Hell’s Paradise Episode 4 Recap: Hell and Paradise

In ‘Hell’s Paradise’ or ‘Jigokuraku‘ episode 4 titled ‘Hell and Paradise,’ Tamiya Gentetsusai reveals his story to Yamada Asaemon Fuchi and his motivations to arrive at the island. Meanwhile, Gabimaru and Sagiri find themselves up against fantastical beasts that threaten to put their lives in danger. Although they win their battle, Gabimaru is then approached by the dangerous Yuzuriha who tries to seduce him.

Gabimaru and Sagiri Fight For Their Lives

A long time ago, a lord named Tatsumi decided to hire Tamiya Gentetsusai as his officer. Although Tamiya was happy to work for him, one day the Tatsumi mocked the fact that the former cannot really kill a real dragon. It triggered Gentetsusai to cut the sculpture of the dragon on the gate of Tatsumi’s mansion. Naturally, this led to further conflict and Tamiya was chased by Tatsumi’s entire clan and eventually put on death row. Now that he has the opportunity to get an official pardon, Gentetsusai plans to free himself and split Tatsumi’s mansion into two halves.

When Yamada Asaemon Fuchi inquires about his strategy, Tamiya revealed that he planned to kill his competition before looking for the Elixir for Life. While Fuchi felt that it seemed like a smart move, he also knew that there were too many loopholes with such a mindset. If the Shogunate grew impatient, there was a high probability that he could even more cruel criminals on the island which would mean that Gentetsusai’s life will only get complicated.

Meanwhile, Sagiri and Gabimaru come across some fantastical beasts. The latter recalls the Shinobi rule that says that one must never fight an unknown enemy. Gabimaru deliberates on the possibility of running away but when is attacked again and several other monsters show up, he forgets everything and fights relentlessly. Moments after he saves Sagiri’s life, Yuzuriha protects him from an attack from behind.

Gabimaru thanks her for her help after which Yuzuriha tries to use kunoichi methods of seduction to convince the shinobi to work with her. However, Gabimaru is well aware of those techniques and immediately defends himself. But later on, he learns that Yuzuriha has some special knowledge of the island and agrees to make a deal with her according to which the duo will cooperate to find the Elixir of Life.

How Are Touma and Choubei Related? What Does the Bandit King Plan to Do After Finding the Elixir of Life?

Yamada Asaemon Touma became an agent of the clan within a month of joining it. In order to complete his training he then only needs to execute a real criminal. Just when Eizen is deliberating over the type of execution that would be appropriate in Touma’s case, the latter makes a request. Later Touma pays a visit to the Bandit King Choubei and that’s when it is revealed that the two of them are actually brothers. He tells his brother that he has found a way to stop the magistrate’s men from coming after him.

It turns out that Touma has infiltrated the Asaemon clan primarily for the purpose of freeing his brother and now wants to use the hunt for the Elixir of Life as a means to achieve that goal. The siblings have suffered a lot from a young age. Their mother died when they were just kids while their father was executed along with 47 other ronin for avenging his lord. Touma and Choubei lead a rough life after that but the latter was always quick to understand his circumstances and adapted accordingly.

In the present time as the duo stood against monsters, they realized that fighting against them was not the right decision and tried to flee instead. But when Touma was caught by one of the fantastical beasts, Choubei did not stop and continued running. Touma took out his sword and killed the enemy and all of a sudden Choubei also arrived on the scene with a huge weapon to fight the monsters in front of them. But to their surprise, one of the beasts talked about murder and mentioned how it was a sin.

As if to punish the two, the monsters surrounded them. Choubei is unwilling to listen to lectures on sin and opines that he hates people who are slaves to righteousness. He then proceeds to kill all the fantastical beasts. When he is done, Choubei tells Touma that they will look for the Elixir of Life for themselves and use it to gain immortality so that they can free themselves from the chains of life and death.

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