How Did Cane Find out That Lorenzo Killed Zeke in Power Book II: Ghost?

A Courtney A. Kemp creation, ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ is a Starz crime-drama series that tells the story of Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of James St. Patrick or Ghost. After he kills his father, Tariq’s mother takes the blame in the hopes that Tariq will build a life for himself away from the world of crime. But haunted by his father’s legacy, Tariq soon finds himself becoming the lead drug supplier at his new school, Stansfield University.

Lorenzo “Cane” Tejada Jr. (Woody McClain) is one of the most fascinating characters in ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ Because of his penchant for violence, people often mistake how deceptively brilliant and dangerous Cane is. In season 3 episode 2, titled ‘Need vs. Greed,’ we get a glimpse of that as Cane figures out that his father killed his half-brother Zeke. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

How Did Cane Find out That Lorenzo Killed Zeke?

In this season, Cane’s relationship with his father, Lorenzo Sr., is far from perfect. Lorenzo learned that his son agreed to kill him on Mecca’s orders and Monet’s instructions. Although Monet had an ulterior motive for this, as she wanted to take Mecca out, no one told Cane about this. Although he is initially surprised by his mother’s instructions, he still proceeds to accept the task. It isn’t until later that he learns that Monet has hatched a different plan with Tariq and Lorenzo.

In season 3 episode 2, Monet remains devastated following Zeke’s death. Lorenzo hasn’t told his wife what really happened that night, knowing she will kill him if she knows the truth. However, he knows very well that just omission will not be enough; he must give Monet someone who can genuinely pass off as Zeke’s killer. For this purpose, Lorenzo recruits Cane when the latter asserts that he should be the next head of the Tejada family and not Dru. Instead of directly answering him, Lorenzo tells Cane to prove himself to him by finding his half-brother’s killer. So that is precisely what Cane sets out to do.

Cane tortures the two members of the crew who were present on Mecca’s private jet with a blow torch until one of them reveals that the man was bald, and the other one reveals that one of the tail lights of the killer was broken. In the season 2 finale, Lorenzo accidentally killed Zeke, believing him to be Mecca. Since then, he has done everything he can to hide his crime with mixed results. In this episode, Lorenzo learns how much he has underestimated Cane. Lorenzo finds a scapegoat for his crime, and Monet kills him, believing that this man killed her son. Toward the end of the episode, Cane asks his father about his broken tail light before revealing that he has figured out that Lorenzo killed Zeke.

He initially seems sympathetic, prompting Lorenzo to admit what really happened that night. It is only when he has finished the tale that Cane wraps his arms around his father and calls him an idiot in a more colorful language. Revealing his true intentions, Cane declares that he owns Lorenzo now.

The drug trade is a world full of treachery. These characters might throw around words like loyalty and honor, but it’s pretty safe to presume that none have either. Cane now has massive leverage on his father and uses it to blackmail him into moving some of the drugs Noma has sent him, Tariq, and Brayden for distribution. Cane is the oldest son of Lorenzo and Monet, but his parents never really considered him their potential successor because he has always been too violent and unstable. If this episode proves anything, it shows Cane is incredibly perceptive and intelligent. It also shows that if he isn’t given the leadership of his family, he will forcefully take it.

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