Hijack Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Hijack’ revolves around Flight KA29, which is slated to travel to London from Dubai. Midway through the flight, a group of individuals hijacks the flight, specifically by taking control of the cockpit. Sam Nelson, a corporate negotiator, steps forward and tries to win the trust of Stuart, the leader of the hijackers, to ensure that the lives of the people aboard the flight aren’t in any danger. The first two episodes of the series, titled ‘Final Call’ and ‘3 Degrees’ respectively, follow the early hours of the hijacking and end with startling developments. If you are curious to know more about the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hijack Episode 1 and 2 Recap

‘Final Call’ begins with Flight KA29 preparing to take off from Dubai to London. Sam Nelson boards the fight while talking to his ex-wife Marsha through text messages. Marsha, who currently leads her life with DI Daniel O’Farrel, asks Sam not to come but the flight sets out to leave the Middle Eastern city, only for him to tell the former that it is too late for him to cancel the plan. After the take-off, a young girl discovers seemingly a bullet in one of the restrooms on the flight. When she is about to take it to the same to one of the crew members, an old man takes the bullet from her and informs her that he will deal with the predicament without causing panic.

Rather than taking the bullet to a crew member, the old man takes the same to Stuart, who is seated near Sam. The man talks to Stuart about their plan getting ruined due to the young girl’s discovery and the two of them conclude that they cannot wait for the flight duration to reach three hours. The old man then lies to the young girl that everything is taken care of, only for one of the latter’s friends to become suspicious of the explanation the man gives them. Sam notices a group of people having identical bags, which raises suspicions. In no time, Stuart and his allies reveal to other passengers and crew members that they are hijacking the plane.

Stuart forces a crew member named Colette to call pilot Captain Robin Allen to ask him to open the cockpit. The leader of the hijackers reveals that he knows the affair they have been cherishing and threatens to kill Colette if Robin doesn’t open the door to the cockpit. To not put his lover’s life on the line, Robin opens the same, which gives the hijackers complete authority and control of the flight. Sam finds a way to express his love for Marsha to her through a text message which also reveals a certain incident on the flight. Marsha asks Daniel to investigate the same.

‘3 Degrees’ revolves around Sam’s efforts to earn the trust of Stuart as a negotiator. Rather than foolishly attacking the hijackers, Sam talks to the leader of the same. He tells Stuart that “the pilot is a problem” and asks him to remove him from the cockpit when the flight can carry on with the journey on autopilot mode. Daniel asks his former partner Zahra Gahfoor, a London-based officer working in the counter-terrorism wing, to look into the flight to make sure everything is fine. Zahra’s efforts only lead her to the explanation that nothing really happened on Flight KA29 except for a false alarm.

Hijack Episode 2 Ending: How Does the Ground Know of the Hijacking?

After the hijacking, Sam realizes that the only way to inform the ground or the authorities of the hijacking is through the pilot of the flight, Captain Robin Allen. He pulls a trick on Stuart by projecting the man as a “problem,” only for the leader of the hijackers to remove the pilot from the cockpit and make him sit in business class, a few seats away from Sam. The negotiator then uses the chat option in a game to communicate with the pilot concerning informing the ground of the situation onboard the flight. When the flight enters Iraq, security officials seek the pilot’s confirmation that everything is alright with the journey.

Sam makes sure that Robin gets into the cockpit to give a signal concerning their predicament while lying to the Iraqi officials for the sake of convincing the hijackers that he isn’t going to rebel against them. After lying to the security officials, Robin changes the direction of the flight by 3° to indicate that the airplane is under threat as per Sam’s instruction. His plan works when an English airline official named Alice Sinclair gets unconvinced about the explanation that there was only a false alarm on the flight. Through her superior, she requests the location of the flight from the Iraqi security officials and notices the 3° deviation in the airplane’s direction.

Since the deviation of the flight happens in a straight line, Alice rules out any weather issues causing the same, which leads her to conclude that someone is trying to send them a message through the deviation. Sam’s plan to inform the ground about the life-threatening incident gets fulfilled because of his wise use of the pilot by fooling Stuart.

Who Kills Neela and Abdullah?

When the English authorities call the security officials in Dubai to enquire about Flight KA29, Abdullah, the officer who approved the departure of the flight, starts to dig deeper into the same. While going through the security footage of the passengers who boarded the flight, he notices his friend and airport official Neela departing from her post in an emergency. Abdullah then goes to Neela’s apartment to enquire about the same, only to encounter two men cleaning the airport official’s house. One of the men then takes Abdullah to the upstairs bathroom, where Abdullah sees Neela and her husband Senil’s dead bodies. The man then kills Abdullah as well.

The killer of Neela and Abdulla can be a part of the group who hijacks Flight KA29. He can be the one who made sure that the hijackers have a way to board the flight without any obstructions. It will not be a surprise if Neela was a part of the group and she gets killed for them to make sure that she will remain silent about the whole crime. As the one who checks the contents of bags passengers carry to the flight, Neela is in a position to help the hijackers, which makes the theory probable. Abdullah loses his life for being at the wrong place at the wrong time since he happens to see Neela’s dead body, leaving no other option for the killer other than killing him to cover up the initial murders.

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