12 Highest Paid Indian Actors Working Today

Money is an inevitable factor controlling the film industry in India. Film, nowadays is more accessible to the public, and we live in a situation where almost anyone can easily make one if assisted with proper financial background. Hence, it is one of the prominent stake controlling field in the country. As films have become almost an unavoidable factor in the daily lives of people of this age, entertainment value is given top rated importance among many other factors. Film industry in India is spread across different languages, and each community have their own favorite actors when it comes to entertainment value. When entertainment and marketing is given priority, in most cases the crew often casts top paid actors who has proved themselves in giving wholesome entertainment.

Unlike old times where number of films produced in India were considerably low when compared to big industries like Hollywood, we have emerged to a situation where the production is immensely high. Thus, the industry is growing each and every day, and for a few years from now we can’t even predict how far it will we go. This can create multiple opinions among film lovers, whether it accounts for the development or downfall of the qualities of films produced. Either way, we are now looking at the 12 Most Expensive Indian Actors (i.e. the highest paid Indian actors) working today. (Source)


12. Prabhas: Rs. 10-15 crores per film


12. Ranveer singh: Rs. 10-15 crores per film


10. Amitabh Bachchan: 20 crores per film


10. Kamal Haasan: Rs. 20 crores per film


10. Ranbeer kapoor: Rs. 20 crores per film


7. Ajay Devgn: Rs. 20-25 crores per film