Iron Man Vs. Spider Man: Who Will Win?

Iron Man and Spider-Man are the two better known Marvel characters especially when it comes to the movies. Well, Spider-Man a little more than Iron Man but you get the gist. That these two characters have always been by each other’s side -whether it be the Avengers or otherwise- is also a commonly known fact. But fans as we are, it is our duty to chalk up scenarios and confrontations that normally might not be possible. Who would call us fans if we didn’t do that? So as loyal followers of the Marvel franchise we thought what would happen if these two superheroes were pitted against each. We are bringing the possibilities from both sides and presenting it to you. Now you be the judge. Iron Man Vs. Spider-Man: Who Will Win?

Iron Man

‘I am Iron Man.’ When these words echoed through the cinema halls nine years ago, little had the fans-in-the-making known that the journey would come so far. The 17-movie strong Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown so much that it has become difficult to keep count of the movies that are part of the franchise. One thing is known perfectly to the fans, however. This journey started with the iconic first part of the Iron Man series which set up one of the most recognized and loved Marvel Movie character of all time. Robert Downey Jr. better known as Tony Stark changed completely the way a superhero movie is made and a character like Iron Man is played. I will be remiss if I don’t point out the fact that Iron Man till 2008 was one of the lesser known Marvel characters when it came to the public consciousness. Thanks to RDJ that’s not the case anymore.

Talking about the origin of the character in the movies, it’s pretty much similar to what the comics follow. Tony Stark, a man with abnormal -almost superhuman- intellectual capabilities, had been passed down an unbearable mantle. Due to that, he gave a fraction of his time to the family business when his father Howard Stark died, giving the reins of the company to Obadiah Stane. The better part of his time went into partying or devising new and exciting ways to blow things up. When he became the CEO of Stark Industries, Tony continued doing what he did best: he tinkered. He built bigger and better weapons than his father could have ever imagined. See, like his father Tony has always been an engineer, a problem solver. Of course, whatever subject he puts his mind to, he surpasses any human boundaries there are. In short, he’s a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.

At the end of the day though, something had always been missing. That absence was eliminated when Tony faced the reality of his life. The dark side of his existence. He realized that all these years he had been making terrorists stronger and more powerful. When he discerned that, he solved the problem like he always does. He not only shut the weapons division down but also created the Iron Man suit that helped protect his family and loved ones from the imminent danger. So alongwith being in love with machines he also -in his own twisted way- fell in love with the people who cared for him.


Although the onscreen journey of Spider-man started way long before Iron Man and technically he is a senior to Tony cinematically; we shall focus on the latest version which has been introduced in the movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. The reason is quite simple: the appropriate version which may end up face to face with Iron Man is the 15-year-old Peter Parker. With a drop-dead gorgeous Aunt May for taking care of him, this version of Spider-Man, in my opinion, is the most fun and entertaining. Right now MCU puts its money on the light-hearted comedy and the enjoyment quotient with almost every one of its movies. And with the addition of the nerdy teenager Peter Parker, there would not only be a significant add-on to the Avengers but also to the overall entertainment.

Talking about the back story, this version of Spider-Man is quite similar to the previous cinematic versions. He has been bitten by a radioactive spider which has given him abilities similar to a spider. He struggles with his love-life due to the secret he keeps and tries to find a balance between the two. However, there are quite a few differences too. Firstly he is well in his teens which gives him a fresh perspective and a new character platform. Other than that there are some subtle differences like using web capsules for webbing instead of having an inherent ability to produce it, which is in line with the comics.

Rest is the same as we would expect from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Some witty jokes, a lot of heart, overly-clumsy falls, and a load of entertainment. The addition of young Tom Holland into the Marvel starcast is clearly in line with the long-term plan of Marvel to establish Spider-Man as an important part of the Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man has been winning its followers’ hearts on the pages for a long time. It’s time he did it on the silver screen too.


Slurry of Scientists

As the movies and the Marvel cinematic plotline is going right now, it appears Spider-Man is walking the same path Iron Man had. I can say this confidently that in case Iron Man is severely injured in the ‘Infinity Wars’ or he dies; Spider-Man will take his place. This is logical not only for the plot’s sake but also in a character building sense. Iron Man has always been the sarcastic right-in-your-face comic relief the Avengers movies have had. Everyone has had a significant role in the scheme of things. Tony has been the genius kid whose raw intellect caught up with him eventually and ended up harming people instead of helping them.

For people still in the dark, Peter Parker has quite similar characteristics. Just like Tony, Peter has been an expert in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology even before he was bitten by the infamous spider. Both Iron Man and Spider-Man are known in the comics for their genius level intellect. It might be too soon to put little 15 years old Spidey and battle-hardened Iron Man on the same pedestal, but we all know where that ship is sailing. So, of course, the best contender for being the next scientist and the joker of the Avengers team, is, in fact, Spider-Man. But the question is not if Spider-Man can replace him. It’s whether he can beat him.

Who Will Win?

If it comes down to a war, I know who I’ve got my money on. Right now if we see the extent of technological expertise, battle experience, and the sheer ruthlessness that one possesses, the scales are clearly heavier on Iron Man’s side. Spidey may have fought Vulture single-handedly and won, but Tony has fought the Chitauri Army, Loki, Thor, and even Captain America without it ever getting too close. If he can hold his own in front of Hulk, I think he can handle Spider-Man. Of course being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter has the physical strength in his favor. It was once mentioned in the comics that Spider Man’s physical power is incalculable. We might’ve found some proof in the Homecoming movie, when he picked up a building with his bare hands. So if it comes down to hand-to-hand combat, will Spider-Man win? Surely. No doubt.

The problem, however, is it will not. Never. Tony is too smart and cunning to leave it to that. The guy hoards his suits in everything he owns and doesn’t own, for god’s sake. I mean this guy’s backup plans have backup plans. He has a new trick up his sleeve every time. Spider-Man may think he can win against Iron Man, but Tony would’ve calculated and thought of every possible scenario already. Peter has more or less the same intellect, but he lacks in experience which will undoubtedly pin him down in a skull to skull match.

So in my opinion, if it comes to a fight between the suit of armor and the young kid with spider webs in his sleeves, you know who will take away the trophy. Well, especially if it takes place anywhere in the near future. Spidey may be fast and quirky, but he has a lot to learn and a long way to go before he can call himself an Avenger. It’s surely a long time until he can stand at the same level as Iron Man.