Huei Hann Pan: Where is Jennifer Pan’s Father Now?

Huei Hann Pan had built a fulfilling life for himself after immigrating from Vietnam to Canada, finding success and happiness with his family. In November 2010, his life was upended when three intruders entered his home and shot him and his wife. Even though Hann survived the attack, he slipped into a coma. Upon regaining consciousness, he cooperated with the police, providing crucial information that aided in solving the case and identifying the culprits. Netflix’s ‘What Jennifer Did’ delves into the case’s details and highlights Hann’s role in its resolution.

Huei Hann Pan was Shot in His House

Huei Hann Pan grew up as a member of the Vietnamese Hoa ethnic minority, also known as the Hoa people. The Hoa are ethnically Chinese but live in Vietnam, where they have often faced discrimination and persecution due to their heritage. In the 1960s, during Hann’s upbringing, the Cultural Revolution was initiated by Mao Zedong. Individuals of Chinese descent, including the Hoa people, were viewed with suspicion and subjected to restrictions in Vietnam due to their perceived ties to China at this time. By 1979, Hann became a political refugee and moved to Canada.

It was there that he met Bich (Bieh) Ha Luong Pan, married her, and started a family with her. The couple had a daughter, Jennifer Pan, in 1986 and a son whom they named Felix in 1989. Hann soon found stable employment with Magna International, where he worked as a machinist. Interestingly, Bich also worked there, but she was involved in the making of car parts. As hardworking people who wanted to secure the family’s future, they gradually saved each penny and were able to buy a comfortable home in Markham, Ontario. Hann also indulged himself once in a while and his most prideful possession was his Mercedes, which he maintained like his baby.

Hann always pushed his children to do better and was strict with them about their academics and careers. So, when he found out that his daughter, Jennifer, had lied to him about having a college degree and had not even finished high school, it was devastating for him. He was also unhappy with her choice of partner, which made her end the relationship and restricted her movements. What he did not know was that Jennifer had been making plans behind his back.

On the evening of November 8, 2010, Hann went to sleep at around 8:30 pm. A couple of hours later, he was woken up by a man who was holding a gun to his head. The unidentified man took him to the basement, where Hann also saw his wife being held at gunpoint. He did not understand what was happening but was surprised to see Jennifer walking around with one of the men who had entered the house and seemed familiar with him. Before he could process anything further, he saw his wife being shot in the head, and then he was shot as well.

Hann was quite lucky as the bullet had entered from near his right eye and had moved near his jaw. He slipped into a coma but after a successful surgery and acute care, he recovered. He spoke to the police and told them to find out what Jennifer had done. His statement about seeing Jennifer with one of the men changed the entire course of the investigation, as she had been misleading them all this while.

Huei Hann Pan Leads a Quiet Life Today

During the trial of Jennifer Pan and the individuals she had hired in 2014, Huei Hann Pan took the stand. He alleged that Jennifer’s motive stemmed from an ultimatum he had given her: to either remain at home and complete her education or leave the house entirely. As a result of Jennifer’s involvement in the crime, both Hann and his son Felix requested a restraining order against her, which was granted by the court. Following the sentencing, Hann publicly expressed his profound sense of loss, stating that the day he lost his wife, he also lost his daughter. He conveyed his desire to sever ties with Jennifer permanently.

Reports suggest that years after the trial, he had considered selling his house, but the media attention surrounding the case made it challenging for him. Additionally, he has also grappled with the lingering effects of the traumatic incident, experiencing stress and health issues as a result. Now, he would seemingly be in his 70s and prefers to maintain a low profile, seeking peace and solace away from public scrutiny.

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