Interceptor’s Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

Image Credit: Brook Rushton/Netflix

Matthew Reilly’s action film ‘Interceptor’ follows the enthralling efforts of Captain JJ Collins to save sixteen United States cities from Russian missile attacks. As the officer-in-charge of SBX-1, a missile defense complex of the US Army, Collins fights Alexander Kessel, the man behind the attacks. The Elsa Pataky-starrer ends with an astounding showdown between Collins and Alexander as they try to end up victorious over the other. After the engrossing climax, the film offers an ambiguous mid-credits scene for the viewers. Naturally, one must be eager to know more about the nuances hidden in the small scene. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mid-Credits Scene of Interceptor, Explained

The mid-credits scene of ‘Interceptor’ features a salesman working in an electronic store in Los Angeles. When Alexander initially starts a live feed from SBX-1, revealing that he is about to launch sixteen missiles to hit sixteen United States cities, he watches the same. While Collins fights Alexander to initially save the salesman’s city Los Angeles and then the rest of the fifteen cities, we see him cheering for her with utmost fervor. He also celebrates the destruction of all the missiles while watching the live feed.

In the mid-credits scene, the salesman is in a massage chair, seemingly relaxed without any concerns. He must be relaxed about the fact that there is a courageous officer to save him and their country from any external harm. Rather than panicking over the life-threatening missiles that nearly hit the country, the salesman must be finding solace in the safety and security he cherishes while living under the watch of responsible and resolute soldiers like Collins.

Since Chris Hemsworth portrays the salesman in the film, we can also consider his guest appearance as an easter egg. The salesman’s long hair and beard remind us of Hemsworth’s renowned appearance as the mighty Thor. Considering the abundance of multiverses, the salesman can even be the God of Thunder, taking a break from Asgard and saving the world. He must be elated to see Collins stepping up to save the United States without waiting for any super-human assistance, giving a much-needed rest period for him and other superheroes.

On the other hand, Hemsworth can be making his presence known in the film he executive produced through the appearance. The actor was often present on the set during the production of the film, extending his support to his wife Elsa Pataky, who portrays the protagonist Captain Collins in the film. “He [Hemsworth] was there to just [offer] all kinds of advice. Of course, he’s a professional action movie star. So it was great to have him holding my hand,” Pataky told People about Hemsworth’s involvement in the film. The creation of the salesman’s character can be the result of his frequent presence on the set.

After an enthralling action-packed climax, the mid-credits scene that features Hemsworth is an appealing comic relief. The ambiguity of the scene makes it open to various interpretations as well.

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