Where Was Her (2013) Filmed?

‘Her’ is a science-fiction romantic film that centers upon the life of Theodore Twombly, a professional letter writer who is lonely and depressed owing to his forthcoming divorce from his wife and childhood sweetheart, Catherine. To kill time and try something unique, Theodore purchases an AI virtual assistant that interacts by using a female voice and the name – Samantha. The two begin to have fascinating conversations throughout the day and night, about love, life, and everything else. Theodore’s frown gradually turns upside down, as he realizes that he is developing feelings for Samantha.

Theodore’s love for Samantha grows stronger as days pass by, and they engage in some wild virtual encounters until tragedy strikes. Director and producer Spike Jonze’s screenwriting debut is a rare film that doesn’t portray the future as frightening. Instead, it offers a tale of love and humanity that is equal parts melancholic and beautiful. Apart from Joaquin Pheonix’s and Scarlett Johansson’s charismatic performances, the 2013 movie was also appreciated for its visual storytelling. In case you’re looking for the filming locations of ‘Her,’ you’re at the right place!

Her Filming Locations

The movie is set in Los Angeles, in the not so distant future that is tactile and pleasant looking. Therefore, a lot of thought was put into the production design and lighting choices by ace cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema. As far as the shooting locations are concerned, yes, the movie was shot extensively in the City of Angels and other parts of California. The production team also flew down to Shanghai to film a few futuristic scenes. Here are the particular filming details!

Los Angeles, California

The majority of filming took place in the summer of 2012 in several locations in California, predominantly in Los Angeles. The heavy-rail subway station that Theodore and Samantha walk through to reach their date destination is Hollywood/Western Metro Station, located at Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue in East Hollywood.

The scene wherein Theodore and Samantha indulge in people-watching and Samantha passes funny remarks at her subjects was shot at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The exact address of the architectural marvel is 111 S. Grand Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Center Studios doubled up as the office of Theodore’s friend Amy, while the boat scene was filmed at the Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse AKA Angels Gate Light. The Watermarke Towers doubled up as Theodore’s apartment building in the fictional Beverly Wilshire City. It is exactly located at 705 West 9th Street, Los Angeles.

The scenes in the lobby of Theodore’s apartment were filmed at Pacific Design Center at 8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, which also served as the art plaza Theodore passes by and pauses to marvel at the sight of a spectacular airplane installation.

The magnificent Donner Lake Overlook, at Donner Summit Rd, Truckee, served as the backdrop of the hike and sunrise scenes, along with the Sugar Bowl Resort, located 8-9 miles west of Truckee.

The beach date between Theodore and Samantha was shot at EL Porto beach at the North end of the Manhattan Beach in southwestern Los Angeles County, Southern California.

In the movie, there is a scene where Theodore takes Samantha on a double date with Theodore’s friend Paul and his partner. Well, the whole picnic sequence was shot in Founders Park at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

The fair scene where Samantha and Theodore have a blast was filmed at Santa Monica Pier, a famous amusement landmark, in the coastal city of Santa Monica, west of downtown Los Angeles.

The restaurant scene where Theodore meets his estranged wife Catherine to sign the divorce papers was filmed at 120 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles. The letter writer’s aesthetically designed office building is located at 400 South Hope Street, Los Angeles.

Shanghai, China

The scenes depicting the futuristic Los Angeles were shot in the Pudong business district of Shanghai. The hallway outside Theodore and Amy’s apartments is actually the hallway of the luxury hotel at Huangpu Rd, Hongkou District – Hyatt on the Bund Hotel. The elevator of the 5-star hotel was used for the scene where Theodore uses the elevator after leaving his workplace.

Filming also took place at the Wujiaochang neighborhood and Shanghai’s glitzy financial district, Lujiazui. The scene wherein a depressed Theodore walks towards his home via the pedestrian walkway was filmed at Mingzhu Roundabout in Pudong, Shanghai.

In the final moments, when Theodore and Amy learn about the departure of their respective AI partners, the best friends sit at the edge of the rooftop of their building and look over the beautiful skyscraper-filled cityscape. This was filmed on the roof of the upscale Shanghai hotel in Pudong – Hilton Shanghai.

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