Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Season 2 episode 6 finds Hilde finally making her way to the mysterious island that the plane’s black box from the previous episode mentioned. Fittingly titled ‘What’s Out There,’ the episode is largely set on the ominous island which might hold the key to the mysterious occurrences in Erie Harbor. The young sleuth’s leads, as is usually the case, open up even greater questions. However, the discovery of the toxic barrels in the episode’s cliffhanger seems to definitely be a big piece of the puzzle. Did they find something else on the island too? Let’s take a closer look at the ending of ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens with Hilde convincing her parents to let her visit the island where she has managed to track the location where Sam’s father crashed his plane many years ago. They finally relent and the young reporter sets off in her grandfather’s old boat with Donny and Spoon in tow, supervised by Matt and Frank Jr. Once they reach the island, the three children are asked to wait on the beach while Matt and Frank Jr. make sure the interior of the island is safe. Hilde, impatient to explore the island and get to the crash site, finds an excuse to leave the beach and soon discovers a fortified bunker on the island. Inside, she discovers an abandoned laboratory.

Meanwhile, Matt’s father disappears from the house along with the youngest Lisko daughter Ginny. Despite Bridget and Izzy looking for them everywhere, the two remain elusive until Bridget gets a phone call and is able to track them down. However, as soon as she arrives at the dock where the forgetful grandfather and his granddaughter are, the old man bursts into tears, saying that where they’re standing has a special significance for him and his late wife. However, he refuses to elaborate.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: What Does Hilde Discover on the Island?

While exploring the island, Hilde runs into Frank Sr. They are then found by Matt and the others and together they head towards the island’s cliff. There, below the cliff, they discover a vast dumping ground of toxic barrels. Matt decides to go down to take some samples while the others head back to the boat. However, before they can make their way, a helicopter flying overhead forces the group to run for cover.

So the barrels of toxic waste that disappeared from the town’s swamp when a park was built over it seem to have found their way to the island. However, considering that Hank saw them from his plane all those years ago, it seems like someone has been dumping the dangerous materials on the island for many years.

The mystery of the dead birds is also solved when Matt explains that birds are the only creatures that can access the area around the poisonous barrels, causing the unsuspecting creatures to die. The toxic substance also seems to be feeding into the nearby lake which is subsequently polluting the town. Therefore, the island is the source of the pollution and mysterious deaths that have been plaguing Erie Harbor.

The mysterious lab on the island, though lost in the excitement of discovering the barrels, also likely holds some answers. The fact that it was hastily abandoned will prove to be of significance. More importantly, the animal skeletons found inside seem to indicate that there was some form of animal testing being undertaken on the island. This is an important clue that will likely have major ramifications in the future.

Lastly, the group also discovers a series of underwater walls around the island. These seem to have been built to contain the water around the island but have been submerged due to heavy rainfall, which has raised the water level of the lake. Most likely, it is the submerging of these walls that has led to the poisoning of Erie Harbor as, before going underwater, they were seemingly keeping the toxic water surrounding the island separated from the rest of the lake.

Who is the Mysterious Man on the Island?

The mysterious man seen darting around the island drawing symbols on the trees with chalk turns out to be Frank Sr. The former Sheriff of Erie Harbor, in a bid to right his past wrongs, has also deciphered the location of the island from the black box recording and has come there looking for answers. His goal is to get to the bottom of how Sam’s father Hank died. He now regrets having kept Sam (who is proved innocent by Hilde in season 1) imprisoned for so many years and wants to help solve the mysterious death of his father to help the now grown-up ex-convict in any way he can.

Why is Izzy Sad?

Izzy has long felt neglected whilst her prolific sister is perpetually in the spotlight. Things come to a head in this episode when she finds herself babysitting her aged grandfather and baby sister while Hilde and her father go and explore the mysterious island. She later angrily questions her mother why Hilde and Matt always get to do whatever they need to for their work while she has to change her plans to cover for them. Bridget is unable to give her a convincing answer.

Of course, apart from feeling bitter, Izzy also feels guilty for losing focus, which results in her sister and grandfather going missing. To top it all, her friend also confesses to Izzy that she has feelings for her, leaving the young girl completely confused. Therefore, there is a lot that the oldest Lisko daughter is going through, and it all comes pouring out when her mother scolds her for not paying enough attention to Ginny and her grandfather.

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