Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 5 Recap: Iura

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 5 titled ‘Iura’ Shuu learns that Motoko has planned a study session with one of her classmates named Kitahara, whom she appears to have a crush on. He tries to sabotage their meeting, but Kitahara ends up getting impressed by Shuu’s impressive sword-swinging talent. In the following days, Motoko feels awkward as she notices that he only wants to talk to her because of her brother.

Shuu Impresses Kitahara

At his home, Shuu relaxes while watching television. When his younger sister Motoko sits beside him, he suddenly recalls that a boy named Kitahara had called earlier asking for her. Motoko feels embarrassed and then gets mad at his brother when he asks if she likes the guy. It turns out that Kitahara’s crush already has a girlfriend and he is single right now.

When Motoko wonders why Kitahara could have called, Shuu reveals that he told him that today’s study session was canceled if it snows too much. Shuu vows to not let them study alone and even asks for the sword replica that he has. Later when Kitahara is about to come, the siblings end up having a fight. Kitahara eventually shows up just when they are at each other’s throats. Although Shuu lets them study, he is always present in the living room with them.

Instead of welcoming the guest nicely, he makes the bitterest tea he can and deliberately tries to make Kitahara hate the Iura household. But Kitahara actually likes Shuu a little too much ever since he saw him swinging the replica sword with amazing control. This makes things awkward in the following days as Motoko feels that he only wants to talk to him because of her brother. When Shuu learns about this, he shares the story with his friends at school.

Do Shuu’s Friends Find Out About Kitahara?

That day, Miyamura and his friends notice that there are a lot of middle schoolers around. They are quite taken aback by how young some of these students really look. Shuu and Tooru also notice the same and that’s when the latter asks his friends if his sister will coming today. Since Motoko hates being in a group, Shuu opines that there is no chance that she will be there. As she walks into the hallway and takes a turn, Shuu suddenly notices Kitahara and his friends, who look very puzzled.

It turns out that they are lost and need help to find directions. As soon as Shuu notices them, he turns back and hides. Naturally, Tooru is confused as he is unable to understand what’s happening to Shuu all of a sudden. To make matters worse, Kitahara asks Tooru for directions to the edge of the field where a meetup is supposed to take place. Thankfully, he is supposed to go in the opposite direction, which is a good thing for Shuu, who is hiding just at the next turn in the hallway. But to his surprise, Tooru actually calls him out right in front of Kitahara.

Luckily for him, Kitahara does not know his first name so he does not realize whom Tooru is inviting. But his cover is finally blown when Remi and Hori also arrive there forcing him to move. Kitahara finally sees him and calls him out. Now Shuu has no option but to directly talk to him in front of his friends. In order to avoid making things awkward, he tells Kitahara to go away. Yuriko notices this and feels that Shuu is trying to bully the middle schooler, so he hits him on the head.

As if the encounter was already not embarrassing enough for Shuu, Kitahara asks his friends if he has a girlfriend. Hori bursts out laughing at the question. When the friends eventually get to discuss the topic later, Miyamura expresses regret that he wasn’t there to witness the encounter. When Shuu reveals that Kitahara is in the same class as his sister, Hori says that he should try to get along with him. When she notices that he is acting wishy-washy, she finally realizes that Kitahara is the guy Motoko likes. This finally explains the awkwardness of the situation to others as Kitahara is more interested in Shuu than his sister.

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