Ink Master Season 13: Where Are the Tattoo Artists Now?

‘Ink Master: Turf War,’ season 13 of the reality TV competition series, brings a fresh and exciting twist to the tattooing battlefield. The innovative format divides contestants into teams representing the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and South. Week after week, these regional squads engage in fierce challenges to accumulate points for their territory. The team with the lowest score faced elimination, and one of their members bid farewell. Premiered in 2020, this season introduced a dynamic format, pitting the top eight tattoo artists from each of the four regions against each other. The stakes were high, with a $200,000 grand prize awaiting the ultimate ‘Ink Master.’

The season received acclaim for its showcase of high-quality tattooing and intense competition. However, due to COVID-19, the finale was canceled and no one was announced as the winner, which invited criticism globally. Despite no winner, the evolving journeys of the season 13 participants sparked curiosity among fans, eager to know where these talented individuals ventured post-‘Ink Master.’ Join us as we delve into the new ventures of these talented individuals.

Bob Jones Co-Owns Shokunin Tattoo Today

Bob Jones, the dynamic co-owner of Shokunin Tattoo, left an indelible mark as an ‘Ink Master’ finalist in both seasons 13 and 14. His journey on the show showcased not just his prowess with ink but also his ability to stand out in the fiercely competitive world of tattooing. Bob is not just a tattoo artist but he’s a multifaceted individual associated with brands like Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare and professional tattoo equipment Emalia Official, showcasing his commitment to the industry’s growth.

Beyond the tattoo machine, he also has a clothing brand, Badcase Ofpurpose. Even after the waves, Bob continued to make waves. Bob has extended his influence by participating in the Trilogy Tattoo Conference, proving that his dedication to the craft goes beyond the confines of a competition. He shares his journey with a four-legged companion named Maverick, making every step of his post-show adventure uniquely his own.

Angel Rose has a Deep Passion for Calligraphy Lettering Now

Angel Rose, the vibrant co-owner of Shokunin Tattoo, whose journey on the show reflects not just a passion for ink but an unwavering commitment to artistic innovation. As a contestant on the show, Angel showcased her skills and creativity in both season 13 and 14. Beyond the competition stage, Angel’s influence extends far and wide. Associated with Empire Inks, she has become a driving force in the tattoo industry, making her mark at prestigious events such as the Portland Tattoo Expo and Golden State Tattoo Expo.

What sets Angel apart is her deep passion for calligraphy lettering and West Coast lettering styles, evident in the striking mural she painted for the Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice. She also actively participates in events like Ink Con, a trusted tattoo gathering, where she continues to hone her skills and connect with the broader tattoo community. Adding a heartwarming touch to her journey, Angel also engages in charity work for the Maui Foundation, demonstrating a commitment to giving back and making a positive impact beyond the studio walls.

Jimmy Snaz is the Artistic Dynamo Behind North Street Studio Salem

Jimmy Snaz is the artistic dynamo behind North Street Studio Salem, who made waves in the ‘Ink Master’ universe with appearances in seasons 11 and 13. Beyond the studio walls, Jimmy’s journey has been nothing short of an ink-soaked adventure. A seasoned traveler, Jimmy has crisscrossed the country, leaving his mark at numerous conventions. His artistic prowess has taken him to places like Cleveland, where he made guest appearances with Tattoo Faction, and to the creative hub of Elysium Studios. The inked trail continued as he welcomed back classic vibes in Nashville, showcasing his versatility in diverse tattooing communities.

Jimmy’s artistry isn’t confined to conventions. He was a notable part of Elm Street Fest, a Dallas Tattoo Convention that undoubtedly added another layer to his ink-filled journey. With a flair for both tradition and innovation, he’s a wandering ink maestro, continuously adding chapters to his tattooed legacy.

Jerrell Larkin Works at Artistic Grind Tattoo Today

Based in Las Vegas, Jerrel Larkins was a notable contestant on the show. Jerrel’s artistic prowess finds its canvas at Artistic Grind Tattoo but his journey extends beyond studio walls. He’s a welcomed guest at Ink Nation Studio, showcasing his versatility in different tattooing hubs. As a globetrotting ink maestro, Jerrel has left his mark on expos worldwide. From the glittering lights of Las Vegas to tattoo conventions across the globe, his creativity knows no bounds. With a heart full of love for Hannah LeVant and a proud dad to his son, Jerrel brings a personal touch to his artistry.

Kelly Severtson is a Full-Time Tattoo Artist at Good Kind Tattoo

The dynamic world of Kelly Severtson is a force to be reckoned with in the artistry realm. He brings not just ink but a vibrant personality to the canvas. As a full-time tattoo artist at Good Kind Tattoo, Kelly’s creativity knows no bounds, seamlessly blending skill and imagination in every stroke. Kelly dived into a different kind of adventure after the show, immersing himself in interactive live-play Dungeons & Dragons. This unconventional twist showcased his passion for storytelling and fantasy beyond the realm of tattooing. Now, as a full-time artist, he continues to weave his creative magic at Goodkind Tattoo, bringing his unique perspective to the inked realm. Kelly’s art isn’t just on the skin; it’s a dynamic expression that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting everyone to join the fantastical journey he creates.

Hiram Casas is a Proud Owner and Tattoo Artist at Basilica Tattoo

The artistic powerhouse Hiram Casas, is a proud owner and tattoo artist at Basilica Tattoo in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, blending Cuban and American roots in every stroke. Hiram, a memorable face who came back from season 14, is not just an artist but also he’s a storyteller with ink as his medium. Hiram has showcased his skills at the Nashville Tattoo Convention hosted by Villain Arts.

Associated with Allegory Ink, his influence reaches far and wide in the tattooing community. Beyond the bright lights of competition, Hiram has carved his name in the winner’s circle, taking home accolades like 1st Place Best of Show, 1st Place Best of the Day, and 1st Place Large Black and Grey at the Portland Tattoo Convention.

Frank Ready is into the Realm of Skincare with Hustle Butter Deluxe

Frank Ready III, a name synonymous with ink mastery, made a striking return this season after appearing in the show for the first time in season 10, leaving an indelible mark on the competition. Frank’s influence also extended to the realm of skincare with Hustle Butter Deluxe, showcasing a commitment to the well-being of tattooed skin, emphasizing his dedication to not just the art but also the canvas it adorns.

A participant in the vibrant Elm Street Fest in Dallas, Frank brings his artistic flair to different corners of the tattooing community. He also tells stories, and his designs come to life not only on skin but also online. Through his digital presence, Frank shares his art with the world, a canvas that transcends traditional boundaries.

Jessa Bigelow Now Co-Owns Gallery of Ink

The creative force that is Jessa Bigelow is an artist who brings more than just ink to the canvas. Jessa now co-owns Gallery of Ink, a creative haven she shares with her husband. Together, they’ve woven a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression that goes beyond the ordinary. Jessa’s journey includes a captivating presence on the ‘Ink Master’ stage, where her artistry shone. Beyond the competition lights, she continues to illuminate the tattooing world with her unique style and creative spirit.

A staunch supporter of trans awareness, Jessa uses her art to make a statement, bringing visibility to important causes. In her gallery and online presence, she transforms skin into a canvas of expression and advocacy, making her mark not just as an artist but as a voice for awareness and inclusivity.

Jason Elliott is Now Honing his Craft at Hard to Love Tattoo

Jason Elliott’s journey started in season 10. Not to mention his fierce presence in Grudge Match season 1, Jason is currently working his craft at Hard to Love Tattoo. He’s a participant in the vibrant tattoo scene, having showcased his skills at the Villain Arts in Philadelphia, where creativity knows no bounds. In the realm of ink, Jason is not just an artist but a brand ambassador, utilizing top-tier products like Industry Inks, Recovery Aftercare, and Asorbit to bring his creations to life. Jason’s journey is a fusion of competition, artistry, and a commitment to excellence.

Raul Ugarte Represents the Silver Back Ink Pro-Team Today

Raul Ugarte, a master of the tattoo craft, proudly represents the Silver Back Ink pro-team. His canvas is the vibrant Roseville Tattoo Co. in Roseville, where his artistry transforms ink into living stories. Raul’s journey is etched in the tapestry of ‘Ink Master,’ where he showcased his skills and left an indelible mark on the competition. Beyond the intense lights of the show, he continues to wield his creativity in the studio, bringing a touch of sophistication to every design. As part of the Silver Back Ink pro team, Raul aligns himself with top-tier products, ensuring that every stroke of his needle is a masterpiece in the making. His artistry is a dynamic blend of skill, precision, and a deep passion for the craft.

Where are the Rest of the Contestants?

The journey of some contestants who couldn’t reach the top list didn’t conclude with the show, instead, it marked the beginning of diverse and successful paths for these talented individuals. K Lenore Siner, known for her ethical approach to tattooing, has ventured into authorship with “Thanks for Caring: Ethics for Tattooers” and continues to leave her mark at Hemlock Tattoo. She showcases her work on her website, Snake Lock, where she not only promotes her art but also offers a range of merchandise.

Jordi Pla on the other side, has taken his skills on the road, traveling across the country to participate in tattoo conventions. He maintains a strong association with the tattoo industry, collaborating with notable names such as FK Irons, FYT Supplies, and Industry Inks. Jordan Allred, a freelancer and studio owner, remains an active participant in various conventions, including the Golden State Expo and Huntsville Tattoo Expo. Jake Parsons, tattooing at Tenth Sanctum, extends his influence beyond the studio. He recently held a two-day seminar at the Flower City Tattoo Convention and engages in art shows, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

Money Mike Thornton, originally from Leeds and now in Perth, continues to leave his mark at Obsidian Ink. His social media serves as a canvas for sharing his tattoo artistry with a wider audience. Arlene Salinas, owner of Hand N Glove Tattoo, proudly finds herself on the list of the best Latin tattoo artists, featured alongside fellow Latina tattooers by We Are Mitú. Patrick Flynn, now the CEO of Rising Sparrow Tattoo, has woven family life into his success story, married with two kids and a passion for fitness.

Emac, a rapper and tattoo artist at Emac Tattoo Studios, showcases his artistic duality by participating in events like the Flower City Convention. Another contestant, Nychelle Elise, an award-winning tattoo artist, combines her skills in both tattooing and rap, operating Nychelle Elise Studios. Andrew Hicks, a consistent winner in the Inked in Elmira Halloween Bash, has achieved recognition with cover features in Skin Art Mag and Tattoo Media Ink Magazine. Each artist’s unique narrative unfolds, revealing ongoing triumphs post-‘Ink Master’ and showcasing the vibrant and diverse paths forged beyond the competition.

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