12 Hollywood Roles Perfect for Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan is a veteran. He is one of the most decorated Indian actor who has left a mark on audience like none other. Although he is primarily associated with Tamil cinema, he has also contributed to all disciplines and branches in film production in Bollywood too. He is such a versatile actor who has been praised from all around the world for his contribution to the cine world. Although we have already been served with some of the marvelous treats of acting performances from him, but we are hereby discussing a list of roles from Hollywood that would have been perfect for this legend.


1. Dr. Sean Maguire (Good Will Hunting)

Will Hunting is a genius mind having extraordinary grasp at different subjects along  with a photographic memory and is working as a janitor at MIT. He has a wretched life as he grew up as an orphan living in various foster homes and had been subjected to physical abuse as a child. One day when Professor Lambeau finds Will writing the answer to a mathematical problem on the board tries to help him by handing him under mentorship of Dr. Sean Maguire. Kamal Hassan has been seen quite  times in roles where he mentors in a convincing manner. A perfect role of a teacher/guide who changes the fate of a raw unfruitful sharp mind in such a way that he can achieve something good in his life. Although Robin Williams can be regarded as best at what he does yet Kamal Hassan with his tremendous persona must have pulled this off.


2. Chuck Noland (Cast Away)

Kamal Hassan has a tendency of putting the audience in an astonish with his subtle shift in gradation within a character played. Cast away is a classic movie of Tom Hanks who plays the role of a fedEx Manager who is left deserted at an island after his air cargo plane lost control and crashed in the sea. Putting in everything for a character is what Tom Hank always does but our Man Kamal Hassan would have brought greater variety in expressions during the entire fight for survival and it would have been amazing to see Kamal Hassan owning the show.


3. Sirius Black (Harry Potter Series)

Harry Potter series presented us numerous characters alongside an epic journey, however certain characters left an ever lasting impression. For Harry Potter fans Sirius Black was initially introduced as a dangerous criminal who later was found to be among the guardian angel and family to Harry. The role was a challenging one not just because the character demanded quick switch from a fatherly feel to a ruthless sorcerer but also to lead an entire film around that character. When you have such a challenging role, You know you can trust Kamal Hassan on that. A Dark Mysterious Godfather image that protects Harry  from all kind of troubles would have been a pleasure to the visual appetite.


4. Agent Smith (Matrix Trilogy)

Sometimes a villain becomes inseparable part of the film and imagining a sequel without him can put the things in jeopardy. Kamal Hassan has often played many characters which are dark and antagonist. Agent Smith in itself is a tedious role  as it portrays an AI program having superhuman skills designed to eliminate any program that disturbs the matrix; thereby hinting the tone of character can have no emotions whatsoever. However since this character was the leader among the various other agents, a dark, strong and extreme antagonism always reflected on his face. Kamal Hassan would have fitted the role perfectly and would have made a great robotic-cum-AI villain.


5. Detective William Somerset (Se7en)

William Sommerset is a experienced homicide detective who is about to retire. He is cunning, cynical and often seen philosophical in his routine activities. With a poignant shade in his character, he is found to understand the root of emotion underlying in any of the criminal act that he witnesses and yet remain calm under testing circumstances. To cast such a poised character, Kamal Hassan can easily be relied upon for a watchable performance.


6. John Nash (A Beautiful Mind)

Based on a real life character John Nash, the Nobel-Prize winning mathematician and economist who recently died, had schizophrenia. The character is reflected to be delusional yet extraordinary at his mathematical skills and coding. The movie role begins with a frustrated college student who can not find something unique to a mathematical genius who is apparently hired by Pentagon to decode Russian war signals. The role of a spy will well suit Kamal Hassan who can showcase a grandeur by his compounded acting of dense and quirky individual.