Hester Eby: The Tour Guide Works at The Myrtles Even Today

The Myrtles Plantation, located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, is renowned for its rich history and eerie reputation as one of America’s most haunted places. Built in the late 18th century, this antebellum mansion boasts stunning architecture and sprawling grounds, but it’s believed to be inhabited by numerous spirits, including the ghost of a former slave named Chloe and the spirits of children who perished under unexplained circumstances.

In Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained’ episode titled ‘Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation,’ believers and non-believers alike come together to explore the mysteries surrounding the plantation. Through interviews and investigations, the episode explores the reported sightings and spooky phenomena experienced by visitors and staff alike. Hester Eby, who has served as a tour guide at the plantation for many years, offers her insights and perspectives on the eerie happenings, providing a glimpse into the enduring allure of The Myrtles Plantation and its haunted history.

Hester Eby Experienced Paranormal Activities at the Plantation

Hester Eby stumbled upon the opportunity to work at Myrtles Plantation while perusing the phonebook for job openings. The book fell from her hands and landed on the page where the Myrtles’ name was listed and little did she know, it would become a fateful employment that would span many years. Landing the role of a tour guide, she immersed herself in learning the rich history of the plantation. Despite being aware of the ghost stories and alleged paranormal encounters associated with the site, Hester’s fascination with uncovering the historical narratives of the place outweighed any apprehension. Her passion for storytelling and sharing the plantation’s history with visitors became a defining aspect of her role at Myrtles Plantation.

Throughout the episode, Hester Eby shares numerous encounters she and the guests staying at the plantation have had. One such eerie incident involved a little girl visiting with her mother. Upon entering, the girl looked towards Eby, questioning why she appeared dirty and if she was hungry. Perplexed, Eby soon realized that the girl wasn’t addressing her but rather something unseen, suggesting a ghostly presence that only the child could perceive.

When she was asked about the people who do not believe that ghosts are real, she said, “There is room for different beliefs… We are not here to prove anything to anyone. I enjoy telling you the stories. We as tour guides enjoy telling stories and that is it. We like to entertain our guests.” She said that she recognized her role in keeping the plantation alive.

Hester recounted several eerie encounters of guests at Myrtles Plantation, including an instance where visitors on the back porch praised non-existent waitstaff, only to learn they were likely seeing apparitions. She also discussed the plantation’s famous mirror, a focal point for paranormal activity. Traditionally, mirrors were covered with a black cloth when someone died, but one family left it only partially covered when their children passed, leading to a lingering handprint visible today. Photographers often capture ghostly images of children in the mirror, adding to the plantation’s haunted reputation.

Where is Hester Eby Now?

Hester Eby remains a prominent tour guide at the Myrtles Plantation, renowned for her captivating storytelling and deep knowledge of the plantation’s history and hauntings. Her expertise has made her a sought-after guide, with visitors often praising her tours and leaving glowing reviews. Eby’s talents have also led to her appearances in numerous TV shows, documentaries, and episodes focusing on the plantation, such as ‘Death Walker,’ where her skills as a storyteller shine through, solidifying her reputation as a masterful orator.

Image Credit: Nick Groff/X

When asked if she believed in ghosts herself, she gave a simple explanation. She said, “A lot of people ask me, before I came to the Myrtles, did I believe in ghosts? Yes, I’ve always believed in ghosts, But there’s something about being here and believing in ghosts, and then just opening myself to what is here. It’s so much that we do not know.” She is respectful to the place and says that she always remembers it is not the ghosts who are the visitors but she is.

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