Is Detective Whitman Dead? Did Jeff Hephner Leave Power Book II: Ghost?

Portrayed by Jeff Hephner, Kevin Whitman is an important supporting character in the ‘Power’ franchise, especially in ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ He is a detective in the NYPD who makes his first appearance in the season 2 premiere episode, titled ‘Free Will Is Never Free.’ Although he has his share of flaws, Whitman is arguably the most straight-laced detective in the ‘Power’ franchise. However, as the series progresses, he grows increasingly disillusioned because of his failures to protect those he promised to and watching the criminals roam free. In desperation to bring at least some of those to justice, Whitman acts foolishly, and it ultimately causes his undoing. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Detective Whitman’s Tragic End

Yes, Detective Whitman is dead in ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ His character was on a self-destructive path from the start of season 3. In season 2, he realizes that Monet had something to do with Carrie’s death and begins to pursue her relentlessly. In season 2, he even speaks to Zeke, knowing that the young man had a relationship with Carrie and hoping it would be enough to turn him against Monet. However, blood and family triumph once more over justice in the ‘Power’ universe, and Zeke provides an alibi for the woman who is secretly his mother.

As Whitman isn’t exactly aware of this aforementioned information, though he has his suspicions, he comes to believe that Monet killed Zeke to cover up Carrie’s murder. Even though Monet is capable of many things, Zeke was always safe from her. In season 3, having grown desperate, Whitman starts to show up at the gathering places of the Tejada family, rapidly increasing Monet’s frustration. When her family realizes what is happening, they immediately deduce that they must kill Whitman. Cane even volunteers to do the job. But Monet correctly states that they can’t be haste with this. She then uses Diana to set up a trap for Whitman. Diana approaches the police officer, who has been recently suspended for his relentless pursuit of Monet, offering him potential evidence against his mother.

After what happened to Zeke, Diana effectively had been ousted from the family. In this episode, Monet gives her a way back in, and Diana eagerly takes it, even making herself believe that her mother doesn’t want to kill the police officer. She convinces Whitman to sneak into the Tejada home and get Monet’s book on her bars, which she leads Whitman to believe might contain evidence of Monet’s money laundering. But once he shows up at their home, she starts screaming that there is an intruder, and Monet shoots him dead.

In his last words, Whitman tries to remind Monet that she is killing a police officer, but Monet doesn’t care. She even reveals that she killed Carrie before shooting Whitman. Afterward, Diana is horrified by what her mother has done, as she was told that Whitman would be handed over to the authorities. But for better or worse, her actions have brought her back into the fold of her family.

Jeff Hephner Has Likely Left Power Book II: Ghost

Given his character is dead, it’s safe to assume that Hephner has left ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ The actor’s first claim to fame was the portrayal of Keenan O’Brien in ‘The Jury.’ He also appears as Matt Ramsey in 13 episodes of ‘The O.C.’ Hephner’s most prominent performance to date has been Jeff Clarke in the ‘Chicago’ franchise.

In recent years, Hephner has also appeared in ‘Almost Family,’ ‘Our Kind of People,’ and ‘For All Mankind.’ He is slated to appear as a politician named Richard Castillo in Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Eric.’ He is also set to play a Congressman in Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming film ‘Oppenheimer.’

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