Ink Master Season 11: Where Are the Tattoo Artists Now?

In the electrifying realm of tattoo artistry, ‘Ink Master: Grudge Match – Cleen vs. Christian’ set the canvas ablaze with its premiere on Paramount Network in 2018. Hosted by Dave Navarro, the format of the eleventh season pivoted around the captivating premise of two ‘Ink Master’ veterans, Christian Buckingham and James “Cleen Rock One” Steinke. Returning as coaches, they led two teams of nine artists each.

The aftermath of ‘Ink Master’ saw these tattoo virtuosos channeling their skills and passion into a myriad of endeavors, demonstrating that the journey doesn’t end with the final episode. From the buzzing tattoo machines to the canvases that have become their livelihoods, these artists have transformed their ‘Ink Master’ experiences into vibrant chapters of their ongoing creative narratives. Let us dive into it a little more.

Tony Medellin has Collaborated with Heavyweights like Gold English Goods, etc.


Tony Medellin, winner of season 11, didn’t just rest on the laurels of his victory. Tony dances with diversity, collaborating with heavyweights like Gold English Goods, Good Guy Supply, and Hustle Butter Delux, infusing his distinctive style into unexpected realms. Tony plunges headfirst into a mechanical symphony, partnering with Biltwell Peoples Champ to tinker with and transform motorcycles.

Tony’s artistic prowess stretches beyond traditional ink boundaries. He collaborated with WWE superstars, proving that his art transcends the expected and infiltrates unexpected realms, earning him the well-deserved spotlight at the Villain Tattoo Art Convention in Philadelphia. Yet, amid this mechanical passion, Tony finds a softer hue in his personal life with Mandy Joy.

TeeJ Poole Owns Blackbird Studio Now

TeeJ Poole, the artistic force behind Blackbird Studio, is more than just an ink master; he’s a storyteller wielding a tattoo gun. Sponsored by Allegory Pink, TeeJ’s canvas extends to the core of family life. With a wife and three kids — a daughter and two sons — his artistic endeavors are mirrored in the colorful chaos of his household. In the echoing chambers of Blackbird Studio, each stroke is a testament to his journey from the show to the bustling heart of his studio. His creativity isn’t confined to the shop; it echoes in the laughter of his kids and the warmth of his family.

Tiffer Wright is the Maestro Behind Folklore Trading Co. Today

Tiffer Wright, the maestro behind Folklore Trading Co., dances between realms of ink and artistry, affiliating with giants like FK Irons, Eternal Link, and The Cosmoglo Light. His journey catapulted into the limelight with a captivating stint at the Hell City Tattoo Festival, where his artistic prowess unfolded in vibrant hues. Beyond the buzzing needles, Tiffer’s canvas expands to the realms of love. Angela Rose, his life partner, adds a personal touch to his ink-filled narrative. Their partnership becomes a canvas of its own, painting a portrait of support and shared passion.

Timothy “Tim” Stafford is Now the Proud Owner of Violet Crown Tattoo

Timothy Stafford hails from Austin, where his tattoo needles dance to the rhythm of creativity. A top-4 finisher in the show, Timothy has etched his mark not only on the skin but also as the proud owner of Violet Crown Tattoo, a studio pulsating with artistic vibrancy. Timothy’s journey transcends studio walls, leading him to the heart of the Denver Tattoo Artist Festival, where his artistic prowess was showcased on a broader canvas.

The tattoo world became his stage as he graced events like the Tahoe Tattoo Art Festival and the electrifying Hell City Tattoo Festival, leaving a trail of creativity in his wake. The owner of a studio that breathes ink and innovation, he keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret, adding an air of mystery to the tattooed tapestry of his artistic journey.

Amanda Boone has Recently Opened a New Studio, Heart of Hearts Tattoo Co.

Amanda Boone now finds her canvas adorned with affiliations like Griffin Salve and Blood Money Irons, and recently opened a studio named Heart of Hearts Tattoo Co. with her fellow artists. Beyond the inked tapestry, Amanda stands as an advocate for pride, lending her artistic prowess to Colors Plus Youth Center with a focus on LGBTQ+ families, weaving vibrant stories through her tattoo art. In the colorful symphony of love, Ashton Woods is the melody that resonates in Amanda’s heart. Their love story becomes a brushstroke in the broader canvas of her life, adding a personal touch to her journey.

Chris Shockley is Now a Renowned Artist Associated with Hocus Pocus Ink

Chris Shockley, a wizard of ink, now practices his artistic craft at Hocus Pocus Ink. Known for leaving an indelible mark on the local tattoo landscape, Chris took his talents to the stage of the Baltimore Tattoo Art Festival, where his artistry resonated amid the buzzing energy of fellow tattoo enthusiasts.  Beyond the borders of Baltimore, Chris embarked on an international chapter of his tattoo odyssey, making his mark in Germany at the Offenburg Tattoo and Art Show.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Chris returned for an encore in season 14, showcasing that his journey in the inked realm is an ongoing narrative of creativity and innovation. The tattoo machine, his trusted tool, became an extension of his artistic expression on a broader stage.

Adam Turk Co-Owns Left Hand Black Studio with his Wife

Adam Turk, a multifaceted individual, has taken on different roles after the show. Alongside his wife, he co-owns Left Hand Black Studio, where he displays his talent for tattooing. Adam also actively supports the Mission of Truth organization, contributing to their cause of providing daily trauma therapy, medical care, locally sourced food, and age-out assistance for Haitian orphans to combat human trafficking.

Kyle Mackenzie is Now the Artistic Luminary Behind North Street Salem with his Brother, Jimmy

Kyle McKenzie, the artistic luminary behind North Street Salem, shares both ink and blood ties with his brother, Jimmy Snaz Mackenzie. Together, they embarked on a dynamic journey, wielding tattoo guns in harmony on the pulsating canvas of ‘Ink Master.’ The artistic symphony of Kyle extends beyond the walls of North Street. His ink-stained adventures took center stage at the Flower City Tattoo Conventions, where his creativity blossomed alongside fellow artists, showcasing the vibrant hues of his craft. Collaborative vibes continued as he left an indelible mark at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre, where art converged in a dynamic fusion of ink and innovation.

Jess Cavazos Now Collaborates for Color Seminars

Jess Cavazos, the ink virtuoso adorned with affiliations like FK Irons, Hustle Butter Deluxe, and Allegory Ink, is a multi-faceted artist who has left an indelible mark in the tattoo universe. His journey took a dynamic turn with appearances on the golden stage of the show, where his artistry spoke volumes. Beyond the ink-drenched battlefield, Jess continued to dance with creativity.

Collaborations with Rember Tattoos and Rowan Magennis showcased not just ink but the fusion of artistic souls. A color seminar became his platform to share the nuances of his craft, imprinting knowledge alongside vibrant hues. Participation in the Golden State Expo has also elevated Jess’s artistic prowess. He is now married and with two kids, the most recent addition in 2021.

Jimmy “Snaz” Mackenzie Co- Owns North Street Salem with his Brother Kylie

The wizard of ink, Jimmy Snaz, is the pulsating heartbeat behind North Street Studio Salem with his brother Kylie Mackenzie, who sent shockwaves through the ‘Ink Master’ cosmos with his appearances in season 11. Elm Street Fest, a Dallas Tattoo Convention, saw him play a notable part, adding yet another layer to his tattooed legacy. A nomad by nature, Jimmy has crisscrossed the nation, leaving his indelible mark at countless conventions.

Jimmy’s artistic journey reads like a map of creativity, from making waves in Cleveland with guest appearances at Tattoo Faction to immersing himself in the vibrant energy of Elysium Studios. But the inked trail doesn’t stop there; Nashville witnessed the revival of classic vibes as Jimmy showcased his versatile artistry in diverse tattooing communities. He also appeared in season 13 of the show.

Where are the Rest of the Contestants?

In the ink-stained arena of competitive tattooing, not every artist claims the coveted title, yet some forge their creative paths beyond the limelight. Angel Rose Fergerstrom, a resilient contender, poured her passion for calligraphy and West Coast lettering into the vibrant murals of Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice. Beyond the ink, she weaves charity into her canvas, supporting the Maui Foundation. She once again appeared in seasons 13 and 14

Austin Rose, a contender in season 11 and former victor of ‘Ink Master’ season 2, now reigns over Robot Piercing and Tattoo. His inked journey transcends seasons, marking him not only as a competitor but as a proprietor with a mastery that extends beyond the competition. Stacy Smith, proprietor of Tattoo Me Charlotte, seamlessly translates her artistry from the canvas to the virtual realm with a thriving website managing her studio. On the other side, John Paul “JP” Roldan, the maestro behind Demon Ink Tattoos, now paints not only on skin but on canvas as well. A shop owner and an artist, his dual mastery unfolds in ink and paint, creating a fusion of creativity within the walls of his studio.

Jamie Lee Parker, the luminary behind Tribute Tattoo in West Hills, CA, takes his craft beyond the shop floor. From conventions to expos, his inked tales transcend the skin, and his online presence weaves a digital gallery of his art, collaborations, and the stories behind each piece. Oba Jackson, the artist and owner of Push Tattoo Studio, specializes in black and grey portraiture and Black Americana. Beyond the art, love finds its canvas in his life, and his social media stands as a vibrant platform advocating for pride rights.

Tiara Gordon, the tattoo and body artist at Timewarp Tattoo, brings her artistry to life not only on clients but also on the stages of tattoo expos. Her journey extends beyond the conventional canvas, leaving an indelible mark in the vibrant tapestry of the tattoo world. Kasey “Gonzo” Gonzalez being the first contestant to be eliminated, flourished as an artist at Athena’s Tattoo Company. His journey speaks not just of competition but of an ongoing saga of creativity, etching his mark in the ever-evolving ink landscape.

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