Hell’s Kitchen Season 7: Where Are The Chefs Now?

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 7, a culinary battleground led by the formidable Chef Gordon Ramsay, aired in 2010, delivering a rollercoaster of emotions and intense kitchen drama. The season featured a diverse group of aspiring chefs who faced grueling challenges, culinary tests, and Ramsay’s infamous wrath. The competition reached its climax with the showdown between finalists Holli Ugalde and Jay Santos. In a nail-biting finale, Holli emerged victorious, earning the coveted position as head chef at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Fast forward to the present, it’s intriguing to wonder where these once-aspiring chefs are today. Did Holli flourish in her role at the Savoy, or did her culinary journey take a different path? How about Jay, the runner-up? Have these contestants continued to carve their mark in the culinary world, or did they pursue alternative avenues? The different trajectories of these chefs, shaped by the intense experiences of season 7, are a testament to the unpredictable nature of the culinary industry. Let’s delve into the present to uncover what the contestants are doing now.

Holli Ugalde is Now a Certified Professional in Design and Drafting 

Holli Ugalde, the victorious contestant of season 7, encountered a post-show journey marked by claims of betrayal. Despite her win, Holli expressed discontent in an interview with UK Mail, claiming that Gordon Ramsay reneged on the promised position in London. She contested the cited visa issues and purportedly accepted an undisclosed cash prize. Holli briefly resumed her culinary career at B’ocean in Florida after her time on the show. Subsequently, she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Chef Holli Enterprises Inc. and delving into cooking products.

Holli’s journey unfolded with diverse roles, including serving as a spokesperson for Le Cordon Bleu, hosting ‘Celeb Wine Review TV,’ and conducting food-related interviews. From 2015 to 2017, she initiated the lifestyle program SENS Wellness. Her path took a unique turn in 2017 as she embraced the role of Heirloom and Organic Farmer at Green Acres Culinary Farm. Transitioning to design and project management, she held at Beaumont Electric until 2021. Simultaneously, she ventured into Eco-Luxe Design at Colheita Lighting. By 2020, Holli assumed the role of President at Intelligent Lighting Systems Inc., showcasing her versatility in both culinary and managerial realms.

In 2021, she became an Autodesk Certified Professional in Auto CAD for Design and Drafting. She also introduced her line of cookware, although the associated website is currently non-functional. Her connection with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ persisted as she made a return for the 100th dinner service of the show’s subsequent season. In her personal life, she tied the knot with James Love and adopted the name Holli Love. The couple has expanded their family with the joyous addition of children, marking a multifaceted journey for the talented chef and entrepreneur.

Jason “Jay” Santos Recently Published A Cookbook

Jason “Jay” Santos resumed his role at Gargoyles and made appearances on various morning television shows, since his time on the show. Having previously worked for Andy Husbands at Tremont 647 in his early career, Jay expanded his influence by teaching culinary classes at Boston University and Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. The culinary maestro diversified his portfolio by establishing multiple restaurants, namely Abby Lane, Buttermilk & Bourbon, Citrus & Salt, and the now-closed Blue Inc and B&B Fish.

Jay showcased his expertise on Paramount Network’s ‘Bar Rescue’ during various seasons. His enduring connection with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ led him to return for seasons 19 and 20. He authored the book Simple Fancy in 2019, followed by Butter & Bourbon: New Orleans Recipes with a Modern Flair in 2022. He demonstrated his culinary prowess to a sold-out audience at the James Beard House and received an invitation to the Star Chefs Molecular Gastronomy Conference. Notably, Jay married Thuy, and in August 2022, the couple welcomed their daughter, Teagen.

Adding another feather to his cap, Jay now owns the restaurant Nash Bar & Stage. He actively contributes to charitable causes, serving as both a board member and participating chef for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry. His culinary achievements include securing second place in the country at the National Pork Board’s Annual National Taste of Elegance. Further expanding his restaurant empire, Jay opened his fifth restaurant, Butterbird. Additionally, he became associated with Rabbit Hole Distillery and collaborated on beer-making for Blue Voodoo.

Benjamin Knack is Happily Married to a Pastry Chef Today

Image Credit: Benjamin Knack/ Facebook

Benjamin Knack, a semi-finalist in season 7, returned for season 17 and clinched the runner-up position. After which Benjamin redirected his focus to teaching cookery. In 2014, he ascended to the role of executive chef at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio & Mokara Hotel and Spa. His culinary journey continued with Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club in 2017.

During a free-agency period, Benjamin explored kitchens in various locations, including Virginia, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, and Colorado. Benjamin took on a new professional role as a Client Advisor and Associate at BMW of San Antonio. In his personal life, he is happily married to pastry chef Rosanna, and the couple has expanded their family with the addition of two daughters.

Autumn Lewis is a Realtor Today

Following her stint on ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ Autumn Lewis returned to her previous role as a personal chef. In 2013, she transitioned into the events industry, serving as the event director at Central 129 Coosa Events. In 2021, Autumn took on the role of Real Estate Agent and developer at Kelly Property Management in Montgomery, Alabama. Her professional journey briefly delved into the entertainment sector, as she became a production assistant and Covid Compliance Officer at Butcher Bird Studios in 2021.

Within the same year, Autumn also worked as a COVID Monitor at 21st Century Fox for a short period of three months. While details about her personal life remain relatively unknown, Autumn Lewis has showcased versatility in her career path, navigating roles in culinary arts, events management, real estate, and briefly in the entertainment industry.

Jason Ellis is Now a Celebrity Chef

Jason Ellis resumed his position as a personal chef, catering to celebrity clients such as Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Swift, and Jonathan Babineaux. Jason’s culinary journey saw him working at various establishments like Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro and MillerCoors. In addition to his culinary endeavors, Jason ventured into the food truck business, operating Smoke 631 BBQ. Venturing into entrepreneurship, he now owns the catering company The Chef’s Lobster & Chocolate Affairs. Beyond his professional achievements, Jason found love with Stacia Mac. His culinary prowess and achievements were recognized when he was featured in Monarch Magazine, showcasing his expertise and contributions to the culinary world.

Edward “Ed” Battaglia is a Culinary Teacher Today

Image Credit: Camden County Technical Schools Pennsauken Campus • Tornados/ Facebook

Edward “Ed” Battaglia resumed his passion for teaching culinary skills at Garfield Park Academy in Willingboro, focusing on a special school setting. Subsequently, he took on the role of executive chef at Ralic’s Steakhouse. Currently, Ed has returned to a full-time teaching position at the Pennsauken Campus within Camden County Technical Schools. In 2013, Ed embarked on a new chapter in his personal life as he got married and became the father of two sons. Ed Battaglia’s journey reflects his dedication to both the culinary arts and education, showcasing a blend of expertise in the kitchen and a commitment to shaping future culinary talents.

Nilka Hendricks is Now the Executive Chef at Puff and Petals Lounge

Nilka Hendricks assumed the role at Retro Lounge & Grill in Freeport. Transitioning into entrepreneurship, she later founded her own catering company named Chef’n it Up Catering. Nilka’s culinary prowess earned her recognition as she was nominated for culinary awards, a distinction proudly shared on her Twitter account. In addition, Nilka expanded her presence in the digital realm with a YouTube channel.

The year 2021 marked a significant personal achievement for Nilka as she, along with her family, fulfilled the dream of owning their first house together. She is also associated with Loose Lip Eatery. Currently, she serves as the Executive Chef at Puff and Petals Lounge and has received a nomination for Favorite Chef Powered by Colossal Impact. Nilka is a proud mother of three girls, balancing her culinary career with the joys of motherhood.

Frances “Fran” Klier Runs Her Catering Company Today

Following her time on the show, Frances “Fran” Klier ventured into entrepreneurship and established her own catering company named Catering Creations by Fran. In her personal life, Fran is happily married and is a proud mother of two sons. Both of her sons have embarked on their journeys by starting their own families. Her post-show endeavors showcase a successful blend of culinary entrepreneurship and personal joys as a dedicated wife and mother.

Siobhan Allgood is Not on Social Media Anymore

Image Credit: Twitter

Siobhan Allgood initially worked at West Side Gravy before gaining diverse experience in various restaurants and eventually launching her own catering business. However, her career path took an unexpected turn as she transitioned into the fashion industry. Siobhan became a fashion designer under the name Blu Wisdom Designs and later at Stardust Love, focusing on fashion accessories. Despite her ventures, it appears that her fashion endeavors did not achieve the desired success. Siobhan then turned to freelance modeling.

Alongside her professional pursuits, she is known to be a Dzogchen practitioner, emphasizing a spiritual aspect of her life. Siobhan faced financial challenges, and her friends reportedly initiated a fundraising effort on her behalf. According to Philly Grub, she encountered a harrowing incident, having been attacked and narrowly escaping a potential assault. Fortunately, she filed a police report detailing the incident. It’s known that she is married, but specific details about her life remain uncertain.

Salvatore Coppola is Now a Private Chef

Salvatore Coppola found employment at Blue Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts after the show, owned by his fellow teammate Jay Santos. Salvatore’s professional journey took a turn when Blue Inc. closed its doors in 2014. Despite the restaurant closure, Salvatore and Jay maintained a strong friendship that endured beyond their time on the show. Presently, Salvatore has embraced the role of a private chef, showcasing his culinary skills in a more personalized and intimate setting. His journey from a contestant to working in a notable restaurant and eventually transitioning to a private chef reflects a dynamic and evolving career in the culinary world.

Scott Hawley Has Opened His Second Restaurant

Scott Hawley returned to his previous career as an executive chef, taking the helm at the Bluebell Café in New York City. Demonstrating his culinary prowess, Scott and his wife, Michelle Lobo-Hawley, ventured into entrepreneurship by opening their restaurant, Otis Bar, in 2017. Their dedication and culinary excellence were recognized when Otis Bar earned a spot in New York’s top 100 places to eat in 2019. Furthermore, the restaurant was featured in Star Chef’s Moving the Industry Forward, underscoring its impact on the culinary landscape. Expanding their culinary footprint, Scott and Michelle opened a sister restaurant named Nura in Greenpoint in 2021. Nura quickly gained acclaim, joining the ranks of Brooklyn’s great restaurants.

Maria Torrisi is Working in Healthcare Today

Since her time on the show, Maria Torrisi embarked on a diverse career journey. She initially took on the role of Sous Chef at a Hilton Hotel, showcasing her culinary skills in the hospitality industry. Subsequently, she served as a master cook at JW Marriott, further expanding her expertise.

Maria’s career path continued with a position at Hilton Scranton and Conference Center, contributing to the culinary landscape. In a significant shift, she transitioned into a role at CIGNA Healthcare, where she currently serves as an Implementation Manager, showcasing her adaptability across different industries. In her personal life, Maria celebrated a joyous milestone by marrying Caleb in 2020. The couple has embraced parenthood and is now proud parents of two children.

Jamie Bisoulis is Opening a New Remodelled Place

Jamie Bisoulis, in addition to her work at Hofherr Meat Company, became a sought-after restaurant consultant for local North Shore establishments, contributing to the culinary landscape. Her career journey has included roles at Cubbie Cakes, Second City Prime and Seafood, Pound & Ounce, and the hospitality group Food For Thought. Jamie’s culinary skills earned her recognition, including the Taster’s Choice Award in the Black Box Competition at the Culinary Fight Club in August 2019. She continued to excel, securing Third Place in the Final Plate at the Culinary Fight Club Festival in October 2019.

Beyond her professional engagements, Jamie collaborated with 2 Clean Chics and has been actively sharing her passion for healthy eating. She posts weekly meal plans for healthy eating on a private Facebook page, fostering a community around wellness. In her entrepreneurial ventures, Jamie transitioned into catering and cake decorating. She has now ventured to open the remodeled version of Fire Thyme Kitchen and Bar in December 2023, where she held the position of Executive Chef since 2017. Through her social media platform, she provides regular updates on her new restaurant, offering glimpses into the culinary delights and ambiance.

Michael “Mikey” Termini Now Works at JW Marriott

Michael “Mikey” Termini embarked on a journey in the culinary world. He returned as a Line Cook at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui, Hawaii, showcasing his skills in a renowned hospitality setting. Mikey continued to expand his experience by moving to Westbank Grill at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole Resort in Jackson, Wyoming, and subsequently to the Four Seasons at Disney World. He also contributed to The Handle Bar during his culinary endeavors.

Currently, Mikey Termini holds the position of Senior Sous Chef at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort, further solidifying his expertise in the culinary domain. His dedication and leadership skills have not gone unnoticed, as he was nominated for Leader of the Quarter. In his personal life, Mikey is happily married to his wife Bo, adding a personal touch to his culinary journey.

Andrew Forster is a Proud Cancer Survivor Today

Andrew Forster returned to his roots for a period, working as a farmer before making a triumphant comeback to the culinary world. He took on the role of chef at The Graham Hotel and Magic City. Andrew continued to refine his expertise, working at Chateau Yering until 2016 and subsequently at Levantine Hill, East Ridge, and Carne Grill in 2017. His culinary journey led him to a Sous Chef position at Mercer’s before ultimately realizing his dream of entrepreneurship.

Andrew is now the proud owner of Billy Goat Hill Brasserie, a testament to his dedication to the culinary craft. In his personal life, Andrew is married to Meghan, and the couple is blessed with a daughter. Beyond his culinary endeavors, Andrew is a cancer survivor, and he actively raises awareness about the cause. His commitment to sustainability is evident through his educational achievements. Andrew who already holds a Cert III Apprenticeship in Cookery and Hospitality from Holmesglen, has completed a Diploma of Sustainable Living through the University of Tasmania in 2022

Stacey Slichta Keeps Her Life Private

After her early elimination from ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ Stacey Slichta made a return to her previous career as a Private Chef. Additionally, she shared her culinary expertise by holding cooking classes. In more recent times, Stacey has chosen to live a private life, stepping away from the public eye. Her journey post-post show reflects a return to her culinary roots and a preference for a more private and personal lifestyle.

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