Ink Master Season 14: Where Are the Tattoo Artists Now?

Season 14 of ‘Ink Master’ made a return with Joel Madden taking the reins as the host and judge. The show underwent a significant transformation and premiered in 2022. In the fourteenth installment, ten contestants from earlier seasons squared off, competing for the title of “Ink Master.” The clash of skills, creativity, and experience promised a thrilling spectacle for both dedicated fans and those new to the series. Season 14 brought an exciting resurgence to the beloved tattoo reality competition, showcasing the evolving dynamics of the show and introducing talent to the judging panel.

The mix of seasoned contestants and previous winners created a compelling contest, as the artists battled it out for the coveted title and a substantial cash prize, making it a must-watch for fans of the inked artistry. The participants of season 14 left the fans with curiosity to uncover the chapters of these exceptionally talented individuals after the show. The journey doesn’t end when the ink dries on the competition stage; it continues to unfold into exciting and diverse ventures that showcase the enduring artistry and resilience of these tattoo virtuosos. We embarked on a journey beyond the competition, exploring the captivating post-show endeavors of these gifted artists.

DJ Tambe Now Owns Bad Apple Tattoo Studio

DJ Tambe, a true tattoo virtuoso, proudly holds the title of ‘Ink Master Judge’ and three-time winner. When he’s not shaping the judging panel, DJ’s artistic prowess comes to life at Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, where he crafts intricate masterpieces that go beyond traditional tattooing. In collaboration with industry giants like FK Irons, World Famous Sink, Griffin Salve, and Emalla Official, DJ extends his influence beyond the studio walls. Each stroke of the needle reflects his unwavering commitment to the craft, creating tattoos that are not just art but a profound expression of creativity.

In the tapestry of his personal life, he’s a devoted partner to Jehnna Tambe and a proud parent to two kids. This personal touch adds depth to his artistry, showcasing that every tattoo is not just ink; it’s a narrative, a part of a larger, vibrant story. DJ’s influence reaches far and wide; he was an invited participant in Subway Tattoos. His journey which is rich with competition victories and studio artistry, continues to unfold on the canvas of tattoo culture.

Gian Karle Collaborated with Sedation Lounge Body Art for Chest Tattoo Under Sedation Project

Gian Karle, hailing from New Hampshire, showcased his tattoo prowess in both seasons 8 and the 14th, where he earned the title of runner-up. Sponsored by industry leaders like World Famous Ink, Maverick Tattoo Mercantile, and  FK Irons, Gian’s artistry extends far beyond the competition stage. In a unique collaboration at Sedation Lounge for Body Art, Gian showcased his skills in a chest tattoo under sedation, a testament to his daring approach to the craft. This collaborative effort with RB Tattoo highlighted the artistry that transcends conventional boundaries.

Adding an educational touch to his journey, Gian shared his expertise in a tutorial video with tattoo artist Pony Lawson, delving into the intricacies of creating a neotraditional tattoo. This commitment to sharing knowledge speaks volumes about his dedication to the tattooing community. Beyond the inked canvas, Gian’s adventures extend to the peaks of mountains, where he recently conquered one over 9,000 feet. Documenting his ascent on his YouTube channel, his exploration of heights mirrors the heights of his tattooing career. In a personal milestone, Gian recently purchased an RV with his wife, adding a touch of wanderlust to his journey.

Bob Jones Launched his Line of Clothing, Badcase Ofpurpose

Bob Jones, co-owner of Shokunin Tattoo, etched his mark as an ‘Ink Master’ finalist in the show twice, once before in season 13 when due to covid 19, the show was canceled in mid and there was no winner announced. He showcased his ink prowess again in season 14 and ended up becoming the finalist. His versatility could be seen from his affiliations with brands like Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare and Emalia Official.

Outside the tattoo studio, Bob’s influence extends to the fashion scene with his clothing brand, Badcase Ofpurpose. Post-competition, he continues to make waves, proving that his dedication to the craft surpasses the boundaries of competition. Bob actively participates in events like the Trilogy Tattoo Conference, solidifying his role as a committed contributor to the tattoo community. He also has a cute four-legged family member named Maverick.

Creepy Jason’s Studio has been Voted Hampstead MD’s Best Tattoo Shop for 12 Years in a Row

Creepy Jason, a standout contestant in season 12, once again showcased his talent in season 14. As the owner of House of Madness, voted Hampstead’s best tattoo shop for 12 consecutive years, Jason’s tattooing prowess goes beyond the ordinary. Diving into the realms of creativity, he designed the board game Dystopian Knights, a testament to his distinctive and imaginative approach. A member of the Helios Tattoo Pro Team, Jason aligns himself with premium tattoo supply.

Beyond the ink and needles, Jason’s life took a surreal turn when he met the literal living legend, Alice Cooper, an encounter he shared with the world on Instagram. In the face of personal challenges, his sister’s battle with breast cancer became a poignant chapter in his journey. Jason also participated in the Philly Tattoo Convention, leaving his mark on the vibrant tattooing community.

Angel Rose Crafted a Mural for the Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice

Angel Rose founded Shokunin Tattoo with his husband pushing artistic boundaries. Angel brought forth her skills and imaginative flair again in season 14 after once appearing in season 13, leaving an impression that echoes beyond the competitive arena. Angel’s passion for calligraphy lettering and West Coast lettering styles is evident in the captivating mural she crafted for the Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice. She posted about the same through her Instagram handle.

Angel stands as a prominent figure in the tattoo industry with her affiliation to Empire Inks, showcasing her talents at esteemed events like the Portland Tattoo Expo and Golden State Tattoo Expo. Her involvement in events like Ink Con says much about her involvement in community connection within the tattoo realm. Adding a heartfelt dimension to her narrative, Angel engages in charitable work for the Maui Foundation, exemplifying her commitment to giving back and creating a positive impact that transcends the confines of the tattoo studio.

Anthony Michaels Expanded his Studio, Twenty-Five Twelve

Anthony Michaels, winner of season 7 has stepped into entrepreneurship since her show on time. After her successful competency in the show, he again showed up in season 14. Though his time on season 14 was short Michael extended his already established business after season 14. Owner of Twenty-Five Twelve, he showcased his artistic mastery by branching out into the industry.

Venturing into collaborations, Anthony’s talent attracted the attention of Inked magazine, resulting in multiple features. Beyond the tattoo studio, he sailed into creative waters, collaborating with Inked at Sea and leaving an indelible impression at the Premier Tattoo Conference for Artists in Miami. He also made his mark with Hustle Butter Deluxe, a line of tattoo supply products.  Bringing a spotlight on his distinctive tattoo artistry, Michaels started the 2512 Collective Art Show. He has worked with notable personalities such as Zion Williamson too.

Tony Medellin Immerses Himself in Modifying Bikes Nowadays

Tony Medellin is deeply committed to the artistry of tattoos even after the show. His creative journey extends beyond the inked canvas, weaving collaborations with Gold English Goods, Good Guy Supply, and Hustle Butter Delux, where his distinctive style finds diverse expressions. Having left his mark at the Villain Tattoo Art Convention in Philadelphia, Tony’s artistic prowess gained well-deserved recognition.

Beyond tattooing, he embraces a mechanical passion, being associated with Biltwell Peoples Champ, where he immerses himself in building and modifying motorbikes, revealing a dimension of creativity beyond conventional tattoo artistry. In the tapestry of his personal life, Tony discovers happiness with his partner, Mandy Joy, forming a foundation of support and joy. Beyond the studio, he’s not just a tattoo artist but also a collaborator with WWE superstars, expanding the reach of his artistry to unexpected realms.

Katie McGowan is Now the Captivating Proprietor of Love Spell Tattoo

In the realm of ink and enchantment, Katie McGowan, the captivating proprietor of Love Spell Tattoo, seamlessly merges art and magic within the confines of her studio. Her journey took a spellbinding turn when she entered the competitive stage of the show again in season 14 after appearing in season 6. Notably, a feature on KATV Newscast is a spotlight on Katie’s magical creations, elevating her artistry to broader recognition.

Post-show, Love Spell Tattoo evolved into more than a studio, it became a haven for Katie’s creations and a collaborative space for freelancing artists, injecting dynamism into its artistic atmosphere. Beyond the inked canvas, Katie’s mystical touch extended into unique collaborations, notably partnering with Rock Town Distillery for a Spooktacular event, seamlessly blending the worlds of tattoos and spirits.  In the magical journey of Love Spell Tattoo, Katie McGowan continues to weave a narrative where art, magic, and the spirit of collaboration converge.

Pon DeMan Owns World Fair Tattoo Studio Today

Antonio DeCaro, AKA Pon DeMan made waves on the small screen with appearances in seasons 12 first and again in season 12. Not stopping there, he took on the challenge again in the intense ‘Ink Master Grudge Match’ Season 1. Beyond the inked canvas, Antonio wears the hat of an entrepreneur as the proud owner of World’s Fair Tattoo.

In the intricate world of tattooing, Antonio’s artistry extends its reach through conventions and collaborations with renowned brands such as World Famous Ink, Sani Derm, Hustle Butter Deluxe, and Good Guy Supply. His journey, marked by creativity and skill, continues to evolve, leaving an imprint not only on the competition stage but also within the vibrant tapestry of the tattooing industry.

Steve Tefft is the Proud Owner and Artist at 12 Tattoos Today

Steve Tefft, the ink mastermind, emerged victorious in season 2, marking his undeniable talent and mastery in the world of tattoos. Beyond his triumph, he continued to make an impact, taking on the role of a coach in season 10 and again appearing in season 14 as a contestant, showcasing his expertise and contributing to the growth of aspiring tattoo artists. As the proud owner and artist at 12 Tattoos, Steve Tefft’s journey extends from the intense competition stage to the realm of mentorship and entrepreneurship. His distinctive style and artistic vision, honed through years of experience, continue to leave an indelible mark on the tattooing community.

Where are the Rest of the Contestants?

In the unpredictable realm of the show, destiny took an unexpected turn for some contestants who faced early elimination but found success beyond the confines of the show. Holli Marie, a resilient artist from seasons 12 and 14, leaves her mark at Flat’s Tattoos. Committed to her craft and his partner Alexander, Holli Marie proves that setbacks in the show are just a chapter in her vibrant tattooing journey. Hiram Casas, the owner and tattoo artist at Basilica Tattoo in Las Vegas, faced the ‘Ink Master’ canvas in both Season 13 and 14. Beyond the show, he continues to showcase his skills at various conventions, proving that his artistry extends far beyond the studio walls.

Deanna Smith, a tattooer, educator, and owner of Eden Body Art Studios, participated in the tattooing saga of both seasons 10 and 14. Her relationship with Colton James adds a personal touch to her journey, and Deanna’s commitment to her craft is evident through seminars at the Eden Summer Symposium and multiple awards at tattoo art conventions. Chris Shockley, a contestant in both seasons 11 and 14, practices his artistry at Hocus Pocus Ink and leaves his mark on the Baltimore tattoo scene. He also participated in the Baltimore Tattoo Art Festival. These contestants, despite their early exits from the show, have carved unique and compelling stories in the world of tattoo artistry, proving that destiny often has more ink to reveal beyond the initial setbacks of an elimination.

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