertise to a more intimate setting, providing a unique and personalized dining experience. Andrea’s culinary career is a testament to her dedication, continuous learning, and passion for the diverse aspects of the culinary arts.

Benjamin “Ben” Walanka Took on the Role of Interim Executive Chef

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Benjamin “Ben” Walanka showcased his culinary talents in both season 9 and season 17 of the show. Beyond his appearances, Ben ventured into the realm of celebrity chefs, earning recognition as a host on the TV show ‘The Big Ten Cookout’ in September 2009. Teaming up with fellow contestant Paula DaSilva, Ben went on to open a restaurant called 1500 Degrees, where he served as the executive sous chef. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in his culinary career.

Following his second stint on the show, Ben returned to his role as chef de cuisine at Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, working under the umbrella of Pinnacle Entertainment. He also took on the position of chef de cuisine at Boyd Gaming. Notably, he assumed the role of the new executive chef at Rosebud Steakhouse, a place where he had previously worked. Additionally, in 2011, he worked as a Lead Operations Consultant at Caterconsult, bringing his culinary insights to a consulting capacity.

Ben’s influence expanded beyond the kitchen as he became a recognizable figure in the media landscape. He made appearances on local television channels, news publications, magazines, and radio shows, showcasing his expertise and experiences in the culinary world. In 2023, Ben took on the role of Interim Executive Chef at Sunset Ridge Country Club for a brief period. His versatility and leadership were further demonstrated in his previous role as the Executive Sous Chef at Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana.

Robert Hesse Has Overcome Many Obstacles 

Robert Hesse underwent a remarkable transformation, shedding an astounding 450 pounds. This awe-inspiring achievement came on the heels of three heart attacks, signaling a turning point in his life. Undeterred by his health challenges, Robert embraced a new chapter in his culinary career, taking on the role of assistant executive chef at The Brews Brothers restaurant. His resilience and passion for food became evident as he navigated through various restaurants within the group, showcasing his culinary prowess.

Not content with conventional paths, Robert ventured into the world of food trucks, launching the innovative Fo Cheezy Twisty Meltz. This mobile culinary venture brought a twist to traditional favorites, capturing the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts. Bolstered by the success of his food truck, Robert had ambitious plans on the horizon, intending to open The Urban Melt in early 2020. Robert’s culinary journey continued to captivate audiences as he made appearances on the Food Network and returned to the limelight in season 6.

As the youngest corporate executive chef for Eldorado Casino in Reno, Nevada, he left an indelible mark on the culinary scene. His talents then took him to the prestigious Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, where he served as an exclusive chef, catering to the discerning tastes of the elite. Returning to his roots in Tampa, Robert worked at 717 South, contributing his skills and creativity to the local culinary landscape. His story is a testament to resilience, overcoming a challenging childhood filled with drugs, abuse, and incarceration.

Co-owning Fo Cheezy Twisty Meltz with Craig Monroe, who gave him his first break in the restaurant business as a dishwasher in New York City, Robert not only built a successful career but also gave back to the community through his No Kid 86 foundation. His philanthropic efforts were particularly evident at the Richard L. Sanders School, where he made substantial donations, emphasizing the impact of his success beyond the culinary realm. Expanding his culinary empire, Robert now owns restaurants in St. Pete and St. Pete Beach, becoming a respected figure in the local dining scene. His personal life also flourished as he welcomed a child with Laura Lexa, marking another chapter in his journey of triumph over adversity.

Giovanni Filippone Now Has a New Restaraunt Under His Name

Giovanni Filippone, the charismatic French-born Italian culinary maestro, made a triumphant return to the limelight in the captivating season 17 of the culinary extravaganza. Following his initial stint on the show, Giovanni gracefully glided back into the heart of the culinary scene, returning to his roots at the Tuscany Italian Bistro. But that was just the beginning of his culinary odyssey.

With culinary prowess coursing through his veins, Giovanni’s rise in the culinary realm was nothing short of a gastronomic masterpiece. The executive chef crown adorned his head at prestigious establishments such as Marina Café, Beachwalk Cafe, Destin Chops, and Vue on 30A. Each kitchen became his canvas, and every dish a work of art. In 2019, Giovanni reached a culinary crescendo by stepping into the role of executive chef and managing partner at the acclaimed Mama Clemenza’s European Breakfast—a culinary haven that delighted taste buds and stirred the senses.

But the maestro’s culinary symphony didn’t end there. The crescendo continued with the grand opening of his latest masterpiece, the gastronomic haven known as Fish On—a beacon of culinary excellence in Destin. The restaurant quickly became the talk of the town, leaving an indelible mark on the coastal city’s culinary landscape. In the symphony of life, Giovanni found his perfect duet in the enchanting Jennifer, and together, they composed a beautiful family. Their love story blossomed into a vibrant melody, echoing through the walls of their home, which soon echoed with the laughter of not one, but two adorable daughters.

Carol Scott is a Nurse Today


Since her time on the show, Carol seamlessly transitioned into the role of executive chef, weaving her culinary magic at Bravo Italian Cucina and Roy’s Restaurant. Her culinary wizardry didn’t stop there; she ventured into the world of personal chef services, founding the delectable Sweet Productions Personal Chef Service. This venture not only showcased her culinary finesse but also laid the foundation for a remarkable culinary empire. In May 2016, Carol unveiled her gastronomic masterpiece, the Blue Slip Bistro, where every dish was a symphony of flavors that left patrons singing its praises.

City View Magazine took notice, casting a spotlight on her culinary ingenuity, and the accolades poured in. Amidst the sizzle of pans and the clinking of glasses, Carol earned the prestigious title of Best Of Taste among 25 food preparers during the Eighth Farragut Food & Wine extravaganza in 2017, a testament to her culinary prowess. However, the culinary world saw a twist in 2020 as reports surfaced about the closure of Blue Slip Bistro, marking the end of a culinary era.

Undeterred, Carol retired her chef coat in 2018, embracing a new chapter of life—one that involved not just culinary delights but the sweet joys of family. In 2018, Carol walked down the aisle, exchanging vows with her love, Christopher Stiles. Their union blossomed into a beautiful family, with two daughters bringing laughter and love. The culinary maven added another title to her repertoire in 2019—grandma, a role she embraced with the same warmth and dedication that flavored her dishes. However, life’s unpredictable journey took a turn in 2019 when Christopher fell ill.

In the face of adversity, he exhibited resilience by embarking on a new path, pursuing a nursing degree at Tennessee Wesleyan College of Nursing. This inspiring journey highlighted not only their commitment to each other but also their unwavering strength in the face of challenges. In 2021, Carol once again donned a new hat, trading her chef’s toque for a nurse’s cap. She embarked on a career at Parkwest Medical Center, transitioning from creating culinary masterpieces to caring for the well-being of others.

Alicia “LA” Limtiaco is Now an Executive Chef at Terrible Herbst


Initially, Alicia lent her culinary expertise to both the Monte Carlo and Planet Hollywood resorts, setting the stage for a remarkable career ascent. However, the spotlight truly found her at the MGM Grand Hotel Resort, where she assumed the role of assistant chef. In the grand tapestry of her culinary endeavors, this chapter represented a crescendo, showcasing her skill and finesse in the heart of one of Las Vegas’s iconic establishments. A new chapter unfolded as Alicia assumed the prestigious position of Executive Room Chef at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, adding a touch of sophistication to the Las Vegas strip.

Yet, her culinary journey took an unexpected turn, veering away from the neon lights and bustling casinos to a more understated yet equally iconic destination. Since 2021, Alicia has been stirring up culinary magic at the World Famous Rosie’s Den. The latest chapter in Alicia’s culinary saga sees her donning the prestigious title of executive chef at Terrible Herbst, a role that undoubtedly reflects her culinary acumen and leadership skills. Her culinary creations now extend beyond the realm of restaurants, leaving an indelible mark on a brand synonymous with quality.

Beyond the kitchen hustle, Alicia’s personal life paints a picture of warmth and companionship. According to her Facebook account, she is in a domestic partnership, weaving threads of personal happiness into the rich fabric of her professional success.

Lacey D’Angelo Has Ventured into the Corporate Landscape Today

Lacey D’Angelo’s creativity after the show adorned a new crown as a Jamberry Nails representative, showcasing not only her culinary skills but also her flair for personal aesthetics. As the pages of her story turned, Lacey’s journey took an unexpected yet fascinating twist. Venturing into the corporate landscape, she assumed the role of administrative director and corporate secretary at X Vent Box with Red Viking Group Distributor, LLC. Here, she navigates the intricacies of managing ventilation systems, a far cry from the sizzling pans and sweet aromas of the kitchen.

Her professional trajectory saw her earlier stint with SL-Laser Systems LLC until 2018, showcasing a technical acumen that extends beyond the culinary arts. Subsequently, she joined CSM Bakery Solutions as a Technical Sales Service Representative, where her expertise became the secret ingredient in serving clients and customers alike. In the symphony of life, Lacey experienced a personal milestone as well. In the union of hearts, she exchanged vows, and her last name gracefully transitioned to Wyatt, marking a new chapter.

Jason “J” Maxwell is Now a Beacon of Support For Autism Patients 


Post-show, Jason ascended to the position of Executive Chef at Glen Eddy, where he orchestrated gastronomic symphonies that delighted discerning palates. His culinary prowess caught the attention of Morrison Community Living, where he embarked on a remarkable trajectory, donning various hats, including Manager, Executive Chef, and ultimately, Regional Director of Operations. However, Jason’s heart extended beyond the culinary realm. In a testament to his altruistic spirit, he founded the charity Hope of Hire, a beacon of support for those with autism seeking employment opportunities.

Currently, Jason wears the hat of Food and Beverage Director at The Cypress of Charlotte, where he orchestrates a culinary experience that goes beyond the mere satisfaction of appetites. Beyond the professional kitchen, Jason extends his reach into the digital realm with a YouTube channel. Here, he shares his culinary skills, inviting viewers into a world where flavors come alive, and techniques are demystified.

Coi Burruss Has Ventured into the Digital Realm

Coi Burruss, post-reality TV fame, along with her sister Simone, ventured into the culinary business landscape, owning and operating the thriving Leila Ts Catering. The culinary world couldn’t contain Coi’s ambition, and she soon ascended to the position of Executive Chef at Mediterranean Chef, where her gastronomic wizardry left an indelible mark. Beyond the confines of traditional kitchens, Coi demonstrated her flair for design by launching her line of chef garbs tailored exclusively for women. This foray into fashion showcased not only her culinary skills but also her keen sense of style. However, Coi’s journey extends beyond the professional kitchen and the runway.

In the digital realm, she harnessed the power of YouTube, creating a channel that not only showcases her culinary expertise but also indulges viewers in the soothing world of ASMR. A symphony of sizzling pans, gentle whispers, and the artful creation of dishes, Coi’s channel provides a sensory experience that transcends the screen, inviting a global audience into her culinary sanctuary. Amidst the hustle and bustle of her professional endeavors, Coi maintains a private life, keeping the details veiled in a tasteful mystery. This blend of public culinary artistry and private serenity adds a layer of intrigue to the life of the chef, who not only feeds the appetites of the masses but also cultivates an aura of enigmatic charm.

Colleen Cleek Runs Her Cookery School Today

Colleen Cleek transitioned from the intense reality show kitchen to the comforting domain of her cookery school, The Classy Gourmet. With an enchanting presence, she extended her culinary charisma to the digital realm, captivating audiences with her own YouTube channel. Having clinched victories at the VNA Art & Soup Competition and the Taste the Nation Chef Competition, her achievements reflect not only her culinary mastery but also her ability to connect with diverse audiences.

But Colleen’s influence didn’t stop there. Her culinary prowess shone brightly on local interest shows and national platforms alike. The former Food Editor of Her Magazine and columnist for One Magazine, Cleek’s recipes and articles graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Cooking Light and Saveur. Her voice became a daily culinary companion for listeners on 1110 KFAB with the segment “What’s in Season,” providing insights into the ever-evolving world of gastronomy.

Currently donning the prestigious title of Signature Chef for Cooking Village her impact goes beyond the kitchen, evident in her role as a Board Member of Children’s Square, displaying a commitment to community and education. Alongside her loving husband, surrounded by family and friends, Colleen Cleek’s journey paints a picture of a chef whose passion for food, education, and community has created a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen.

Seth Levine is Now a Renowned Chef and Restaurant Owner

Seth Levine showcased his prowess not just in the kitchen but as a visionary entrepreneur. In the wake of the intense reality competition, he opened a slew of restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, and snack havens. The turning point came in 2009 when Seth unveiled his culinary masterpiece, Georgica in East Hampton. Here, he wore the dual hats of owner and executive chef, curating a dining experience that would tantalize taste buds and captivate connoisseurs.

The same year witnessed his culinary prowess extending its reach to the heart of Manhattan, as he assumed the role of executive chef at the esteemed Wine and Roses on the Upper West Side, solidifying his presence in the epicenter of gastronomic delights. Seth’s culinary influence, however, wasn’t confined to the confines of the kitchen. A maestro of flavors and a wordsmith of taste, he contributed to Food Magazine and lent his expertise as a consultant to published cookbooks, becoming a revered authority in the culinary literary realm.

In his current role as the owner at Hotel Chantelle, The Penthouse Profundo Day Club, and Ravel Hotel, Seth has transformed spaces into epicurean havens, where every dish tells a story and every bite is an experience. Alongside his professional triumphs, Seth has embraced personal joy, having tied the knot and welcomed two beautiful daughters into his life. The enchantment of his wedding was immortalized in the pages of Inside Weddings magazine, a testament to the magic both in and out of the kitchen.

Beyond the gastronomic realm, Seth’s multifaceted persona has been highlighted in the New York Times, and his culinary enclave, Hotel Chantelle, garnered accolades by being elected for the Open Table Choice Awards. His dynamic presence has extended to the airwaves, where he engaged in lively conversations on the Backyard Breaks podcast, giving listeners a taste of the passion that fuels his culinary journey.

Charlie McKay Now Leads a Private Life 

Charlie McKay, the mysterious culinary maestro from Las Vegas, Nevada, graced the stage as a Prep Chef with a promising start. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he faced early elimination. After the show, the enigma surrounding Charlie’s life deepened. Shrouded in secrecy, there isn’t much revealed about his endeavors after the show. What is known is that Charlie returned to his culinary roots, heading back to the kitchen where the clatter of pans and sizzle of ingredients form the backdrop to his quiet and private life.

This Prep Chef, who once faced the intense scrutiny of Gordon Ramsay’s culinary boot camp, has chosen a path away from the spotlight, preferring the tranquil embrace of a life within the culinary realm. With his love for the culinary craft undiminished, Charlie thrives in the sanctuary of the kitchen, orchestrating dishes with the same passion that marked his journey through Hell’s Kitchen. His story remains a tantalizing enigma, a testament to the allure of a life where the clinks of cutlery and the hum of a well-organized kitchen become a soothing symphony in the pursuit of gastronomic perfection.

Ji-Hyun Cha is a Retired Chef Today

Image Credit: Ji-Hyun Cha/Twitter

Ji-Hyun Cha’s journey was cut short due to an unfortunate injury. Despite her early departure from the competition, Ji’s story didn’t end there; it merely took a different, and perhaps more compelling, turn. Ji transitioned from the adrenaline-fueled chaos of the kitchen to a more strategic role. Her culinary skills found a new home at Moon Jar in Fort Lee before evolving into a management position at US Foods, showcasing her adaptability and expertise in the culinary business. Gordon Ramsay recognized Ji’s potential during the show. He was not only impressed but genuinely blown away by the sea bass she presented. However, Ji’s passion for the culinary arts didn’t stop there.

Armed with her culinary acumen and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Chef Ji LLC, a consultancy business that offers a unique blend of culinary expertise and strategic culinary insights. Her skills found a platform through cookery demonstrations for renowned companies, including Panasonic, where she showcased her culinary prowess. Ji-Hyun Cha, now a retired chef, reflects on the story of rising above challenges, transforming setbacks into stepping stones, and leaving an indelible mark on the culinary world.

Wil Kocol is Now Sarah Kaye Phoenix

Wil Kocol underwent a transformative journey post-show, seamlessly blending her culinary prowess with personal evolution. She first assumed the role of Sous Chef at Redstone American Grill, showcasing her culinary acumen in a leadership capacity. In 2013, Sarah ventured further into the culinary landscape, stepping into the position of Kitchen Manager at Yard House. Her culinary journey, however, intertwined with significant personal milestones. The year 2013 marked not only her professional growth but also a chapter of personal bliss as she exchanged vows in marriage.

Yet, life’s journey is often filled with twists and turns. In March 2022, Sarah experienced a personal transition, parting ways with her marriage. However, her story doesn’t end there. In 2020, she embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, choosing to socially transition and adopt the name Sarah Kaye Phoenix, reflecting her newfound identity.

Not content with just embracing her authentic self, Sarah Kaye Phoenix took a bold step in 2022 by commencing hormone replacement therapy, marking another chapter in her evolution. Beyond the realms of the kitchen, she has found a new stage to showcase her personality and creativity, becoming a TikTok sensation. Her TikTok endeavors not only showcase her culinary skills but also serve as a platform for self-expression, resonating with a diverse audience.

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