Is Eamonn Walker’s Deputy Chief Wallace Boden Leaving Chicago Fire?

Image Credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

With ‘Chicago Fire’ season 10 episode 1 confirming Chief Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) promotion as the new Deputy District Chief, fans have been worried about his future on the show. Taking on new responsibilities will see Boden move away from Firehouse 51, which fans thought spelled the end of Walker’s tenure on the show. However, picturing ‘Chicago Fire’ without the compassionate fire chief is next to impossible for most people. Thus, with speculations about Eamonn Walker’s exit and fans clamoring to know more, we decided to dive in and find out the truth!

What Happened to Deputy Chief Wallace Boden?

Chief Boden commands the 25th Battalion of the Chicago Fire Department at Firehouse 51. An extraordinarily compassionate and kind-hearted man, Boden is the glue that holds the team together. Although he shows a strong and strict exterior at times, he is known to treat everyone in his care as family. Boden’s integrity towards his team and willingness to protect everyone proves that he is worth his weight in gold. Likewise, the members of the battalion are all praise for him, owing to his leadership style, work ethic, and reliability.

Throughout the show, it is clear that Boden will always be there for his people through thick and thin. He often speaks up in support of his crew and is ready to back them up to the hilt. In the season 9 finale, the then-Battalion Chief explicitly expresses a desire to try for the position of Deputy District Chief. Subsequently, season 10 episode 1, rewards his dedication as he finally gets the promotion he had been longing for. However, taking on the mantle of Deputy District Chief means bidding farewell to his position as the Battalion Chief of Firehouse 51. So, does that mean we will no longer see Walker in Boden’s shoes?

Is Eamonn Walker Leaving Chicago Fire?

Currently, neither Eamonn Walker nor the executives at NBC have addressed the actor’s rumored departure from the show. Moreover, looking at Boden’s relationship with his crew at Firehouse 51, the decision to suddenly remove him altogether may not sit well with fans. But the recent developments make it seem like Eamonn Walker is staying on as Deputy District Chief Boden in ‘Chicago Fire.’

In a September 2021 interview, showrunner Derek Haas spoke about Boden’s future on the show. He mentioned that although Boden will leave his office at Firehouse 51, he will not desert his former crew. Instead, taking on the responsibilities of the Deputy District Chief might help him undertake some reforms, making life easier for the Firehouse 51 crew. Additionally, Haas stated that Boden will find a balance between his old crew and his new role, thus confirming Walker’s inclusion in the tenth season.

On the other hand, Eamonn Walker does not seem to be involved in any other projects at the moment. Hence, with a clear plate, the actor is wholly committed to ‘Chicago Fire,’ which is another indication that he might continue to feature in the series. Thus, even without an official word on the matter, we can safely assume that Eamonn Walker will stay on as Deputy District Chief Boden as he is not leaving ‘Chicago Fire’ anytime soon.

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