Is Dog Dead in Netflix’s Skull Island?

Netflix’s action anime ‘Skull Island’ is part of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s MonsterVerse. The plot revolves around two groups of shipwrecked survivors who find themselves on the eponymous island. Dog is a giant canine that has become Annie’s companion. Years ago, Annie and her father were forced to anchor their boat on a remote island near Skull Island. Before a fateful confrontation between Annie’s father and Dog’s father, the former ensured his daughter would be safe. Both man and the canine perished, but their children survived. They quickly realized that if they wished to continue living, they would have to work together. Ten years later, a woman named Irene comes looking for him. She and her mercenaries try to capture Annie and kill Dog. They get separated but reunite on Skull Island. If you are wondering whether Dog is dead, here is what we think. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Dog Dead?

At the start of the series, Annie is pretty confident that Dog is alright, even though she doesn’t know where he is. This confidence partly stems from her ignorance about what can be found on Skull Island. So, when she ends up there, the more she learns, the more concerned she becomes. Meanwhile, after their reunion, Dog resumes his protective duties. He evidently doesn’t like Annie’s two new friends, Charlie and Mike. When Charlie falls into an ant hole, Dog refuses to go and rescue him. It is when Annie consciously puts herself in the path of danger that he leaps into action.

Meanwhile, Irene plans how to separate her daughter from Dog and eventually decides to lure him to a place where there is plenty of open ground, and a monster hawk can access the animal. The plan works, and Dog gets taken. But later, the hawk picks up Charlie as well. This proves to be a blessing in disguise, as he and Dog are forced to work together to escape. When Dog attacks Irene, she asks her people to stand down. This finally ends the anger and frustration her daughter has been feeling toward her.

In the season finale, Charlie comes up with the plan of luring Kong to the ocean, so he will take care of the sea monster for this. For this purpose, Charlie, Annie, and Dog infiltrate the ruins of a temple where Kong and his ancestors were once worshiped. Charlie, Annie, and Dog steal the necklace, which originally belonged to a local tribal girl, causing Kong to follow them angrily. Charlie gets separated from the others and is captured by a mysterious group of people with masks. At the beach, a fierce battle rages between Kong and the sea monster. Ultimately, Kong wins the fight and kills his enemy.

Despite the fact that Annie and Dog lured him to the fight, Kong spares them after realizing that they share a bond quite similar to the one that once existed between him and the tribal girl. However, the last moments of the fight cause massive waves, sweeping both Annie and Dog. When Annie wakes up two weeks later in a hospital and in a city, Dog is nowhere to be found. There are two possibilities here involving Dog’s fate. He can still be on Skull Island, but others didn’t realize this after the fight. It’s also possible that Dog is dead, which would make narrative sense. If Annie is supposed to be Ann Darrow of the MonsterVerse, she and Kong might need to have a special bond, which can only happen if Dog is dead.

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